Edwin Wallock

Edwin Wallock (6 November 1877 ? 4 February 1951) was an American actor of the silent era. He appeared in 60 films between 1912 and 1923. ... more on Wikipedia

Edwin Wallock Filmography

movie 1923 Eyes of the Forest as Julius Duvall
movie 1923 The Hunchback of Notre Dame as King's Chamberlain
movie 1922 Bing Bang Boom as Ellis Turner
movie 1922 I Can Explain as Juan Pedro Vistuano Gardez
movie 1921 Kazan as Black McCready
movie 1921 The Ace of Hearts as Chemist
movie 1921 The Struggle as Hayes Storm
movie 1920 Duds as Durand
movie 1920 The Green Flame as Roger Lulay
movie 1920 The Sagebrusher as Frederick Waldhorn
movie 1919 Johnny-on-the-Spot as Jim Burton
movie 1919 Square Deal Sanderson as Maison
movie 1918 Fame and Fortune as Kuneen
movie 1918 The Whirlwind Finish
movie 1917 Even As You and I as Wisdom
movie 1917 Hands in the Dark as Jonathan Brewer - Helen's Father
movie 1917 Her Great Dilemma
movie 1917 Steel Hearts
movie 1917 The African Jungle
movie 1917 The Cold Deck as 'Black Jack'
movie 1917 The Indian's Lament as John Adair - Indian Agent
movie 1917 The Kidnapped Bride
movie 1917 The Price Mark as Hassan
movie 1917 The Right Man
movie 1917 The Star Witness
movie 1916 Behind the Lines as General Dominguez
movie 1916 For Love and Gold
movie 1916 Guilty
movie 1916 Onda of the Orient
movie 1916 Tammany's Tiger
movie 1916 The Conspiracy
movie 1916 The Human Pendulum as Stanford Markham
movie 1916 The Iron Rivals as Bankson Bradford
movie 1916 The Money Lenders
movie 1916 The Rival Pilots
movie 1916 The Torrent of Vengeance
movie 1916 Who Pulled the Trigger?
movie 1915 A Studio Escapade as Thomas Beech
movie 1915 Hartney Merwin's Adventure as Hal Dart
movie 1915 Locked In
movie 1915 Lonely Lovers as Garrick Wheelock
movie 1915 Love and the Leopard as The African Hunter
movie 1915 Motherhood as Dr. Lanos
movie 1915 Perils of the Jungle as Dalton - Civil Engineer
movie 1915 The Adventure Hunter as King Frederick
movie 1915 The Gentleman Burglar as John Dixon - Detective
movie 1915 The Girl with the Red Feather as Hill - the Detective
movie 1915 The Golden Spurs as Captain George Favre
movie 1915 The Jungle Lovers as Starling
movie 1915 The Millionaire Cabby as Clarence Forbes
movie 1915 The Old Code as Langois
movie 1915 The Print of the Nails as Boss Walker
movie 1915 The War o' Dreams as Arthur Ensign - Inventor
movie 1915 Their Sinful Influence
movie 1914 A Woman Laughs as Louis
movie 1914 Conscience and the Temptress as John Morton - the Victim
movie 1914 Four Minutes Late
movie 1914 His Last Appeal as Gov. William Chandler
movie 1914 In Tune with the Wild
movie 1914 On the Minute as Mayor John Weaver
movie 1914 Somebody's Sister as Herbert Knox
movie 1914 Teaching Father a Lesson as Jasper Jenks - the Father
movie 1914 The Better Way as Caleb Jackson
movie 1914 The Evil We Do
movie 1914 The Fatal Note as Mr. Tisdale
movie 1914 The Forged Parchment as Majordomo
movie 1914 The Game of Life as Robin Hale
movie 1914 The Grate Impeeryul Sirkus
movie 1914 The Jungle Samaritan as Richards
movie 1914 The Lion Hunter as Hans Fredericka
movie 1914 The Man Hater
movie 1914 The Missing Page
movie 1914 The Mother of Seven
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Seven Chests as John Belmont
movie 1914 The Old vs. the New as Dr. Foster
movie 1914 The Rajah's Vacation
movie 1914 The Skull and the Crown
movie 1914 The Speedway of Despair as George Seymour
movie 1914 Thou Shalt Not Kill as Earl Waterton
movie 1914 Willie's Haircut as The Barber
movie 1913 Brown's New Monetary Standard as Mr. Brown
movie 1913 Granddaddy's Boy as Grandpa Eaton
movie 1913 Granny's Old Armchair
movie 1913 Her Way as Gates
movie 1913 Put to the Test as Max Desel
movie 1913 The Adventures of Kathlyn as Majordomo
movie 1913 The Fate of Elizabeth as Mr. Tucker
movie 1913 The Fifth String
movie 1913 The Open Door as David Yarnall - a Wealthy Quaker
movie 1913 The Pendulum of Fate as The Earl of Milburne
movie 1913 The Quality of Mercy as Paul Mason