Eleanor Stewart

Eleanor Stewart (2 February 1913 ? 4 July 2007), was an American film actress of the 1930s and 1940s, appearing mostly in western films. ... more on Wikipedia

Eleanor Stewart Filmography

movie 1976 Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch as Heroine
tv movie 1966 Torpedo of Doom as Janet Warfield
movie 1944 Frenchman's Creek as Bit Role
movie 1944 Mystery Man as Diane Newhall
movie 1943 The Fighting Devil Dogs as Janet Warfield
movie 1942 Beyond the Blue Horizon as Diana
movie 1942 Men of San Quentin as Anne Holden
movie 1942 Silver Queen as Millicent Bailey
movie 1942 The Great Man's Lady as Miss Frisbee
movie 1941 Buy Me That Town as Brunette
movie 1941 Caught in the Draft as Nurse
movie 1941 Kiss the Boys Goodbye as Secretary
movie 1941 Las Vegas Nights as Hat Check Girl
movie 1941 Louisiana Purchase as Louisiana Belle
movie 1941 Pacific Blackout as Secretary
movie 1941 Pirates on Horseback as Trudy Pendleton
movie 1941 Riders of the Timberline as Elaine Kerrigan
movie 1941 West Point Widow as Pearl
movie 1940 Waterloo Bridge as Grace
movie 1939 Eternally Yours as Girl at Shower
movie 1939 Flaming Lead as Kay Burke
movie 1938 Rolling Caravans as Alice Rankin
movie 1938 Stagecoach Days as Mary Larkin
movie 1938 The Fighting Devil Dogs as Janet Warfield
movie 1938 The Mexicali Kid as Jean Carter
movie 1938 The Painted Trail as Alice Banning
movie 1937 Arizona Days as Marge Workman
movie 1937 Headline Crasher as Helen
movie 1937 Range Defenders as Sylvia Ashton
movie 1937 Santa Fe Rides as Carol Sheldon
movie 1937 The Rangers Step In as Terry Warren
movie 1937 Trapped by G-Men as Nancy Higbee
movie 1937 Where Trails Divide as Nora Hart
movie 1936 Headin' for the Rio Grande as Laura Hart
movie 1936 Love on the Run as Undetermined Role
movie 1936 Red Lights Ahead as Celeste - the Maid
movie 1936 The Gun Ranger as Molly Pearson
movie 1934 Robin Hood, Jr.

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