Elena Altman

Elena Altman Filmography

movie 2013 Project Run! as Reporter
movie 2013 Scary What? as Jill
movie 2013 She Said He Said as Board Director
movie 2013 Sinizen as Strawberry
movie 2013 Special Defects as Laura Jolie
movie 2013 G-Phone Geri
movie 2013 Love I'm Dead
movie 2013 New Beginnings
movie 2013 Night Out
movie 2013 Rock Band Slam
movie 2013 Santita
movie 2013 Super Fat
movie 2013 Tuneville
movie 2012 Losing You
movie 2012 Puppet
movie 2012 Welcome Home
movie 2012 Amy
movie 2012 Camp Reform
movie 2012 Fairy Tale Next Door
movie 2012 Loss for Words
movie 2012 Love Potion 69
movie 2012 Paper Cuts
movie 2012 Radioactive Star+1e
movie 2012 Retributor
movie 2011 Last Picnic Ever as Scientist
movie 2011 MMTB Short Film Winning Collection
movie 2011 My Boys as Witch
movie 2011 Surprise
movie 2011 Book Thief
video movie 2011 Bus Stop to Black Rock
movie 2011 By Accident
movie 2010 Blind Mind as Blind Victim
movie 2010 Scorned Revenge as Serial Killer
movie 2010 The Black Site as Mob Boss
movie 2010 Agency X
movie 2010 Doorway to Darkness
video movie 2010 Heart and Soul
movie 2010 Turning Point

Elena Altman on Youtube

This short film was made at an MMTB filming event that happens every 2nd Sat of the month. See the Complete film at the July event in the evening, for more d...

MMTB Directors Challenge Film Created and Filmed within 6 hours at an MMTB event. - Check out the facebook group and take the challenge!!

JD Charisma Stars as a Young Man who Faces His EGO.... an MMTB Flick Coming to Rheem Theatre on March 22, 2014.

Compiled are all Elena Altman's Acting Clips over the last almost 4 years. This clip will be broken down by genre, however for those Elena enthusiasts, they ...