Elijah Hawk

Elijah Hawk Filmography

movie 2014 Bobo Noir as Guru
movie 2014 Dominion as Private Edenson
movie 2014 Real Heroes as Lance
tv movie 2013 Awesome County, USA as Leonard
tv series 2013 Bleeding Out as Gerry
tv series 2013 Cabin Hostage as Mack
tv series 2013 Driveway Lights
movie 2012 Crumbs for Tots as Father Paul Miller
tv series 2012 That Guy in His Car as Pete Richfield

Elijah Hawk on Youtube

This is a little bit of work I did for Champion Electronic, The 48 Hour Film Festival, and a youtube Web Series.

Pete Richfield was 18 when he won the lottery, now he's 24, broke, and living out of his car. Written, Directed/Edited by, and Starring Elijah Hawk.

The best of the best at the podium!