Emily Stevens

Emily Stevens Filmography

movie 1920 The Place of the Honeymoons as Nora Harrigan
movie 1920 The Sacred Flame as Rosalie Allen
movie 1918 A Man's World as Frankie Ware
movie 1918 Building for Democracy as The Wife
movie 1918 Daybreak as Edith Frome
movie 1918 Kildare of Storm as Kate Kildare
movie 1917 A Sleeping Memory as Eleanore Styles Marston
movie 1917 Alias Mrs. Jessop as Lillian Ford
movie 1917 Outwitted as Nan Kennedy
movie 1917 The Slacker as Margaret Christy
movie 1916 The Wager as Diamond Daisy Doyle
movie 1916 The Wheel of the Law as Mona Mainard
movie 1915 Cora as Cora
movie 1915 Destiny: Or, The Soul of a Woman as Mary Gadman
movie 1915 The House of Tears as Mrs. Alice Collingwood

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Oak Mountain senior Emily Stevens running a 1600m time trial on January 8th, 2012. Overall time was 5:09.4.

A film I made for my AS Film coursework. Very amateur and not very good, but I hope it gets the message across :) Not a true story but in memory of a friend'...

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