Emmett Lynn

Emmett Lynn (14 February 1897 ? 20 October 1958) was an American film actor. He appeared in over 140 films between 1940 and 1956. ... more on Wikipedia

Emmett Lynn Filmography

tv movie 1997 20th Century-Fox: The First 50 Years as Actor 'Nightmare Alley'
movie 1958 The Buccaneer as Frontiersman
movie 1956 The Ten Commandments as Old Slave
movie 1955 A Man Called Peter as Mr. Briscoe
movie 1955 He Took a Powder as Hobo
movie 1955 Prince of Players as Western Man in Audience
movie 1955 Run for Cover as Bartender
movie 1955 Stranger on Horseback as Barfly
movie 1955 The Night of the Hunter as Birdie Steptoe
movie 1955 The Twinkle in God's Eye as Desert Rat
movie 1954 Bait as Foley
movie 1954 Jubilee Trail as Santa Fe Drunk with Sailor's Hat
movie 1954 Living It Up as Gas Station Attendant
movie 1954 Ring of Fear as Twitchy
movie 1954 Shot in the Frontier as Lem
movie 1953 A Lion Is in the Streets as Turnkey
movie 1953 Calamity Jane as Artist
movie 1953 Confidentially Connie as Tom
movie 1953 Northern Patrol as Dad
movie 1953 The Homesteaders as Old Grimer
movie 1953 The Moonlighter as Old Timer
movie 1953 The Robe as Nathan
movie 1952 Apache War Smoke as Les
movie 1952 Cripple Creek as Barfly
movie 1952 Desert Pursuit as Leatherface Bates
movie 1952 Hooked and Rooked
movie 1952 Lone Star as Josh, Printer
movie 1952 Monkey Business as Gus
movie 1952 Oklahoma Annie as Paydirt
movie 1952 Skirts Ahoy! as Pop the Plumber
movie 1952 Sky Full of Moon as Otis
movie 1952 The Kid from Broken Gun as Cimarron Dobbs
movie 1952 Woman of the North Country as Old Miner
movie 1951 A Millionaire for Christy as Luther the Hermit
movie 1951 Badman's Gold as Miner Carson
movie 1951 Best of the Badmen as Oscar
movie 1951 Callaway Went Thataway as Desert Rat on Bus
movie 1951 Golden Girl as Miner
movie 1951 He Flew the Shrew as Farmer
movie 1951 Journey Into Light as Bum
movie 1951 Pleasure Treasure as Emmett
movie 1951 Red Mountain as Old Posse Member
movie 1951 Slaughter Trail as Old-timer
movie 1951 Texas Carnival as Cook
movie 1951 The Red Badge of Courage as Jake - Veteran
movie 1951 The Scarf as Jack the Waiter
movie 1951 The Tall Target as News Vendor
movie 1951 Valentino as Extra Sent to Stage 5
movie 1950 Rock Island Trail as Old Timer
movie 1950 Streets of Ghost Town as Man in Wagon
movie 1950 The Traveling Saleswoman as Desert Rat
movie 1949 Brimstone as Drummer
movie 1949 Cowboy and the Prizefighter as Buckskin Blodgett
movie 1949 Ride, Ryder, Ride! as Buckskin Blodgett
movie 1949 Roll, Thunder, Roll! as Buckskin
movie 1949 The Fighting Redhead as Buckskin
movie 1949 The Last Bandit as The Drunk
movie 1949 The Younger Brothers as Stage Depot Man
movie 1948 Grand Canyon Trail as Old Ed Carruthers
movie 1948 Here Comes Trouble as Burlesque Customer
movie 1948 Relentless as Nester
movie 1948 West of Sonora as Jack Bascom
movie 1948 Western Heritage as 'Doc' Stevens
movie 1947 Code of the West as Doc Quinn
movie 1947 Jesse James Rides Again as 1st Drunk
movie 1947 Last Days of Boot Hill as Grubstake
movie 1947 Nightmare Alley as Hobo by Stan's Right Hand
movie 1947 Oregon Trail Scouts as Bear Trap
movie 1947 Rustlers of Devil's Canyon as 'Blizzard'
movie 1947 The Vigilante: Fighting Hero of the West as Pop
movie 1947 The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap as Old Codger
movie 1947 Trail of the Mounties as Gumdrop
movie 1946 Conquest of Cheyenne as Daffy
movie 1946 Landrush as Jake Parker
movie 1946 Lone Star Moonlight as Old Messenger
movie 1946 Man from Rainbow Valley as Locoweed
movie 1946 Romance of the West as Ezra
movie 1946 Santa Fe Uprising as Deputy Hank
movie 1946 Stagecoach to Denver as Coonskin
movie 1946 The Caravan Trail as Ezra
movie 1946 The Fighting Frontiersman as 'Cimarron' Dobbs
movie 1946 Throw a Saddle on a Star as Sheriff
movie 1945 Along Came Jones as Bearded Barfly
movie 1945 Both Barrels Blazing as J. Horace 'Grubstake' Higginbotham
movie 1945 Gangster's Den as Webb aka Webfoot
movie 1945 Hollywood and Vine as Mortimer M. 'Pop' Barkley
movie 1945 Shadow of Terror as Elmer
movie 1945 Shadows of Death as Old-Timer in Bathtub
movie 1945 Song of Old Wyoming as Uncle Ezra
movie 1945 The Big Show-Off as Franklin D. Ripbogle
movie 1945 Trouble Chasers as Mr. Fuddy
movie 1945 Wagon Wheels Westward as Pop Dale
movie 1944 Bachelor Daze as Ezra
movie 1944 Bluebeard as Le Soldat
movie 1944 Cowboy Canteen as Hank
movie 1944 Dixie Jamboree as CaféJanitor
movie 1944 Frontier Outlaws as Judge James Ryan
movie 1944 Gold Is Where You Lose It as Emmett Slack
movie 1944 Goodnight, Sweetheart as Pete
movie 1944 Johnny Doesn't Live Here Any More as Cab Passenger
movie 1944 Lady in the Death House as Cafe Cook
movie 1944 Nevada as 'Pancake' Comstock
movie 1944 Outlaws of Santa Fe as Saloon Drunk
movie 1944 Swing Hostess as Blodgett
movie 1944 Swing in the Saddle as Dynamite
movie 1944 The Laramie Trail as Alfred 'Barfoot' Jennings
movie 1944 The Town Went Wild as The Watchman
movie 1944 The Yoke's on Me as Smithers
movie 1944 When the Lights Go on Again as Old Panhandler
movie 1944 You Were Never Uglier
movie 1943 Blazing Guns as Eagle-Eye
movie 1943 Carson City Cyclone as Tombstone Boggs
movie 1943 Days of Old Cheyenne as Tombstone Boggs
movie 1943 Dead Man's Gulch as Fiddlefoot
movie 1943 Girls in Chains as Lionel Cleeter
movie 1943 Hangmen Also Die! as Gerta
movie 1943 Hitler's Madman as Germak
movie 1943 Mountain Rhythm as Zack
movie 1943 The Law Rides Again as Eagle-Eye the Scout
movie 1943 The Return of the Rangers as Sheriff Summers
movie 1943 The Unknown Guest as Gasoline Station Owner
movie 1943 Wolf in Thief's Clothing as Si
movie 1942 Baby Face Morgan as D. A. Canby
movie 1942 Behind the Eight Ball as Charlie
movie 1942 Cactus Capers as Replaced by Harvey
movie 1942 City of Silent Men as Jeb Parker
movie 1942 Frisco Lil as J. B. Devers
movie 1942 In Old California as Whitey
movie 1942 Joan of Ozark as Hillbilly Driver
movie 1942 Outlaws of Pine Ridge as Jackpot McGraw
movie 1942 Queen of Broadway as Chris
movie 1942 Shepherd of the Ozarks as Ira Lynch
movie 1942 Stagecoach Express as Charles Haney
movie 1942 The Spoilers as Miner in Search of Lodging
movie 1942 The Sundown Kid as Pop Tanner
movie 1942 Tireman, Spare My Tires as Pop - Travel Lodge Proprietor
movie 1942 Tomorrow We Live as William "Pop" Bronson
movie 1942 Westward Ho as Sheriff
movie 1942 You're Telling Me as Scientist
movie 1941 Along the Rio Grande as Whopper
movie 1941 California or Bust as Grandpa Lynn
movie 1941 Puddin' Head as Hillbilly
movie 1941 Road Agent as Joe
movie 1941 Robbers of the Range as Whopper
movie 1941 Six-Gun Gold as Drunken Stage Driver
movie 1940 Arizona as Leatherface
movie 1940 Grandpa Goes to Town as Jaspar
movie 1940 Scatterbrain as Pappy Hull
movie 1940 The Fargo Kid as Whopper
movie 1940 Wagon Train as Whopper

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