Emory Johnson

Emory Johnson Filmography

movie 1948 Romance on the High Seas as Ship Passenger
movie 1941 I Wanted Wings as Sergeant
movie 1932 The Phantom Express
movie 1930 The Third Alarm
movie 1927 The Lone Eagle
movie 1927 The Shield of Honor
movie 1926 The Non-Stop Flight
movie 1926 Fourth Commandment
movie 1925 The Last Edition as Newspaper Employee - Cameo Appearance
movie 1924 Life's Greatest Game
movie 1924 The Spirit of the USA
movie 1923 The Mailman
movie 1923 The West~Bound Limited
movie 1922 Always the Woman as Herbert Boone
movie 1922 Don't Doubt Your Wife as Herbert Olden
movie 1922 In the Name of the Law as Harry O'Hara
movie 1922 The Third Alarm
movie 1921 Prisoners of Love as James Randolph
movie 1921 The Sea Lion as Tom Walton
movie 1920 Children of Destiny as Edwin Ford
movie 1920 Polly of the Storm Country as Robert Robertson
movie 1920 She Couldn't Help It as William Lattimer
movie 1920 The Husband Hunter as Kent Whitney
movie 1920 The Walk-Offs as Robert Winston
movie 1919 Alias Mike Moran as Mike Moran
movie 1919 Charge It to Me as Elmer Davis
movie 1919 Put Up Your Hands! as Emory Hewitt
movie 1919 The Hellion as George Graham
movie 1919 The Tiger Lily as David Remington
movie 1919 The Woman Next Door as Chester Calhoun
movie 1919 Trixie from Broadway as John Collins
movie 1918 A Lady's Name as Gerald Wantage
movie 1918 A Mother's Secret as Howard Grey
movie 1918 Beauty in Chains as Pepe Rey Don Jose
movie 1918 Green Eyes as Morgan Hunter
movie 1918 Johanna Enlists as Lt. Frank Le Roy
movie 1918 New Love for Old as Kenneth Scott
movie 1918 The Ghost Flower as Duke De Chaumont
movie 1917 A Kentucky Cinderella as Tom Boling
movie 1917 My Little Boy as Fred
movie 1917 The Circus of Life as Tommie
movie 1917 The Gift Girl as Marcel
movie 1917 The Gray Ghost as Wade Hildreth
movie 1916 A Yoke of Gold as Jose Garcia
movie 1916 Barriers of Society as Westie Phillips
movie 1916 Black Friday as Charles Dalton
movie 1916 Doctor Neighbor as Hamilton Powers
movie 1916 Heartaches
movie 1916 Her Husband's Faith
movie 1916 Her Husband's Honor
movie 1916 Her Soul's Song
movie 1916 Number 16 Martin Street as Jacques Fournier
movie 1916 Romance at Random
movie 1916 The Devil's Bondwoman as Mason Van Horton
movie 1916 The Human Gamble
movie 1916 The Morals of Hilda as Stephen
movie 1916 The Right to Be Happy as Fred, Scrooge's Nephew
movie 1916 The Unattainable as Robert Goodman
movie 1916 The Way of the World as Walter Croyden
movie 1916 The Yaqui as Flores
movie 1916 Two Men of Sandy Bar as Sandy Morton
movie 1916 Two Mothers as Violetta's Second Husband
movie 1915 Her Devoted Son as Paul Thomas
movie 1915 His Masterpiece
movie 1915 The Birthmark
movie 1915 The Black Heart
movie 1914 A Gambler's Way
movie 1914 A Hot Time in Snakeville
movie 1914 A Snakeville Epidemic as Zeke
movie 1914 Broncho Billy -- Gun-Man as Emery Rawlins
movie 1914 Broncho Billy and the Settler's Daughter as A Soldier
movie 1914 Broncho Billy's Jealousy as Roy Turner
movie 1914 Broncho Billy's True Love as The Escort
movie 1914 Italian Love as Sylvana
movie 1914 Single Handed
movie 1914 Snakeville's Fire Brigade
movie 1914 Sophie Finds a Hero
movie 1914 Sophie Picks a Dead One as Guitar Player
movie 1914 Sophie Starts Something
movie 1914 Sophie's Birthday Party
movie 1914 The Atonement
movie 1914 The Calling of Jim Barton as Jim Barton's Brother, as a Boy
movie 1914 The Good-for-Nothing as Minor Role
movie 1914 The Warning as Larry Dale
movie 1914 What Came to Bar Q as Clarence Clemens
movie 1913 Broncho Billy's Christmas Deed
movie 1913 Broncho Billy's Squareness
movie 1913 Hard Luck Bill
movie 1913 The Naming of the Rawhide Queen

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John Nelson, a cruel sea captain who has harbored a grudge against humankind ever since his wife deserted him sixteen years ago. When Tom Walton is ...

by Brent-Emory..Johnson common-law copyright 2000 Freedom In the hands of honest, patriotic people We come To a job that must be done At a time for ...

The Phantom Express is an American film directed by Emory Johnson. In the movie, a phantom express starts derailing trains, and threatens a company's future.

Phantom Express - Full Official Movie - Great Quality Film :) The Phantom Express is a 1932 American film directed by Emory Johnson. PLOT A phantom express ...