Enno Cheng

Enno Cheng is a multi-talented Taiwanese indie singer-songwriter who is also an author and a film actress. She attended Tamkang University and majored in Chinese. She took an approved leave of absence from schooling in 2007. She first appeared in the film industry in 2007 and took part in the film Summer's Tail as the main character Zheng Jia-Yue (Yvette Chang) for which she wrote the script. She was nominated as the Best New Performer in 2007 at the 44th Golden Horse Awards but lost to Tang Wei ... more on Wikipedia

Enno Cheng Filmography

movie 2011 5F-2 as Jenny
movie 2009 Yan lei as Xiao Wen
movie 2007 Xia tian de wei ba as Yvette Chang

Enno Cheng on Youtube

鄭宜農~外星來的小孩, 鐵花村, 台東, 2010.11.28 (響笛突入版)

猛虎巧克力怎麼辦作詞:鄭宜農作曲:猛虎巧克力我不想看見你哭但我愛莫能助所以我跟著你哭卻感覺孤獨我想要握住你的手卻無法傳遞我的心我想要追求自由卻放 ...

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