Eric Edwards

Eric Edwards Filmography

movie 2011 A True American Actor as Himself
video movie 2009 Milky Mama's of the 80's
video movie 2006 Super-Stars of the 70s Stags
movie 2005 Inside Deep Throat as Himself
video movie 2004 Max's All Stars 2
video movie 2003 Sorority Sluts, Vol. 1
video movie 2002 Big Tit Bondage 8
tv movie 2002 The History of Hardcore as Himself
video movie 2001 Snow White and the Three Dwarfs as Himself
video movie 1999 Swedish Erotica Four Hour, Vol. 19
video movie 1999 The Top 25 Adult Stars of All Time
video movie 1998 Cock Sucking Summer
video movie 1998 Fuck My Face
video movie 1998 Sally Roberts Review as Himself - Host
video movie 1998 Anal Groove
video movie 1998 Gimme Some Butt
video movie 1997 First Whores Club as Secret Service Agent
video movie 1997 Night of the Living Bed as Reporter
video movie 1997 Shadows of Lust as Elliot Prescott
video movie 1997 Rebel Without a Condom
video movie 1997 Titty Slickers 3
video movie 1996 Airotica
video movie 1996 Legend 6 as Dino D. Dementias
video movie 1996 Right Up Her Alley
video movie 1996 Talk Dirty to Me: Part 10
video movie 1996 The Breast Files 3 as Assistant Director Smoker
video movie 1995 Nothing Sacred
video movie 1995 Private Desires
video movie 1995 Virgins
video movie 1995 Wedding Night Blues
video movie 1995 Blonde in Blue Flannel
video movie 1995 Naughty by Night
video movie 1995 Last Tango in Paradise
video movie 1995 Maneater
video movie 1995 Mile High Thrills
video movie 1995 Passage to Pleasure
video movie 1995 The Horny Hiker
video movie 1995 The Tigress
video movie 1995 Babes Illustrated 3
video movie 1995 Black Leather Black Skin
video movie 1995 Blacks and Blue
video movie 1995 Hidden Agenda
movie 1995 Sex Under Glass
video movie 1994 Let's Face It
video movie 1994 Mirage as Kyle Collins
video movie 1994 Molly B. Goode
video movie 1994 Sexual Instinct II
video movie 1994 Spread the Wealth
video movie 1994 Domination
video movie 1994 Hello! Norma Jeane
video movie 1994 A Taste of Fanny
video movie 1994 The Legend of Barbi Q & Little Fawn
video movie 1994 Babes Illustrated
video movie 1994 Body and Soul
video movie 1994 Jaded Love
video movie 1994 Tangled
video movie 1993 Huge Instru-Men
video movie 1993 Sex Academy
video movie 1993 True Legends of Adult Cinema: The Unsung Superstars
video movie 1993 Slip of the Tongue
video movie 1993 Midnight Madness
video movie 1993 Back in Style
video movie 1993 Cheerleader Nurses
video movie 1993 Gerein' Up
video movie 1993 Leena Meets Frankenstein
video movie 1993 Return of the Cheerleader Nurses
video movie 1993 Someone Else
video movie 1993 The Seduction of Mary
video movie 1992 A Pussy Called Wanda
video movie 1992 Bedrooms & Boardrooms
video movie 1992 Boobs Butts and Bloopers 1 as Himself
video movie 1992 Mirage 2
video movie 1992 Only the Best of the 80's
movie 1992 Roadgirls
video movie 1992 The Best of Talk Dirty, Vol. 1
movie 1992 The Heat of the Moment
video movie 1992 True Legends of Adult Cinema: The Erotic 80's
video movie 1992 Dripping with Desire
video movie 1992 Sexual Instinct
video movie 1992 Sittin' Pretty II
video movie 1992 Talk Dirty to Me: Part 9
video movie 1992 The Visualizer
video movie 1992 A Pussy Called Wanda 2
video movie 1992 Bed & Breakfast
video movie 1992 Up for Grabs
video movie 1992 Cat & Mouse
movie 1992 Shades of Blue
video movie 1992 Tell Me What to Do
movie 1991 Twin Peeks
video movie 1991 X Factor: The Next Generation as Ted Palmer
video movie 1991 X-Rated Bloppers II
video movie 1991 Beaver Ridge
video movie 1991 Hocus Poke-Us
video movie 1991 Hot Line
video movie 1991 A Little Nookie
video movie 1991 Blonde Forces
movie 1991 Bush Pilots II: Deeper in the Bush
video movie 1991 Moist to the Touch
video movie 1991 Slow Burn
video movie 1991 Talk Dirty to Me: Part 8
video movie 1990 Big Melons 31
video movie 1990 Body Music: Part II as Ray
video movie 1990 Confessions of a Chauffeur
movie 1990 Grandma Does Dallas
video movie 1990 Kelly
video movie 1990 Lady in Blue
movie 1990 Making It
movie 1990 Masterpiece
video movie 1990 Performance
video movie 1990 Red on the Noodle Like a Swance on a Poodle
movie 1990 Sexual Relations
movie 1990 Sweet Angel Ass as God
video movie 1990 The Last X-rated Movie
movie 1990 The Last X-rated Movie 2
movie 1990 The Last X-rated Movie 3
movie 1990 The Last X-rated Movie 4
video movie 1990 Tit Tales
movie 1990 Wet Paint
movie 1990 Backpackers
movie 1990 Dutch Masters
movie 1990 Bun for the Money
movie 1990 Read My Lips
movie 1990 Wise Ass!
video movie 1989 4-F Dating Service
video movie 1989 America's Most Wanted Girl
movie 1989 Backdoor Bandits
video movie 1989 Bodies in Heat... the Sequel as Lawrence Desalvo
video movie 1989 Firestorm 3
movie 1989 For Her Pleasure Only
movie 1989 Frat Brats
video movie 1989 Girls of Collectors
video movie 1989 In the Flesh
video movie 1989 Legends of Porn II
video movie 1989 Lust College
movie 1989 Mystery of the Golden Lotus
video movie 1989 Sheer Haven as Lawrence DeSalvo
movie 1989 Sulka's Daughter
video movie 1989 Talk Dirty to Me: Part 7
video movie 1989 The Wacky World of X-Rated Bloopers as Himself
video movie 1989 XTV 1
video movie 1989 Soft Warm Rain
movie 1988 Amanda by Night 2 as Timothy Dunn
video movie 1988 Backdoor Lust
video movie 1988 Blue Vanities 57
video movie 1988 Bra Breakers Vol. 1
movie 1988 China and Silk as Roy Harmon
video movie 1988 Coming in America
video movie 1988 Cumshot Revue 3
video movie 1988 Diamond Collection Double X 16
video movie 1988 Ginger: The Movie
video movie 1988 Insatiable
movie 1988 Loose Times at Ridley High as Mr. Chase
video movie 1988 Making Tracks
movie 1988 Oral Ecstasy 4
video movie 1988 Screaming Rage
video movie 1988 Shauna Grant: The Early Years
movie 1988 Stephanie's Outrageous
video movie 1988 The Luv Game
video movie 1988 In a Crystal Fantasy
video movie 1988 Squirt
video movie 1988 The Big Rock
movie 1988 Undercover Angel
video movie 1987 Backdoor Bonanza 4
video movie 1987 Best of Caught from Behind
movie 1987 Blow-Off! as Mr. Canoga
video movie 1987 Diamond Collection Double X 4
movie 1987 Doll Face as Ken
movie 1987 Firestorm II: The Angel Blade as Ken Cushing
video movie 1987 Furburgers (Home of the Box Lunch)
movie 1987 Girls in Blue
video movie 1987 Holiday for Angels as Duane
movie 1987 Indecent Pleasures as Tony
video movie 1987 Innocent Seduction
video movie 1987 Legends of Porn
movie 1987 Lifestyles of the Blonde and Dirty as Robin Hardwick
movie 1987 Little Miss Innocence as Rick
video movie 1987 Love Scenes... for Loving Couples
movie 1987 Lust on the Orient Xpress as Clint Reynolds
video movie 1987 Motel Sweets
video movie 1987 Oral Mania! as Harry
video movie 1987 Playing for Passion
video movie 1987 Rio Heat!
movie 1987 San Fernando Valley Girls as Sean
video movie 1987 Slightly Used
video movie 1987 Thanks for the Mammories
movie 1987 The Other Side of Pleasure
movie 1987 Tracy Takes Paris
video movie 1987 Yiddish Erotica: Volume 1
video movie 1987 Memoires of a Chamber Maid
movie 1986 A Star Is Porn
video movie 1986 Another Kind of Love
video movie 1986 Behind Blue Eyes
video movie 1986 Behind the Brown Door as Nurse Arcadia's Patient
video movie 1986 Best of Collector's Video
video movie 1986 Best of Diamond Collection 5
movie 1986 Bizarre Encounters
movie 1986 C Hunt
movie 1986 Crazy with the Heat as Bill Welton
video movie 1986 Crocodile Blondee
video movie 1986 Deeper! Harder! Faster!
video movie 1986 Dirty Dreams
movie 1986 Double Standards as Ed
video movie 1986 Erotic Penetration
video movie 1986 Gentlemen Prefer Ginger as Peter Eveready
video movie 1986 Gettin' Ready
movie 1986 Goddess of Love
movie 1986 Having It All! as Duane
video movie 1986 Honeymoon Harlots
video movie 1986 Hot Shorts: Seka
movie 1986 In All the Right Places
video movie 1986 Innocent Taboo as Gordon Anderson
movie 1986 Little American Maid
video movie 1986 Lust at Sea
video movie 1986 Miami Spice
movie 1986 Mouth Watering
video movie 1986 Rears as Buster
movie 1986 Rising Star
movie 1986 Sailing Into Ecstasy
movie 1986 Sex Game
video movie 1986 Sex-a-holics
movie 1986 Showgirls as Burt Cummings
video movie 1986 Splashing
video movie 1986 Star Cuts 32: Christy Canyon
movie 1986 Taboo III as Greg McBride
video movie 1986 The Girls on F Street
movie 1986 The Pleasures of Innocence
movie 1986 The Ultimate Lover
movie 1986 The Wild, Wild West
movie 1986 Thy Neighbor's Wife
movie 1986 Tickled Pink as Bernie
movie 1986 To Lust in LA
movie 1986 Turkish Delight
movie 1986 Wet Dreams as Ralph
video movie 1986 Wild Orgies
movie 1986 Body Games
movie 1985 A Coming of Angels: 'The Sequel' as Senator's Assistant
video movie 1985 A Night for Legends: First Annual XRCO Adult Film Awards as Himself
video movie 1985 Adult 45 as Eric
movie 1985 An Unnatural Act as Blake
video movie 1985 Another Roll in the Hay as Mark
movie 1985 Backdoor to Hollywood
movie 1985 Blue Ribbon Blue as Himself
movie 1985 Climax!
video movie 1985 Confessions of a Nymph
movie 1985 Corporate Assets as Winston Fields
video movie 1985 Cumshot Revue 2
movie 1985 Dangerous Stuff as Jerry
video movie 1985 Fallen Angels as Himself
movie 1985 Fantasies Unltd. as Tom
video movie 1985 Flesh and Ecstasy as Uncle
video movie 1985 Free and Foxy
video movie 1985 Harlequin Affair as Howard
video movie 1985 Jawbreakers
video movie 1985 Jean Geni as Dominic's Son
movie 1985 Joys of Erotica 113
video movie 1985 Ladies in Lace as Greg
movie 1985 Losing Control
video movie 1985 Love Bites as More Morality Member
movie 1985 Passage to Ecstasy
video movie 1985 Portrait of Lust as Eric
movie 1985 Private Teacher as TV Commentator
video movie 1985 Rock Hard as Super Sales
video movie 1985 Secrets
movie 1985 Sensuous Tales
video movie 1985 Sex Waves as David
video movie 1985 Shape-Up for Sensational Sex as Guy on Table
movie 1985 Slip Into Silk as Mike
movie 1985 Spitfire as Dr. Roy Vargo
movie 1985 Strange Bedfellows
video movie 1985 Tailhouse Rock as Rod the God
movie 1985 Ten Little Maidens as Larry
movie 1985 The Erotic World of Cody Nicole
movie 1985 The Jubilee of Eroticism as Hitchhiker
movie 1985 The Love Scene
movie 1985 Too Naughty to Say No as Senator
movie 1985 Unthinkable as Dad
video movie 1985 Vanessa's Hot Nights as Guy Being Fed
movie 1985 Voyeur's Delight
video movie 1985 With Love from Ginger as Eric
movie 1985 Orifice Party
movie 1984 All the Way In! as Dr. Dicker
movie 1984 Bizarre Thunder
movie 1984 Casino of Lust as Dan McCloud, P.I.
video movie 1984 Centerfold Celebrities 2
movie 1984 Critic's Choice 2
movie 1984 Fantasy Follies II as Eric Edwards
movie 1984 Firestorm as Ken Cushing
video movie 1984 Forbidden Fruit as Billy
movie 1984 Great Sexpectations as Harry Crocker
movie 1984 I Wanna Be Teased
video movie 1984 Lust in the Fast Lane as Jake
movie 1984 Maid in Manhattan as Jack Rawlings
movie 1984 Night Magic as Bill
movie 1984 Office Fantasies
movie 1984 Photo Flesh as Paul
movie 1984 Rebecca's
video movie 1984 Sensuous Delights
movie 1984 Sex on the Set
movie 1984 Sex Play as Jeff Justice
movie 1984 Sexdance Fever
movie 1984 Shauna Grant, Superstar
video movie 1984 Sinfully Yours as Mark Robinson
movie 1984 Slumber Party as Harry Whittaker
video movie 1984 Stand by Your Woman as First Painter
movie 1984 Sunny Side Up as Tim
movie 1984 The Mating Season
movie 1984 The Pleasure Hunt as Alex
movie 1984 The Prey as Gypsy
video movie 1984 The Seduction of Lana Shore
video movie 1984 The Woman Who Loved Men as Psychiatrist
movie 1984 Throat... 12 Years After as Joe
video movie 1984 Urges in Young Girls
movie 1984 Viva Vanessa
movie 1984 X Factor as Ted Palmer
movie 1983 Alexandra as Martin Cooper
video movie 1983 Babylon Gold
movie 1983 Back Door Girls
movie 1983 Bodies in Heat as Lawrence Desalvo
movie 1983 Body Girls as Newsman
movie 1983 Bubble Gum as John
movie 1983 California Valley Girls as Hot Tub Guy
movie 1983 Caught from Behind 2: The Sequel
video movie 1983 Diamond Collection 39
movie 1983 Doing It!
movie 1983 Eighth Erotic Film Festifal
movie 1983 Fantasies as The Patient
movie 1983 Fantasy Follies as 'Eric Edwards'
video movie 1983 Flight Sensations
movie 1983 Getting Lucky
movie 1983 Her Wicked Ways as Chairman
movie 1983 Hot Buns as Harry
video movie 1983 Intimate Realities 2 as Himself
movie 1983 Lingerie
movie 1983 Little Girls Blue Part 2 as Brian Hilton
movie 1983 Little Girls Lost... as Aaron
movie 1983 Night Hunger as Lucien Blair
video movie 1983 Party Stripper
movie 1983 Playing with Fire as Frank
movie 1983 Private Moments as Steven
movie 1983 Satisfactions as Gary
movie 1983 Sexcapades as Harry
movie 1983 Smoker as Henchmen
movie 1983 Stacey's Hot Rod
movie 1983 Summer Camp Girls as Fisherman
video movie 1983 Super Sex as Rudy Valentine
movie 1983 Swedish Erotica 52
movie 1983 Sweet Young Foxes as Raymond
movie 1983 The Mistress as Carl Reese
movie 1983 The Young Like It Hot as Mr. Fishbait
video movie 1983 Whose Fantasy Is This Anyway? as Mirror Guy
movie 1983 Working It Out as Mr. Daugherty
movie 1983 Yummy Youngies
movie 1982 Center Spread Girls as Lyndon Loveless
movie 1982 Charli as Jack
movie 1982 Confessions of Seka
movie 1982 Les clientes as Le premier Américain
movie 1982 Little Orphan Dusty Part II as John
movie 1982 Suze's Centerfolds 5
movie 1982 Taboo II as Greg McBride
movie 1982 That's My Daughter as Johnny
movie 1982 Titillation as Spado Zappo
movie 1982 Urban Cowgirls as Rick
movie 1982 Wild Dallas Honey as Denver
movie 1981 Amanda by Night as Threesome Guy
movie 1981 American Pie as Rudy
movie 1981 Between the Sheets as Yankee Soldier
movie 1981 Blonde Ambition as Stephen Carlisle III
movie 1981 Extremes as Rob
movie 1981 Indecent Exposure as Ted Perlis
movie 1981 Neon Nights as Snow
movie 1981 Platinum Paradise as The Stud
movie 1981 Suze's Centerfolds 4
movie 1981 The Love-In Arrangement as Ron Tyne
video movie 1981 Wet Shots
movie 1981 World of Henry Paris
movie 1980 Afternoon Delights as Pete Ferrell
movie 1980 Bella as Tom
movie 1980 Blue Ecstasy in New York as David
movie 1980 Dracula Exotica as Big Bird
movie 1980 Fascination as Cynthia's Husband
movie 1980 Honey Throat as Johnathan
movie 1980 Intimate Desires as Paul Metro
movie 1980 October Silk as Martin, the husband
movie 1980 Princess as Bert Wheeler
movie 1980 Robin's Nest
movie 1980 Sweet Throat as George Branda
movie 1980 The Budding of Brie as Nicky Rococco
movie 1980 Tinseltown as Jerry Kaminsky
movie 1980 Young, Wild and Wonderful
movie 1979 Angie Police Women as Car Wash Guy
movie 1979 Babylon Pink as The Ladies' Man
movie 1979 Blonde in Black Silk as Mr. Dinkfield
movie 1979 Frat House Frolics
movie 1979 French Kiss
movie 1979 Go Your Own Way as Jack Robinson
movie 1979 Jack n' Jill as Pete Campbell
movie 1979 Love You! as Mark
movie 1979 More Than Sisters as John Bollinger
movie 1979 Pleasure Palace as Jimmy Stone
movie 1979 Satin Suite as Timothy J. Fiegler
movie 1979 Secrets of a Willing Wife as Martin
movie 1979 Summertime Blue as George
movie 1979 That's Erotic as Guy in Montage
movie 1979 That's Porno as Guy with Red Lingerie Girl
movie 1979 The Treasure Box as Dr. Topsy
movie 1979 Tigresses and Other Man-eaters as Their Prey
movie 1978 A Taste of Bette as Jeb Goldfarb
movie 1978 Debbie Does Dallas as Mr. Hardwick
movie 1978 Dirty Lily as Mr. Shyster
movie 1978 Doogan's Woman as Rob - Model in Tub
movie 1978 Hollywood Goes Hard as Card Player
movie 1978 Maraschino Cherry as Assistant's Client
movie 1978 MisBehavin' as Steve
movie 1978 People as Mystery Guy
movie 1978 Take Off as Roy
movie 1978 The Love Couch as Bob King
movie 1978 The Pussycat Ranch as Billy the Kid
movie 1977 A Coming of Angels as Andy
movie 1977 Big Thumbs
movie 1977 French Classmates as Orgy Guy
movie 1977 Invasion of the Love Drones as Primary Drone
movie 1977 Jail Bait as Groundskeeper
movie 1977 Joy as Businessman
movie 1977 Miss Kinsey's Report as John Kendall
movie 1977 Molly as Lord Flemming
movie 1977 Punk Rock as Late Arriving Audience Member
movie 1977 Sweet Wet Lips as Guy with Rich Lady
movie 1977 Ta mej i dalen as George
movie 1977 The New York City Woman as Harry
movie 1977 Two Timer
movie 1977 Water Power as The Doctor
movie 1976 'Sweet Punkin' I Love You.... as Henry Carswell
movie 1976 Come Softly as Dr. M
movie 1976 Dear Pam as Harry Phallis
movie 1976 Ecstasy in Blue as Tony
movie 1976 Love, in Strange Places as de Sade
movie 1976 Midnight Desires as Jon
movie 1976 Misty as George
movie 1976 My Erotic Fantasies as Big Al
movie 1976 Safari Club as Meriwether
movie 1976 Souperman as Jimmy
video movie 1976 Street Girls of New York as Laurel's Customer
movie 1976 Summer of Laura as Gene
movie 1976 Sweet, Sweet Freedom as Mr. Haggle
movie 1976 Teenage Twins as Professor Robert Petrie
movie 1976 The Divine Obsession as Frank
movie 1976 The Honey Cup as Brad
movie 1976 The Taking of Christina as Sonny
movie 1976 Virgin Snow as Prof. Victor Ashton
movie 1975 Abduction of an American Playgirl as Fred
movie 1975 Abigail Lesley Is Back in Town as Chester
movie 1975 Anyone But My Husband as Nora's Picnic Date
movie 1975 Butterflies as Freddy
movie 1975 Christy as John
movie 1975 Farewell Scarlet as Bret Volley
movie 1975 French Shampoo (Homage to W. B.)
movie 1975 Highway Hookers as Dave
movie 1975 In Sarah's Eyes as Alan Harper
movie 1975 Laura's Toys as Walter
movie 1975 Linda Lovelace Meets Miss Jones
movie 1975 Night After Night as Winston
movie 1975 Referral Service
movie 1975 Slip Up as Alan Clitsplit
movie 1975 Sophie Says No
movie 1975 SOS: Screw on the Screen as Victorian Gentleman
movie 1975 Teenage Hitchhikers as Orgy participant
movie 1975 The Anger in Jenny as Elliot Powers
movie 1975 The Big Con as The Toledo Kid
movie 1975 The Fireworks Woman as Peter
movie 1975 The Hot Oven as Brad Collins
movie 1975 The Mount of Venus as Mercury
movie 1975 The Sexpert
movie 1975 The Wetter the Better
movie 1974 A Touch of Genie as Insurance Salesman
movie 1974 Angel Number 9 as Angel #10
movie 1974 Badge '69' as Guy in Car
movie 1974 Chamber Maids as Newlywed
movie 1974 Come Fly with Us as Alan
movie 1974 Confessions of a Young American Housewife as Pete
movie 1974 Dance of Love as Lindy's Second Customer
movie 1974 Fringe Benefits as Mr. Harry Flattout
movie 1974 Hot Times as Big Al
movie 1974 Hotel Hooker as Dr. Dick
movie 1974 Lady on the Couch as Henry Trotter
movie 1974 Memories Within Miss Aggie as Richard I
movie 1974 Mrs. Barrington as Robert
movie 1974 Not Just Another Woman
movie 1974 Sorceress
movie 1974 Special Order as Mr. Stevens
movie 1974 Teenage Step-mother as Drummond
movie 1974 The Clamdigger's Daughter as Jason Hammond
movie 1974 The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann as Frank
movie 1974 The Switch or How to Alter Your Ego as Dr. Bill Jenkins
movie 1974 Thrilling Drilling as Sweets' Boyfriend
movie 1973 Blue Summer as Fred
movie 1973 Maxines' Dating Service as Dick
movie 1973 Organ Juice® as Bruce
movie 1973 Revolving Teens as Mr. Hardy
movie 1973 Sexual Freedom in the Ozarks as Harvey Smith
movie 1973 Sweet Sexteen as Jim
movie 1973 Virgin and the Lover as Paul
movie 1973 Whatever Happened to Miss September? as Jack Raymond
movie 1972 Les félines as Sex Footage Guy
movie 1971 Dog 1 as Boyfriend
movie 1971 Is There Sex After Death? as Clinic Patient
movie 1971 Piss Orgy as Himself
movie Sensual Meditation

Eric Edwards on Youtube

This is B roll footage from last week's interview with legendary adult performer and all around sweetheart, Eric Edwards. In this clip, Eric speaks openly ab...

An erotically-charged soap opera, Sarno style. Director: Joseph W. Sarno (as Joe Sarno) Writer: Joseph W. Sarno Stars: Mary Mendum, Jennifer Jordan, Eric ...

Christina (Bree Anthony) a virginal teenager, daydreams about her upcoming marriage as two drifters (played by Al Levitsky and Eric Edwards) pull into a road...

Superstar Eric Edwards talks about some of his co-stars in this scene from 1980s film.