Eric Edwards

Eric Edwards Filmography

tv movie 2014 All I Want for Christmas as Paintball Instructor
movie 2013 Goddaughter as Himself
movie 2013 Why Am I So Fat? as Himself
movie 2012 Hi My Name Is Max as Max
movie 2012 The Fartist as Eric
movie 2011 Animal Ink as Gay Customer #1
tv series 2011 The Fives as Carl Ferguson
movie 2010 Black Red Yellow as James Godfrey Jenkins
movie 2010 Broomba as Ray
movie 2010 Greetings as Michael
movie 2009 Billy and the Hurricane as Billy Gertz
movie 2009 Dead in Love as Danny
movie 2009 Love After Life
tv series 2009 Breaking News! The Invasion Begins! as Hörnk Bocefus the Local Idiot
movie 2008 Low as The Stagehand
movie 2008 Sammy's Pills as Umpire In Field
movie 2008 Tag as Tag Support Group Leader
movie 2007 Heckler as Himself
movie 2007 Koreatown as Benji
movie 2007 Prey 4 Me as Police Officer
movie 2006 110%: When Blood, Sweat and Tears Are Not Enough as Larry Decker
movie 2005 From the Outside In as Stage Manager
movie 2005 The Good Part as Classmate
movie 2002 Mob Daze as Jeff's brother
movie 2001 Some Kinda Joke as Kowalski
movie 2000 King of the Open Mics
movie 1999 Fashionably L.A. as Albert-Simone's Fanclub
movie 1998 Blade as Pearl
movie 1998 Miss Monday as Taxi Driver #1
movie 1997 Delivery as Flamboyant Millionaire
movie 1996 Dick Richards as Graham
movie 1996 Sgt. Bilko as Pvt. Duane Doberman
movie 1995 Aaron Gillespie Will Make You a Star as Eddie
movie 1995 National Lampoon's Senior Trip as Miosky
tv movie 1995 Problem Child 3: Junior in Love as Murph
tv movie 1994 Attack of the 5 Ft. 2 Women as Sean Heckardt
video movie 1994 Last Resort as Morgan Poundage #1
movie 1994 The Little Rascals as Spanky's Dad
movie 1993 The Beverly Hillbillies as Fat Elmer
movie 1993 The Pickle as Farm Boy
movie 1992 Candyman as Harold
movie 1992 Miracle Beach as Hot Dog Vendor
movie 1991 Problem Child 2 as Murph

Eric Edwards on Youtube

This is B roll footage from last week's interview with legendary adult performer and all around sweetheart, Eric Edwards. In this clip, Eric speaks openly ab...

An erotically-charged soap opera, Sarno style. Director: Joseph W. Sarno (as Joe Sarno) Writer: Joseph W. Sarno Stars: Mary Mendum, Jennifer Jordan, Eric ...

Christina (Bree Anthony) a virginal teenager, daydreams about her upcoming marriage as two drifters (played by Al Levitsky and Eric Edwards) pull into a road...

Superstar Eric Edwards talks about some of his co-stars in this scene from 1980s film.