Eric Jacobus

Eric Jacobus Filmography

movie 2014 ABCs of Death 2 as Assassin
movie 2014 Cockroaches as Barris
video movie 2013 Rope a Dope as The Dope
movie 2013 Vader Strikes: First Person Darth Vader as Kyle Katarn
movie 2013 Wake-Up Juice as Hacker
video movie 2012 Death Grip as Kenny Zemacus
movie 2012 Smoked. as Man in house
movie 2012 Those Who Go to Hell as Jonny Costello
movie 2010 Detective Story as Paul White
movie 2010 Dogs of Chinatown as Jack
movie 2009 Flower Thieves as Eric
video movie 2009 This Close or This Far as Matty
movie 2007 Bound by Blood as Max
video movie 2007 Doomed as The Infected
movie 2007 Fievel Throws Down
video movie 2006 Contour as Lawrence Young
movie 2006 Immortal as David Graves
movie 2004 Undercut as Eric Ninja
movie Make Peace or Die as Kurt Callan

Eric Jacobus on Youtube

Death Grip (2012) Buy the DVD & Blu Ray at Story-heavy trailer: An Action ...

Eric Jacobus (Mortal Kombat Legacy's Stryker, ABCs of Death 2) mixes up TKD, Hapkido, and more to show you 200+ kicks and combinations for action films!

Trailer for the Osiris release of Death Grip! Buy now on DVD at In an effort to set his life straight, Kenny Zemacus ch...

Death Grip Available on DVD & BD at Starring Johnny Yong Bosch and Eric Jacobus.