Eric Portman

Eric Portman Filmography

video movie 1990 The Prisoner Video Companion
movie 1968 Assignment to Kill as Notary
movie 1968 Deadfall as Richard Moreau
movie 1967 The Whisperers as Archie Ross
movie 1966 The Spy with a Cold Nose as British Ambassador
movie 1965 The Bedford Incident as Commodore Wolfgang Schrepke Deutsche Marine
movie 1963 The Man Who Finally Died as Inspector Hofmeister
movie 1963 West 11 as Richard Dyce
movie 1962 Freud as Dr. Theodore Meynert
movie 1961 The Naked Edge as Jeremy Clay
movie 1957 The Good Companions as Jess Oakroyd
movie 1956 Child in the House as Henry Acheson
movie 1955 The Colditz Story as Colonel Richmond
movie 1955 The Deep Blue Sea as Miller
movie 1953 South of Algiers as Doctor Burnet
movie 1952 His Excellency as George Harrison
movie 1951 The Magic Box as Arthur Collings
movie 1950 Cairo Road as Col. Youssef Bey
movie 1949 The Spider and the Fly as Fernand Maubert
movie 1948 Corridor of Mirrors as Paul Mangin
movie 1948 Daybreak as Eddie
movie 1948 The Blind Goddess as Sir John Dearing KC
movie 1947 Dear Murderer as Lee Warren
movie 1947 The Mark of Cain as Richard Howard
movie 1946 Men of Two Worlds as District Commissioner Randall
movie 1946 Wanted for Murder as Victor James Colebrooke, alias Tom Maren
movie 1945 Great Day as Capt. John Ellis
movie 1944 A Canterbury Tale as Thomas Colpeper, JP
movie 1943 Escape to Danger as Arthur Lawrence
movie 1943 Millions Like Us as Charlie
movie 1943 Squadron Leader X as Erich Kohler
movie 1943 We Dive at Dawn as On Hydrophones - L
movie 1942 One of Our Aircraft Is Missing as Tom Earnshaw - Second Pilot in B for Bertie
movie 1942 Uncensored as Andre Delange
movie 1941 49th Parallel as Lieutenant Hirth
tv movie 1939 A Night at the Hardcastles as Young Marlow
tv movie 1939 She Stoops to Conquer as Young Marlow
tv movie 1939 The Gamblers as Iharyof
tv movie 1939 The Pelican as Charles Cheriton
tv movie 1938 A Hundred Years Old as Trino
tv movie 1938 The Constant Nymph
tv movie 1938 The Rivals as Captain Absolute
movie 1937 Moonlight Sonata as Mario de la Costa
movie 1937 The Prince and the Pauper as First Lord
movie 1937 The Singing Marine as Derelict Firing Gun in Stage Show
movie 1936 Hearts of Humanity as Jack Clinton
movie 1936 The Cardinal as Giuliano de Medici
movie 1936 The Crimes of Stephen Hawke as Matthew Trimble
movie 1935 Abdul the Damned as Conspirastor
movie 1935 Hyde Park Corner as Edward Chester
movie 1935 Maria Marten, or The Murder in the Red Barn as Carlos, the gypsy
movie 1935 Old Roses as Lou
movie 1933 The Girl from Maxim's

Eric Portman on Youtube

Eric Portman, Guy Rolfe and Nadia Gray in 'The Spider and the Fly'. A French detective pursues a notorious gentleman burglar in the days leading up to the ou...

Excerpt from 'The Blind Goddess' 1944 (reuniting the two stars following their appearance in 'Millions Like Us' 1943)... Directed by Harold French An interes...

Obsessed by the fact that his father was the Queen's hangman, respectable businessman Victor Colebrook (Eric Portman) acts out that obsession by deliberately ...

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