Eric Taylor

Eric Taylor Filmography

tv series 1983 Learned Friends
tv movie 1983 The Body Corporate
tv series 1982 Jonah
tv movie 1981 Intimate Strangers
tv series 1981 Levkas Man
tv movie 1980 Players in the Gallery
tv movie 1979 The Mismatch
tv series 1979 A Place in the World
tv movie 1978 Bit Part
tv series 1978 Loss of Innocence
tv series 1978 Run from the Morning
tv movie 1976 Arena
tv series 1974 A Touch of Reverence
tv series 1974 The Fourth Wish
tv series 1974 Three Men of the City
tv series 1974 Rush
tv series 1972 Over There
tv series 1971 Dead Men Running
tv series 1969 Dynasty
tv series 1967 Contrabandits
tv movie 1965 The Affair

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FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is the defining network drama of the last 10 years. A fiercely inventive, meaningful show about people with big hearts living in small to...

The Blue Room Sessions. Year 3, Session 5 Verkadefabriek. 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. 2013-10-29 Video editing by ...

From Eric's new album, "Live At The Red Shack", a live retrospective featuring guests such as Lyle Lovett, Nanci Griffith and others, "Dean Moriarty" is a so...

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