Erica Boyer

Erica Boyer (born in Alabama, U.S.) is a retired pornographic actress. She is a member of the AVN Hall of Fame ... more on Wikipedia

Erica Boyer Filmography

video movie 2013 Christy Canyon's Young Melons
video movie 2004 Lesbian Bra Busters of the 1980's
video movie 2002 Amber Lynn: Up Close & Personal
video movie 2000 Dark Chambers as Astrid Rocks
video movie 1999 The Top 25 Adult Stars of All Time
video movie 1998 Deeper: Vol. 11
movie 1997 Read My Lips No More Bush
video movie 1996 Suburban Swingers 2
video movie 1996 Then and Now #21 as Herself
video movie 1995 Anal Maniacs 3
video movie 1995 The Incredible Edible Christy Canyon
movie 1993 Best of Nina Hartley
video movie 1992 All That Glitters
movie 1992 Bad Conduct
video movie 1992 Only the Best of the 80's
video movie 1992 The Backdoor Club
video movie 1992 True Legends of Adult Cinema: Only the Very Best on Video as Oil Girl
video movie 1992 True Legends of Adult Cinema: The Erotic 80's
video movie 1991 2 of a Kind 2
video movie 1991 Any Port in the Storm
video movie 1991 Body Fire
video movie 1991 Dark Corners
video movie 1991 Fantasy World
video movie 1991 Favorite Endings
video movie 1991 Imagine
video movie 1991 Sins of Tami
video movie 1991 Snatched to the Future as Michelle
video movie 1991 Transparent Desires
video movie 1991 X-Rated Bloppers II
video movie 1991 The New Barbarians
video movie 1990 Amazing Tails 4
video movie 1990 Best of Bruce Seven 3
video movie 1990 Best of Bruce Seven 4
video movie 1990 Bimbo Bowlers from Boston as Holly
video movie 1990 Buns N' Roses
movie 1990 Easy Pickin's
video movie 1990 Ginger Then and Now
movie 1990 Girls Don't Lie
video movie 1990 Girls Gone Bad II: The Breakout as Nurse Erica
movie 1990 I Said a Butt Light
video movie 1990 Night Trips II
video movie 1990 Only the Best 3
video movie 1990 Only the Best of Barbara Dare
movie 1990 Passion from Behind
movie 1990 Pump It Up
movie 1990 The Danger Zone
video movie 1990 Tori Welles Exposed
movie 1990 Where the Sun Never Shines
video movie 1990 The New Barbarians
video movie 1989 Backdoor Summer II
movie 1989 Best of Loose Ends
video movie 1989 Body Music
video movie 1989 Edge of Heat 2
video movie 1989 Girls Gone Bad as Nurse
movie 1989 Head Lock as Ramona of the Jungle
video movie 1989 Legends of Porn II
video movie 1989 Sharon Mitchell Non-stop
video movie 1989 Skin Games
video movie 1989 The Wild Brat
movie 1989 Woman to Woman
video movie 1989 XTV 1
video movie 1988 Backdoor Summer
video movie 1988 Billionaire Girls Club
movie 1988 Bionca on Fire
movie 1988 Chicks in Black Leather
video movie 1988 Debbie Goes to Hawaii
video movie 1988 Diamond Collection Double X 14
video movie 1988 Double Penetrations 6
video movie 1988 Dreams in the Forbidden Zone
video movie 1988 Flaming Tongues 2
movie 1988 Ginger Rides Again as Erica
video movie 1988 Girls Who Dig Girls 6
video movie 1988 Girls Who Dig Girls 8
movie 1988 Honeybuns 2: Grecian Formula
movie 1988 I Love You Molly Flynn
video movie 1988 Inches for Keisha
video movie 1988 Jamie Loves Jeff
video movie 1988 Lez'be Friends
video movie 1988 Loose Ends IV: The Ultimate Tail as Linda
video movie 1988 Oral Majority: Part Five
video movie 1988 Outrageous Orgies 1
video movie 1988 Outrageous Orgies 2
video movie 1988 Outrageous Orgies 3
video movie 1988 Samantha I Love You
video movie 1988 Sex Asylum III
video movie 1988 Show Stoppers
video movie 1988 Soul Kiss This
movie 1988 Taste of the Best
video movie 1988 Tawnee Be Good
movie 1988 The Eleventh Commandment
video movie 1988 The Screwdriver Saloon
video movie 1988 Viper's Place
video movie 1987 Adult Video Therapist
movie 1987 An Unnatural Act, Part II as Elizabeth
video movie 1987 Angel's Got to Have It
video movie 1987 Back to Back
video movie 1987 Backdoor Bonanza 5
video movie 1987 Barbara Dare Devours Men
video movie 1987 Barbara Dare's Prime Choice
movie 1987 Barbara the Barbarian as Ophiria
video movie 1987 Blazing Bedrooms as Babs
movie 1987 Born to Be Bad
movie 1987 China White
video movie 1987 Diamond Collection Double X 12
video movie 1987 Diamond Head as Erica
video movie 1987 Dr. Blacklove
movie 1987 Endzone
video movie 1987 Furburgers (Home of the Box Lunch)
movie 1987 Girl Games
video movie 1987 Girls Who Dig Girls 3
video movie 1987 Hard Rockin' Babes as Paula
movie 1987 Hard to Handle
video movie 1987 Immoral Miss Teeze as Miss Teeze
movie 1987 Indecent Pleasures as Lesbian
movie 1987 Loose Ends III
video movie 1987 Loving Spoonfuls
video movie 1987 Mile High Girls as Erica
video movie 1987 Oral Majority 3: The Lust Continues...
video movie 1987 Rio Heat!
video movie 1987 Robofox as Woman in club
video movie 1987 Star Cuts 49: Erica Boyer
video movie 1987 The Beat Goes On
video movie 1987 The Best Little Whorehouse in Hong Kong
video movie 1987 Toys 4 Us
movie 1987 Unveiled
video movie 1986 Aerobics Girls Club as Carol
video movie 1986 Another Kind of Love
video movie 1986 Backside to the Future as Elizabeth
movie 1986 Best Little Whorehouse in Beverly Hills as Owner of whorehouse
video movie 1986 Black to the the Future as Marilyn Mansfield
video movie 1986 Cavalcade of Stars
movie 1986 Cheerleader Academy
movie 1986 Deep Inside Vanessa del Rio
video movie 1986 Evil Angel as Lisa
video movie 1986 Funky Brewster as Margaux
video movie 1986 Gentlemen Prefer Ginger as Nancy
video movie 1986 Girl Toys as Morgan
video movie 1986 Girls Girls Girls
video movie 1986 Hannah Does Her Sisters as Harry's Wife
video movie 1986 Hot Shorts: Christy Canyon
video movie 1986 Oral Majority
video movie 1986 Pumping Flesh as Jay Jay
video movie 1986 Reckless Passion
video movie 1986 Seduction of Jennifer
video movie 1986 Sex Asylum II
movie 1986 Sex Game
movie 1986 Sexy Delights
movie 1986 Sheets of San Francisco as Joy Sum Ting
video movie 1986 Slippery When Wet as Driver's wife
video movie 1986 Star Cuts 33: Kari Foxx as Hooker
video movie 1986 Sweet Cheeks
movie 1986 The Autobiography of Herman Flogger
movie 1986 The Debutante
video movie 1986 The Devil in Miss Dare
movie 1986 The Devil in Miss Jones 4: The Final Outrage as Schoolgirl
movie 1986 The Honeymooners
video movie 1986 The Performers as Erica
video movie 1986 The Sex Dancer
movie 1986 This Butt's for You
video movie 1986 Virgin Cheeks as Liz
video movie 1986 Wet Science
video movie 1985 69 Park Avenue as Wife
video movie 1985 A Night for Legends: First Annual XRCO Adult Film Awards
movie 1985 Backdoor Babes as Billy Blue
movie 1985 Best of Hot Shorts 1
video movie 1985 Black Throat as Oil Girl
video movie 1985 Christy Canyon
video movie 1985 Dance Fever as Erica
video movie 1985 Flesh Fire as Nurse Randolph
video movie 1985 Gang Bang as 2nd Biker Bar Chic
video movie 1985 Ginger on the Rocks as Tom's Girlfriend
video movie 1985 Grand Opening
video movie 1985 Hard to Swallow as Holly
video movie 1985 Holly Does Hollywood
movie 1985 Hot Nights at the Blue Note Cafe
movie 1985 Loose Ends
video movie 1985 Loose Ends II as Linda
movie 1985 Losing Control
movie 1985 Midslumber's Night Dream as Roschelle
movie 1985 Naked Night
movie 1985 Once Upon a Madonna
movie 1985 Pipe Dreams
movie 1985 Tailenders
video movie 1985 The Enchantress
movie 1985 The Good Time Girls
video movie 1985 The Magic Touch
video movie 1985 The Night of the Headhunter as Ebony
video movie 1985 The Pleasure Party as Party Organizer
video movie 1985 White Bunbusters
video movie 1985 Whore of the Worlds as Girl on Satin Sheets
movie 1985 Wild Toga Party
movie 1984 Before She Says 'I Do' as Eve's Friend
video movie 1984 Cagney & Stacey as Cagney
video movie 1984 Erotic Fantasies: Women with Women
movie 1984 Every Woman Has a Fantasy as Bonnie
movie 1984 For Your Thighs Only
movie 1984 Las Vegas Hustle
movie 1984 Let's Get Physical as Shelley
video movie 1984 Modeling Studio as Suzie
movie 1984 Nasty Lady as Sex Performer
movie 1984 Open Up Traci
video movie 1984 Palomino Heat as Mary Whitingham
video movie 1984 Rear Action Girls as Mandy Six
movie 1984 Shave Tail
movie 1984 Star 84, the Tina Marie Story
movie 1984 Trading Partners as The Prostitute
video movie 1984 Where the Girls Are as Candy Starr
movie 1984 X Factor as 1st Nurse
movie 1984 Young Girls Do as Erica Thompson
movie 1983 Body Girls as Shelley
movie 1983 Calendar Girl
movie 1983 Coffee, Tea or Me as Erica
video movie 1983 Passion for Bondage
movie 1983 Skin on Skin as Boutique Saleslady
movie 1983 Working It Out as Randy
movie 1982 Campus Capers as Erica
movie 1982 Sexloose as Melinda
movie 1981 Aunt Peg's Fulfillment as Erica
movie 1981 Cells of Passion as Erica Boyer
movie 1981 Desire for Men as Couple #2
movie 1981 Manhattan Mistress as Angel
movie 1981 Nothing to Hide as Karenda
movie 1981 Please... Mr. Postman as Mary
movie 1980 Girls U.S.A. as Hooker with Boat Captain
video movie 1980 Gym Coach in Bondage as Erica
movie 1979 Beyond De Sade
movie 1979 Never a Tender Moment

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Erica Boyer Lovely and slender brunette stunner Erica Boyer was born Amanda Margaret Gannt on December 22, 1956 in Andalusia ...

Teaser for a US adult film. Director: Phillip Jem Starred: Jessie St. James, Bridgette Monet, Erica Boyer DVD: Released in the USA on the Caballero Classics ...

Did I miss any? Honorable mention: Rachel Star, Sasha Grey, Hyapatia Lee, Erica Boyer, Carmella Bing, Dana DeArmond, La Ciccolina, Taryn Thomas, Sabrina ... ❤ send a kiss to somebody you love We firmly believe in the power of Youtube community and platform and we do not want to be ...