Ernest Hilliard

Ernest Hilliard (31 January 1890 ? 3 September 1947) was an American actor. He appeared in 98 films between 1921 and 1947. ... more on Wikipedia

Ernest Hilliard Filmography

movie 1947 Christmas Eve as Assistant Bartender
movie 1947 Down to Earth as Minor Role
movie 1947 Hit Parade of 1947 as Maitre d'
movie 1947 If Winter Comes as Gambling Guest
movie 1947 Mr. District Attorney as Businessman
movie 1947 Ride the Pink Horse as Man
movie 1946 Deadline for Murder as 2nd Poker Player
movie 1946 Gilda as English Cartel Member
movie 1946 Meet Me on Broadway as New Club Member
movie 1946 The Secret of the Whistler as Butler
movie 1946 Undercurrent as Party Guest
movie 1945 Eadie Was a Lady as Director
movie 1945 Kitty as Assistant Hazard Banker
movie 1945 Masquerade in Mexico as Party Guest
movie 1945 On Stage Everybody as Sponsor
movie 1945 Shady Lady as Manny Bird
movie 1945 The Lost Weekend as Headwaiter
movie 1945 Youth on Trial as Commissioner
movie 1944 Make Your Own Bed as Man Waiting at Employment Agency
movie 1944 Mr. Winkle Goes to War as Army Doctor
movie 1944 The Missing Juror as Doctor
movie 1944 The Soul of a Monster as Wayne
movie 1943 California Joe as General Parker
movie 1943 Let's Have Fun as 'Pepe' J. Morgan
movie 1943 Reveille with Beverly as Mr. Oliver
movie 1943 The More the Merrier as Senator
movie 1942 Joan of Ozark as Theatrical Agent
movie 1942 Lucky Legs as Salesman
movie 1942 Random Harvest as Member of House of Commons
movie 1936 Go-Get-'Em, Haines as Walter Bernard, the Editor
movie 1936 Sea Spoilers as Reggie
movie 1936 Show Boat as Race Fan
movie 1936 The Boss Rider of Gun Creek as Banker Ed Randall
movie 1936 The Lady Consents as Undetermined Role
movie 1935 Racing Luck as Walker Hammond
movie 1935 Smart Girl as Waiter
movie 1934 Flirting with Danger as James E. Dawson
movie 1934 The Hell Cat as Bob Martin
movie 1934 The Witching Hour as First Lawyer
movie 1933 Parole Girl as Mr. Hoss - Millard's Manager
movie 1932 Rule 'Em and Weep as Soldier
movie 1931 In Conference as Salisbury's Manager
movie 1931 Mother and Son as Jameson
movie 1931 The Drums of Jeopardy as Prince Ivan Petroff
movie 1931 The Wide Open Spaces as Townsman
movie 1930 Lovin' the Ladies as Davison - Tailor Shop Owner
movie 1930 Second Honeymoon as Maj. Pat Lovering
movie 1930 The Voice of Hollywood No. 12 as Himself
movie 1929 Dynamite as Good Mixer
movie 1929 Red Hot Rhythm as Eddie Graham
movie 1929 Say It with Songs as Radio Station Employee
movie 1929 The Awful Truth
movie 1929 The Big Diamond Robbery as Rodney Stevens
movie 1929 The Broadway Hoofer as Morton
movie 1929 Wall Street as Savage
movie 1929 Weary River
movie 1929 When Dreams Come True as Jim Leeson
movie 1928 Burning Up Broadway as Harry Wells
movie 1928 Devil Dogs as Lt. Holmes
movie 1928 Dugan of the Dugouts as Sgt. Davis
movie 1928 Lady Raffles as Dick
movie 1928 Out with the Tide as Snake Doyle
movie 1928 Red Wine as Jack's second friend
movie 1928 Sinners in Love as Silk Oliver
movie 1928 The Big Hop as Ben Barnett
movie 1928 The Divine Sinner as Prince Josef Miguel
movie 1928 The Matinee Idol as Arnold Wingate
movie 1928 The Midnight Adventure as Randolph Sargent
movie 1928 The Noose as Craig
movie 1927 A Bowery Cinderella as Ned Chandler
movie 1927 Broadway After Midnight as Bodo Lambert
movie 1927 Compassion as Carter
movie 1927 Let It Rain as Crook
movie 1927 Modern Daughters
movie 1927 Smile, Brother, Smile as Mr. Saunders
movie 1927 The Midnight Watch
movie 1927 The Racing Fool as Colwyn Kane
movie 1927 The Scorcher
movie 1927 The Silent Hero as Wade Burton
movie 1927 The Wheel of Destiny
movie 1927 Wide Open
movie 1926 Forest Havoc
movie 1926 The Fighting Failure
movie 1926 The Frontier Trail as Capt. Blackwell
movie 1926 The High Flyer
movie 1926 White Mice as Colonel Vega
movie 1926 Winning the Futurity as Chet Kildare
movie 1925 Broadway Lady as Martyn Edwards
movie 1924 Galloping Hoofs as Stephen Carrington
movie 1924 The Recoil as Jim Selbee
movie 1924 Trouping with Ellen as Jack Prentice
movie 1923 Love's Old Sweet Song as Power
movie 1923 Man and Wife as Walter Powell
movie 1923 Modern Marriage as Cort Maitland
movie 1923 The Beloved Vagabond as Maj. Walters
movie 1922 Evidence as Walter Stanley
movie 1922 Married People as Lord Cranston
movie 1922 Silver Wings as Jerry Gibbs
movie 1922 The Ruling Passion as Carter Andrews
movie 1922 Who Are My Parents? as Frank Draper
movie 1921 Annabelle Lee as David Granger
movie 1921 Matrimonial Web as Irving Sneed
movie 1921 Tropical Love as Carlos Blasco