Ernie Gehr

Ernie Gehr Filmography

movie 2009 Waterfront Follies
movie 2003 Carte de Visite - Der V'03-Trailer
movie 2002 Cotton Candy
movie 1997 For Daniel
movie 1992 Side/Walk/Shuttle
movie 1991 This Side of Paradise
movie 1985 Signal - Germany on the Air
movie 1983 Untitled, Part One
movie 1981 Mirage
movie 1979 Hotel
movie 1977 Untitled
movie 1976 Table
movie 1975 Behind the Scenes
movie 1974 Eureka
movie 1972 Shift
movie 1970 Field
movie 1970 History
movie 1970 Serene Velocity
movie 1970 Three
movie 1969 Reverberation
movie 1969 Still
movie 1969 Transparency
movie 1968 Morning
movie 1968 Wait

Ernie Gehr on Youtube

Ernie Gerhr's experimental short film Serene Velocity. 1970. Silent (Original runtime: 23 min) "In representational films sometimes the image affirms its own...

An in-depth interview with American avant-garde filmmaker Ernie Gehr (Serene Velocity) from TIFF 2012. This is an excerpt, watch the full interview at http:/...