Ernie Hudson

Ernest Lee "Ernie" Hudson (born December 17, 1945) is an American actor known for his roles as Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbusters film series, Warden Leo Glynn on HBO's Oz and Sergeant Albrecht in the cult movie The Crow. ... more on Wikipedia

Ernie Hudson Filmography

movie 2015 Race to Judgment as Nate Wallace
video movie 2014 Cleanin' Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters as Himself
movie 2014 Gallows Road as Bob Collins
movie 2014 High and Outside as Sanzone
movie 2014 Life of a Horror Icon: Tony Moran as Himself
movie 2014 Showing Up as Himself
movie 2014 Wizardream as Lieutenant Schwieger
movie 2014 You're Not You
tv movie 2013 17th Annual PRISM Showcase as Himself
movie 2013 Adonis as Chick Magnet CEO
tv movie 2013 Battledogs as Max Stevens
tv movie 2013 Call Me Crazy: A Five Film as Percy
tv movie 2013 Dear Secret Santa as Pastor Avery
movie 2013 Doonby as Leroy
tv movie 2013 Reckless as Frank Wolfe
movie 2013 The Adventures of Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Treasure as Ivan Stumpwater
tv movie 2012 Beautiful People as Jack
movie 2012 Behind the Scenes of 'Pastor Brown' the Movie as Himself
video movie 2012 Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta! as Pedro
movie 2012 Char·ac·ter: The Interviews
movie 2012 Dark Canyon as Cyrus Parker
movie 2012 Deer Crossing as Captain Bailey
movie 2012 Dinner Date as Man
movie 2012 Kiss and Tell: The History of Black Romance in Movie
movie 2012 The Man in the Silo as Marcus Wells
movie 2012 Turning Point as Joe Johnson
movie 2011 Anaheim Comic Con Highlights as Himself
video movie 2011 Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 as Pedro
movie 2011 Deep Blue Breath as Lord Vater
movie 2011 Sugarwheels as Prof. Zaccharine Ragus PhD
movie 2011 Underground Entertainment: The Movie as Ernie
movie 2010 Game of Death as Clarence
tv movie 2010 Hub Exclusive: G.I. Joe Renegades & Transformers Prime as Himself - Interviewee
movie 2010 Machete Joe as Sheriff Taylor
video movie 2010 Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball as Anthony Vejar
video movie 2010 Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball - Confessions of an Assassin as Himself - Anthony Vejar
movie 2010 Stasis as Stranger
movie 2009 Balancing the Books as Detective Carter
movie 2009 Dragonball Evolution as Sifu Norris
movie 2009 Lonely Street as Captain Morgan
movie 2009 Pastor Brown as Deacon Harold Todd
video movie 2009 Slimer Mode
movie 2008 Pie'n Burger as Cedric
tv movie 2008 The 2008 World Magic Awards as Himself - Presenter
movie 2007 All Hat as Jackson Jones
movie 2007 Certifiably Jonathan as Museum Guard
tv movie 2007 Final Approach as Agent Lorenzo Dawson
movie 2007 Nobel Son as Bill Canepa
tv movie 2006 Greatest Ever Comedy Movies as Himself
movie 2006 Hood of Horror as Roscoe
movie 2006 Return of the Jackalope as Himself
tv movie 2006 The Ron Clark Story as Principal Turner
tv movie 2005 74th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade as Himself
movie 2005 Bathsheba as Nathan
tv movie 2005 Fighting the Odds: The Marilyn Gambrell Story as Perry Beasley
movie 2005 Halfway Decent as Tom
tv movie 2005 Lackawanna Blues as Dick Barrymore
movie 2005 Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing & Charm School as Blake Rische
movie 2005 Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous as FBI Asst. Director Harry McDonald
movie 2005 Sledge: The Untold Story as Himself
movie 2004 Clifford's Really Big Movie as P.T.
movie 2003 Anne B. Real as Principal Davis
tv movie 2001 A Town Without Christmas as Ted
tv movie 2001 HRT
tv movie 2001 Walking Shadow as Hawk
movie 2000 Everything's Jake as Jake
movie 2000 Miss Congeniality as Harry McDonald
tv movie 2000 Nowhere to Land as Danny Gorlin
movie 2000 Paper Bullets as Detective Ron Mills
movie 2000 Red Letters as Detective Glen Teal
movie 2000 The Watcher as Ibby
movie 1999 A Stranger in the Kingdom as Rev. Walter Andrews
movie 1999 Hijack as Senator Douglas Wilson
movie 1999 Interceptors as Major
movie 1999 Lillie as Larry Miller
tv movie 1999 Michael Jordan: An American Hero
tv movie 1999 Miracle on the 17th Green as Earl Fielder
tv movie 1999 Shark Attack as Lawrence Rhodes
movie 1999 Stealth Fighter as President Westwood
tv movie 1999 The 42nd Annual New York Emmy Awards as Himself - Presenter
movie 1998 Best of the Best: Without Warning as Detective Gresko
movie 1998 Butter as Curtis '8-Ball' Harris
movie 1998 October 22 as Arthur
tv movie 1997 Clover as Gaten Hill
movie 1997 Fakin' Da Funk as Joe Lee
movie 1997 Levitation as Downbeat
movie 1997 Mr. Magoo as Agent Gus Anders
tv movie 1997 Operation Delta Force as Major Tipton
movie 1996 For Which He Stands as DEA Agent Baxter
video movie 1996 Just Your Luck as Willie
tv movie 1996 The Cherokee Kid as Nat Love aka Deadwood Dick
movie 1996 The Substitute as Principal Claude Rolle
tv movie 1996 Tornado! as Dr. Joe Branson
movie 1995 Congo as Captain Munro Kelly
movie 1995 The Basketball Diaries as Reggie
movie 1994 Airheads as Sergeant O'Malley
movie 1994 No Escape as Hawkins
movie 1994 Speechless as Ventura
movie 1994 The Cowboy Way as Officer Sam 'Mad Dog' Shaw
movie 1994 The Crow as Sergeant Albrecht
movie 1993 Sugar Hill as Lolly Jonas
movie 1993 The Pitch as Vet
tv movie 1992 Angel Street as Thurman Nickens
movie 1992 The Hand That Rocks the Cradle as Solomon
tv movie 1991 Miss Jones as Evinrude Johnson
tv movie 1990 The Grand Opening of Universal Studios New Theme Park Attraction Gala as Himself
movie 1989 Collision Course as Shortcut
movie 1989 Ghostbusters II as Winston Zeddemore
movie 1989 Leviathan as Justin Jones
movie 1989 Trapper County War as Jefferson Carter
tv movie 1988 The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission as Joe Hamilton
movie 1988 The Wrong Guys as Dawson
movie 1987 Weeds as Bagdad
tv movie 1985 California Girls as Ernie
tv movie 1985 Love on the Run as Lamar
movie 1984 Ghost Busters as Winston Zeddmore
movie 1984 Joy of Sex as Mr. Porter
movie 1983 Going Berserk as Jerome Willy Muhammed
movie 1983 Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone as Washington
movie 1983 Two of a Kind as Det. Skaggs
tv movie 1983 Women of San Quentin as Charles Wilson
movie 1982 Penitentiary II as Half Dead
tv movie 1981 A Matter of Life and Death as Mr. Harrison
tv movie 1981 Crazy Times as Harold 'Jazzman' Malloy
movie 1981 Underground Aces as African General
tv movie 1980 The $5.20 an Hour Dream as Homer Burden
movie 1980 The Jazz Singer as Heckler
movie 1980 The Octagon as Quinine
tv movie 1980 White Mama as Counsellor
movie 1979 Joni as Earl
movie 1979 The Main Event as Killer
tv movie 1978 Last of the Good Guys as El Coliph
tv movie 1977 Mad Bull as Black Bart
movie 1976 Leadbelly as Archie
movie 1976 The Human Tornado as Bo

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