Esther Howard

Esther Howard (4 April 1892?8 March 1965) was a film character actress who played a wide range of supporting roles, from man-hungry spinsters to amoral criminals, appearing in over 100 movies in her 23-year film career. ... more on Wikipedia

Esther Howard Filmography

movie 1955 Scratch Scratch Scratch
movie 1952 A Blissful Blunder as Mrs. Clyde
movie 1952 Caught on the Bounce as Aunt Tildy
movie 1952 Lady in the Iron Mask as Madame Duprez
movie 1952 Rose of Cimarron as Ma Bruce
movie 1951 All That I Have as Mrs. Dalton
movie 1950 Caged as Grace
movie 1950 No Man of Her Own as Boarding House Owner
movie 1949 Champion as Mrs. Kelly
movie 1949 Hellfire as Birdie
movie 1949 Homicide as Mrs. Brucker
movie 1949 Look for the Silver Lining as Mrs. Moffitt
movie 1949 The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend as Mrs. Smidlap
movie 1949 The Crooked Way as Hotel Proprietess
movie 1949 The Lady Gambles as Gross Lady
movie 1948 June Bride as Mrs. Mitchell
movie 1948 The Velvet Touch as Pansy Dupont
movie 1947 Born to Kill as Mrs. Kraft
movie 1947 Mr. District Attorney as Bit Role
movie 1947 Song of the Thin Man as Sadie, the Counterwoman
movie 1947 The Trouble with Women as Mrs. Fogarty
movie 1947 Wedlock Deadlock as Lydia - Betty's Mother
movie 1946 A Letter for Evie as Mrs. Edgewaters
movie 1946 Dick Tracy vs. Cueball as Filthy Flora
movie 1946 The Falcon's Alibi as Gloria Peabody
movie 1946 The Hoodlum Saint as Elderly Spectator
movie 1946 The Virginian as Mother of Student
movie 1946 Without Reservations as Sarah
movie 1946 You Can't Fool a Fool as Mrs. Ivy Clyde
movie 1945 Adventure as Blister
movie 1945 Detour as Diner Waitress
movie 1945 The Great Flamarion as Cleo
movie 1945 Two Local Yokels
movie 1944 Crazy Like a Fox as Lorelei
movie 1944 Hail the Conquering Hero as Mrs. Noble
movie 1944 Murder, My Sweet as Jessie Florian
movie 1944 Oh, Baby! as Mrs. Elmer Burns
movie 1944 Once Upon a Time as Clerk
movie 1944 San Diego I Love You as Mother
movie 1944 The Big Noise as Aunt Sophie
movie 1944 The Great Moment as Dr. Wells' Patient
movie 1944 The Miracle of Morgan's Creek as Sally
movie 1944 You Were Never Uglier
movie 1943 Idle Roomers as Hazel's Roommate
movie 1943 True to Life as Bit Role
movie 1943 Wolf in Thief's Clothing as Widder Irene Brown
movie 1942 I Married a Witch as Extra
movie 1942 Jackass Mail as Dancehall Girl
movie 1942 My Favorite Blonde as Mrs. Topley
movie 1942 Sappy Birthday as Mrs. Andy 'Martha' Clyde
movie 1942 Tales of Manhattan as Woman bumming cigaret from Joe
movie 1942 The Palm Beach Story as Wife of Wienie King
movie 1941 Lovable Trouble as Mrs. Clyde
movie 1941 Sullivan's Travels as Miz Zeffie Kornheiser
movie 1941 The Lady from Cheyenne as Landlady
movie 1940 Alex in Wonderland as Blanche - Fred's Wife
movie 1940 Boobs in the Woods as Mrs. Clyde
movie 1940 Fireman, Save My Choo Choo as Mrs. Clyde
movie 1940 San Francisco Docks as Jean
movie 1940 The Great McGinty as Madame Juliette La Jolla
movie 1939 Broadway Serenade as Mrs. Fellows
movie 1939 Missing Daughters as Mother Hawks
movie 1939 Ride, Cowboy, Ride as Cactus Kate Ramsey
movie 1939 The Gracie Allen Murder Case as Florist
movie 1938 Five of a Kind as Thelma - Mother in Hoax
movie 1938 Marie Antoinette as Streetwalker
movie 1938 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm as Mother
movie 1938 Scandal Street as Birdie Brown
movie 1938 Swing, Sister, Swing as Miss Fredericks
movie 1938 The Texans as Madame
movie 1937 Dead End as Neighbor with Coarse Voice
movie 1937 Partners in Crime as Mrs. Wagon
movie 1937 Rhythm in the Clouds as Mrs. Madigan
movie 1937 Stand-In as Mrs. Mack
movie 1937 Stuck in the Sticks as Widow Flowers
movie 1937 Swing High, Swing Low as Beauty Salon Customer
movie 1936 Florida Special as Flirtatious Dowager
movie 1936 Klondike Annie as Fanny Radler
movie 1936 Love Comes to Mooneyville as Ivy Flowers
movie 1936 M'Liss as Rose
movie 1935 Death Flies East as Mitzi
movie 1935 It Always Happens
movie 1935 Stars Over Broadway as Mary Sporesgate
movie 1935 Straight from the Heart as Tired Mother
movie 1935 The Best Man Wins as Mamie
movie 1935 The Farmer Takes a Wife as Klore's New Cook
movie 1935 The Misses Stooge as The Hostess
movie 1934 Fishing for Trouble
movie 1934 Ready for Love as Aunt Ida
movie 1934 Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round as Passenger Needing 'Hooking'
movie 1933 A Quiet Night
movie 1933 Below the Sea as Lily
movie 1933 Grand Slam as Mary
movie 1933 Second Hand Wife as Mrs. Trumbull
movie 1933 Sweepings as Violet's Madame
movie 1933 The Iron Master as Mrs. Stillman
movie 1932 A Fool's Advice as Mrs. Prescott
movie 1932 Life Begins as Mrs. Tubby's Friend
movie 1932 Merrily We Go to Hell as Vi
movie 1932 Rackety Rax as 'Sister' Carrie
movie 1932 Tee for Two
movie 1932 The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood as Mrs. Maggie Kelly
movie 1932 Winner Take All as Ann - Joan's Friend
movie 1931 Ladies of the Big House as Clara Newman
movie 1931 The Vice Squad as Josie
movie 1931 The Yellow Ticket as Prisoner
movie 1931 Wicked as Minor Role
movie 1930 The Victim as The Wife
movie 1930 Who's the Boss

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