Ethel Jewett

Ethel Jewett Filmography

movie 1916 Bubbles in the Glass as Vineyard Worker
movie 1916 Pete's Persian Princess as Siminia - the Persian Princess
movie 1916 Silas Marner as Nancy
movie 1916 The Net as Mysterious Girl
movie 1916 The Reunion as Relée - a Dancer
movie 1915 Daughter of Kings
movie 1915 Fairy Fern Seed as Susanna Cross
movie 1915 His Two Patients as A Wealthy Patient's Maid
movie 1915 In the Jury Room
movie 1915 Innocence at Monte Carlo as Eulalie Pedue
movie 1915 It's an Ill Wind as A Servant
movie 1915 Madame Blanche, Beauty Doctor
movie 1915 On Account of a Dog
movie 1915 Outcasts of Society as Marianna - the Lady
movie 1915 Pleasing Uncle
movie 1915 The Angel in the Mask
movie 1915 The Flying Twins as Lucia Marshall, the twins' mother
movie 1915 The Girl of the Sea as Martha Starr - the Foster Mother
movie 1915 The House Party at Carson Manor as Cousin Blondine Elliott
movie 1915 The Little Captain of the Scouts as Big Sister's Friend
movie 1915 The Miracle as Mother
movie 1915 The Necklace of Pearls as A Crook
movie 1915 The Shoplifter as Meta
movie 1915 The Six-Cent Loaf
movie 1915 The Speed King
movie 1915 The Undertow
movie 1915 The Valkyrie as Mountain Girl
movie 1915 Who Got Stung? as Bess Bray - Bill's Wife
movie 1914 A Gentleman for a Day
movie 1914 A Messenger of Gladness as Mrs. Graham
movie 1914 For Her Child as Aline Harper - his Wife
movie 1914 His Punishment
movie 1914 Little Mischief
movie 1914 Mother's Choice as Tenement Sick Woman
movie 1914 Pawns of Fate as A Nurse
movie 1914 Remorse as May Ransom
movie 1914 The Benevolence of Conductor 786
movie 1914 The Creator of 'Hunger' as Ethel Stewart
movie 1914 The Man Who Came Back as Undetermined Role
movie 1914 The Varsity Race
movie 1914 When Sorrow Fades
movie 1913 A Mix-Up in Pedigrees
movie 1913 Eighty Million Women Want - ? as Mabel, Robert's Fiancée
movie 1913 L'article 47 as Cora - a Creole Quadroon
movie 1913 Red and Pete, Partners as The Wife
movie 1912 How Bobby Joined the Circus as The Snake Charmer
movie 1912 Personally Conducted: A Trip to Bermuda as The Deaf Man's Daughter
movie 1912 The Land Beyond the Sunset as Committee Woman
movie 1912 The Necklace of Crushed Rose Leaves
movie 1912 The Spanish Cavalier as The Fortune Teller
movie 1911 Bob and Rowdy as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1911 How Sir Andrew Lost His Vote as Amateur Actress
movie 1911 The Sign of the Three Labels as The Maid
movie 1910 A Family of Vegetarians as The Bride
movie 1910 The Stenographer's Friend; Or, What Was Accomplished by an Edison Business Phonograph as The Stenographer