Ethyle Cooke

Ethyle Cooke (4 August 1885 - 20 April 1949) , was an American silent film actress of the 1910s. In 1915, she married another prominent silent film actor of the time, Harry Benham. Ethyle starred in many popular movies, such as A Small Town Girl, Stronger than Death, and The Fugitive. ... more on Wikipedia

Ethyle Cooke Filmography

movie 1918 Convict 993 as Stella Preston
movie 1917 Her Life and His as Mrs. Nan Travers
movie 1917 Her New York as Laura
movie 1917 Patsy as Alice Hewitt
movie 1917 The Candy Girl
movie 1917 The Small Town Girl as Mame
movie 1916 A Man's Sins as The Businessman's Wife
movie 1916 John Brewster's Wife as Elizabeth
movie 1916 Saint, Devil and Woman as Grace Carter
movie 1916 The Fear of Poverty as Betty Alsted
movie 1916 The Fugitive as Anna Prentice
movie 1916 The Pillory as Meg Doherty
movie 1916 The Spirit of the Game as The Left-over's Sweetheart
movie 1916 What Doris Did
movie 1915 All Aboard as Florence's Friend
movie 1915 Daughter of Kings as Princess Sonia - the Millionaire's Dautghter
movie 1915 Do Unto Others
movie 1915 Ebenezer Explains as Cherry Chester - the Actress
movie 1915 Fashion and the Simple Life
movie 1915 From the River's Depths as Dorothy Hewins
movie 1915 Gussie, the Graceful Lifeguard
movie 1915 His Guardian Auto as Flossie Footlights
movie 1915 His Sister's Kiddies as Maude Golden - Bender's Sister
movie 1915 His Two Patients as A Wealthy Patient
movie 1915 His Vocation as Nurse
movie 1915 Inspiration as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 It's an Ill Wind as The Mother
movie 1915 Little Bobby as Bobby's Mother
movie 1915 Mr. Meeson's Will as Lady Holmhurst
movie 1915 Old Jane of the Gaiety as Old Jane
movie 1915 Snapshots as Aunt Marie
movie 1915 The Commuted Sentence as The Governor's Wife
movie 1915 The Crogmere Ruby as Inspector Bolton
movie 1915 The Game as Widow Marsh
movie 1915 The Mother of Her Dreams as The Mother
movie 1915 The Necklace of Pearls as The Banker's Wife
movie 1915 The Six-Cent Loaf as Maude Rapley - John's Wife
movie 1915 The Two Cent Mystery as Barbara's Mother
movie 1915 Their Last Performance as Laura Boone
movie 1914 A Dog's Love as Helen's mother
movie 1914 A Gentleman for a Day as Leland's Mother
movie 1914 A Hatful of Trouble as Effie Linton
movie 1914 A Leak in the Foreign Office as Mrs. Benham - Colonel Pfaff's accomplice
movie 1914 A Messenger of Gladness as Mrs. Smith - Helen's Mother
movie 1914 A Woman's Loyalty as May's Maid
movie 1914 Algy's Alibi as Maude, Algy's Wife
movie 1914 Deborah as Anna
movie 1914 In the Conservatory as Mrs. Ralph Schuyler
movie 1914 In Wild Man's Land as The Cavewoman
movie 1914 Keeping a Husband as Mrs. Wells
movie 1914 Mrs. Pinkhurst's Proxy as Committee Woman
movie 1914 Mrs. Van Ruyter's Stratagem as Grace Grenell - Mrs. Van Ruyter's Niece
movie 1914 Stronger Than Death as Alicia Stewart
movie 1914 The Butterfly Bug as The Boy's Mother
movie 1914 The Infant Heart Snatcher as May
movie 1914 The Pendulum of Fate as Alice - Bess's Sister
movie 1914 The Scrub Lady as Miss Featherly - a Stenographer
movie 1914 The Smouldering Spark
movie 1914 The Turning of the Road as Sidney's Wife
movie 1914 Twins and a Stepmother as Mary, the Maid
movie 1913 A Clothes-Line Quarrel as Ethel - Harry's Wife
movie 1913 A Deep Sea Liar
movie 1913 An Amateur Animal Trainer as Belle, a Stenographer
movie 1913 An American in the Making as Schoolteacher
movie 1913 An Orphan's Romance as The Maid
movie 1913 Beauty in the Seashell
movie 1913 Oh! Such a Beautiful Ocean
movie 1913 The Head Waiter as Grace
movie 1913 Their Great Big Beautiful Doll
movie 1913 What Might Have Been as Marie, Rolfe's Stenographer
movie 1912 Dottie's New Doll
movie 1912 Lucile
movie 1912 Nicholas Nickleby as Actress playing Juliet
movie 1912 The Merchant of Venice as Nerissa
movie 1912 The Star of Bethlehem
movie 1912 The Wrecked Taxi