Eva Novak

Eva Barbara Novak (14 February, 1898 ? 17 April, 1988) was an American film actress, being quite popular during the silent film era. She was the younger sister of actress Jane Novak and daughter of Joseph, an immigrant from Bohemia, and Barbara Novak. ... more on Wikipedia

Eva Novak Filmography

movie 1965 Wild Seed as Mrs. Simms
movie 1962 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
movie 1960 Sergeant Rutledge as Courtroom Spectator
movie 1957 Duel at Apache Wells as Mrs. Munn
movie 1957 Ride a Violent Mile as Townswoman
movie 1957 The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm as Woman
movie 1956 Dakota Incident as Mrs. Cooper
movie 1956 Runaway Daughters as Party Guest
movie 1955 How to Be Very, Very Popular
movie 1955 Tall Man Riding as Mrs. Henderson
movie 1954 Prince Valiant
movie 1953 The Eddie Cantor Story
movie 1951 Havana Rose as Matron
movie 1950 Sunset Blvd. as Courtier
movie 1950 The Blonde Bandit as Prison matron
movie 1950 Women from Headquarters
movie 1949 Hellfire as Indian Woman
movie 1948 3 Godfathers as Townswoman
movie 1948 Four Faces West as Mrs. Winston
movie 1948 I, Jane Doe as Jury Woman
movie 1948 Train to Alcatraz as Doctor's Wife
movie 1947 Blackmail as Mamie
movie 1947 Robin Hood of Texas as Guest
movie 1946 Claudia and David as Maid
movie 1946 Honeymoon Blues as Wedding Witness
movie 1946 Night and Day as Nurse
movie 1946 That Brennan Girl as Elderly Woman
movie 1945 Apology for Murder as Maid
movie 1945 Corpus Christi Bandits as Stage Passenger
movie 1945 Steppin' in Society as Dancer
movie 1945 The Bells of St. Mary's as Nun
movie 1945 The Fatal Witness as Elsie - Vera's Maid
movie 1945 The Topeka Terror as Mrs. Green
movie 1945 Three's a Crowd as Matron
movie 1938 Ride a Crooked Mile as Cashier
movie 1936 Dangerous Intrigue as Nurse
movie 1930 Phantom of the Desert as Mary Van Horn
movie 1930 The Medicine Man as Hulda
movie 1928 The Romance of Runnibede
movie 1927 Duty's Reward as Dorothy Thompson
movie 1927 For the Term of His Natural Life as Sylvia Vickers
movie 1927 Red Signals as Mary Callahan
movie 1926 30 Below Zero as Ann Ralston
movie 1926 Irene as Eleanor Hadley
movie 1926 No Man's Gold as Jane Rogers
movie 1926 Say It with Babies
movie 1926 The Dixie Flyer as Rose Rapley
movie 1926 The Millionaire Policeman as Mary Gray
movie 1925 Northern Code as Marie La Fane
movie 1925 Sally as Rosie Lafferty
movie 1925 The Fearless Lover as Enid Sexton
movie 1924 A Fight for Honor as Margaret Hill
movie 1924 Battling Mason
movie 1924 Laughing at Danger as Carolyn Hollister
movie 1924 Listen Lester as Mary Dodge
movie 1924 Lure of the Yukon as Sue McGraig
movie 1924 Missing Daughters as Eva Rivers
movie 1924 Racing for Life as Grace Danton
movie 1924 Safe Guarded
movie 1924 Tainted Money as Adams' Daughter
movie 1924 The Battling Fool as Helen Chadwick
movie 1924 The Beautiful Sinner as Alice Carter
movie 1924 The Fatal Mistake as Ethel Bennett
movie 1924 The Triflers as Beatrice Noyes
movie 1924 Women First as Jennie
movie 1923 A Noise in Newboro as Anne Paisley
movie 1923 Boston Blackie as Mary Carter
movie 1923 Dollar Devils as Amy
movie 1923 Temptation as Marjorie Baldwin
movie 1923 The Man Life Passed By as Joy Moore
movie 1923 The Tiger's Claw as Harriet Halehurst
movie 1922 Barriers of Folly as May Gordon
movie 1922 Chasing the Moon as Jane Norworth
movie 1922 Making a Man as Patricia Owens
movie 1922 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 11 as Herself
movie 1922 Sky High as Estelle Halloway - his ward
movie 1922 The Great Night as Mollie Martin
movie 1922 The Man from Hell's River as Mabella
movie 1922 The Man Who Saw Tomorrow as Vonia
movie 1922 Up and Going as Jackie McNabb
movie 1921 O'Malley of the Mounted as Rose Lanier
movie 1921 Society Secrets as Louise
movie 1921 The Last Trail as Winifred Samson
movie 1921 The Rough Diamond as Gloria Gómez
movie 1921 The Smart Sex as Rose
movie 1921 The Torrent as Velma Patton
movie 1921 Trailin' as Sally Fortune
movie 1921 Wolves of the North as Aurora Norris
movie 1920 Desert Love as Dolly Remington
movie 1920 Silk Husbands and Calico Wives as Georgia Wilson
movie 1920 The Daredevil as Alice Spencer
movie 1920 The Testing Block as Nelly Gray
movie 1920 Up in Mary's Attic as Mary
movie 1920 Wanted at Headquarters as Kate Westhanger
movie 1919 A Kaiser There Was
movie 1919 A Skate at Sea
movie 1919 All Jazzed Up as Dainty Dotty
movie 1919 In Bad All Around
movie 1919 Let Fido Do It
movie 1919 The Feud as Betty Summers
movie 1919 The Freckled Fish
movie 1919 The Speed Maniac as Pearl Matthews
movie 1918 Ash-Can Alley
movie 1918 Barbarous Plots
movie 1918 Cooks and Crooks
movie 1918 Fathers, Sons, and Chorus Girls
movie 1918 Fools and Fires
movie 1918 Gowns and Girls
movie 1918 Her Movie Madness
movie 1918 Her Whirlwind Wedding
movie 1918 Nuts and Noodles
movie 1918 Oh, Baby!
movie 1918 Pearls and Girls
movie 1918 Pretty Babies
movie 1918 Romance and Dynamite
movie 1918 The Belles of Liberty as Trixie
movie 1918 The Blind Pig
movie 1918 The King of the Kitchen as Her niece
movie 1918 What's the Matter with Father?
movie 1918 Work or Fight
movie 1917 A Nurse of an Aching Heart
movie 1917 Double Dukes
movie 1917 Hearts and Flour
movie 1917 Hula, Hula Hughie
movie 1917 Roped Into Scandal
movie 1917 Street Cars and Carbuncles
movie 1917 The Sign of the Cucumber as Lovely Eva
movie 1917 Vamping Reuben's Millions

Eva Novak on Youtube

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