Eva Westlake

Eva Westlake Filmography

movie 1925 A Romance of Mayfair as Mrs. Wren
movie 1925 Venetian Lovers as Mrs. Bradshaw
movie 1924 Chappy: That's All as Mrs. Cherry
movie 1924 The Money Habit as Duchess
movie 1923 Little Miss Nobody as Lady Stilton
movie 1922 A Master of Craft
movie 1922 The Knight Errant as Mrs. Perkiss
movie 1921 Dick's Fairy as Mrs. Limber
movie 1921 Monty Works the Wires as The Auntie
movie 1921 The Fortune of Christina McNab as Lady Tarbutt
movie 1920 At the Villa Rose as Mme. Dauvray
movie 1920 The Barton Mystery as Lady Marshall
movie 1920 The Island of Wisdom as Mrs. Fairfax
movie 1920 Three Men in a Boat
movie 1917 One Summer's Day as Chiana
movie 1917 The Laughing Cavalier as Lady Stoutenberg
movie 1915 Rupert of Hentzau
movie 1914 As a Man Sows; or, An Angel of the Slums
movie 1914 Clancarty