Evalyn Knapp

Evalyn Knapp (June 17, 1906 ? June 12, 1981) was an American film actress of the late 1920s, 1930s, and into the 1940s. She was a leading B-movie serial actress in the 1930s. ... more on Wikipedia

Evalyn Knapp Filmography

movie 1943 Two Weeks to Live as Miss Morris, Dr. O'Brien's Secretary
movie 1941 Meet the Stars #2: Baby Stars as Herself
movie 1941 Roar of the Press as Evelyn
movie 1941 The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance as Evelyn Jordan
movie 1940 Girl in 313 as Arrested Girl
movie 1940 Screen Snapshots Series 19, No. 5: Art and Artists as Herself
movie 1939 Idiot's Delight as Nurse #4
movie 1939 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington as Reporter Asking 'What Do You Think of the Girls in This Town?'
movie 1938 Hawaiian Buckaroo as Paula Harrington
movie 1938 Rawhide as Peggy Gehrig
movie 1938 Wanted by the Police as Kathleen Murphy
movie 1936 Bulldog Edition as Randy Burns, Daily News Reporter
movie 1936 Laughing Irish Eyes as Peggy Kelly
movie 1936 Three of a Kind as Barbara Penfield
movie 1935 Confidential as Maxine Travers
movie 1935 Ladies Crave Excitement as Wilma Howell
movie 1935 One Frightened Night as The First Doris Waverly
movie 1935 The Fire-Trap as Betty Marshall
movie 1934 A Man's Game as Judy Manners
movie 1934 In Old Santa Fe as Lila Miller
movie 1934 Speed Wings as Mary
movie 1933 Air Hostess as Kitty King
movie 1933 Corruption as Ellen Manning
movie 1933 Dance, Girl, Dance as Sally Patter
movie 1933 His Private Secretary as Marion Hall
movie 1933 Hollywood on Parade No. A-9 as Herself
movie 1933 Perils of Pauline as Pauline Hargrave
movie 1933 Police Car 17 as Helen Regan
movie 1933 State Trooper as June Brady
movie 1932 A Successful Calamity as Peggy Wilton
movie 1932 Bachelor Mother as Mary Somerset
movie 1932 Big City Blues as Jo-Jo
movie 1932 Fireman, Save My Child as Sally Toby
movie 1932 High Pressure as Helen Wilson
movie 1932 Madame Racketeer as Alice Hicks
movie 1932 Slightly Married as Mary Smith
movie 1932 Taxi! as Herself - Actress in Movie Clip
movie 1932 The Night Mayor as Doree Dawn
movie 1932 The Strange Love of Molly Louvain as Doris
movie 1932 The Vanishing Frontier as Carol Winfield
movie 1932 This Sporting Age as Mickey Steele
movie 1931 50 Million Frenchmen as Miss Wheeler-Smith
movie 1931 A Shocking Affair as The Wife
movie 1931 How I Play Golf by Bobby Jones No. 11: 'Practice Shots' as Herself
movie 1931 Side Show as Irene
movie 1931 Smart Money as Irene Graham
movie 1931 The Bargain as Vorencia
movie 1931 The Millionaire as Barbara Alden
movie 1930 A Tight Squeeze
movie 1930 All Stuck Up
movie 1930 An Intimate Dinner in Celebration of Warner Bros. Silver Jubilee as Herself
movie 1930 Chills and Fever as Betty
movie 1930 Mothers Cry as Jenny Williams
movie 1930 River's End as Miriam
movie 1930 Sinners' Holiday as Jennie
movie 1930 Taxi Talks
movie 1929 At the Dentist's as The Prizefighter's Wife
movie 1929 Beach Babies
movie 1929 Big Time Charlie as Evalyn
movie 1929 Dancing Around
movie 1929 Gentlemen of the Evening as The Girl in the Case
movie 1929 Hard Boiled Hampton
movie 1929 Haunted; or, Who Killed the Cat?
movie 1929 His Operation
movie 1929 Love, Honor, and Oh! Baby
movie 1929 The Plumbers Are Coming
movie 1929 The Smooth Guy
movie 1929 Wednesday Night at the Ritz as Girl in Hotel Room

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