Evelyn Selbie

Evelyn Selbie (July 6, 1871 - December 7, 1950) was a stage actress and performer in silent films. ... more on Wikipedia

Evelyn Selbie Filmography

movie 1949 The Doolins of Oklahoma as Birdie
movie 1944 Outlaw Trail as Nomi
movie 1941 Mr. Dynamite as Madame Smetana
movie 1941 Raiders of the Desert as Flower Woman
movie 1941 The Wild Man of Borneo
movie 1941 White Eagle as Fat Squaw
movie 1940 Diamond Frontier as Julia Bloem
movie 1940 Seven Sinners as Fortune Teller
movie 1940 Winners of the West as Jennie [Chs. 7, 13]
movie 1940 You're Not So Tough as Bianca
movie 1939 Rio as Minor Role
movie 1939 Rough Riders' Round-up as Mexican Fortune-Teller
movie 1939 The Great Commandment as Townswoman
movie 1939 Tower of London as Beggar Woman
movie 1938 Blockade as Townswoman
movie 1938 Guilty Trails as Indian Mother
movie 1937 Girls Can Play as Fortune Teller
movie 1937 Seventh Heaven as Old Slattern
movie 1937 Song of the City as Screaming Woman
movie 1937 The Grand Bounce as Child's Mother
movie 1936 Ramona as Indian Woman
movie 1936 Rose of the Rancho as Old Woman
movie 1936 The Devil-Doll as Flower Woman
movie 1936 Two in a Crowd as Tenement Woman
movie 1935 A Night at the Opera as Fortune Teller
movie 1935 A Notorious Gentleman as Carlena
movie 1935 Gypsy Sweetheart as Gypsy Fortune Teller
movie 1935 Paddy O'Day as Immigrant Woman
movie 1935 Professional Soldier as Fortune Teller
movie 1935 Western Frontier as Grey Dove
movie 1934 Behold My Wife as Neighbor
movie 1934 I'll Tell the World as Gypsy Fortune Teller
movie 1934 The Merry Widow as Newspaper Woman
movie 1933 Gambling Ship as Indian Woman
movie 1933 Night Flight as Mother in Window
movie 1932 Rasputin and the Empress
movie 1932 The Hatchet Man as Wah Li
movie 1931 Desert Vengeance as Indian Woman
movie 1931 The Texas Ranger as Minnie
movie 1930 Dangerous Paradise as Mrs. Zangiacomo
movie 1930 Love Comes Along as Bianca
movie 1930 The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu as Fai Lu
movie 1929 Eternal Love as Pia's mother
movie 1929 The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu as Fai Lu
movie 1928 Freedom of the Press as Italian Mother
movie 1928 In Old Arizona as Gypsy
movie 1927 Eager Lips as Miss Lee
movie 1927 The American
movie 1927 The King of Kings
movie 1927 Wild Geese as Mrs. Klovatz
movie 1926 Camille as Camille's Mother
movie 1926 Flame of the Argentine as Nana
movie 1926 Hell-Bent for Heaven as Meg Hunt - Sid's Mother
movie 1926 Into Her Kingdom as Stepan's Mother
movie 1926 Prisoners of the Storm as Lillian Nicholson
movie 1926 Rose of the Tenements as Sara Kaminsky
movie 1926 Silken Shackles as Tade's Mother
movie 1926 The Country Beyond as Martha Leseur
movie 1926 The Silver Treasure as Mother Teresa
movie 1926 The Test of Donald Norton as Nee-tah-wee-gan
movie 1925 Lord Jim as Sultan's Wife
movie 1925 The Prairie Pirate as Housekeeper Marie
movie 1924 A Cafe in Cairo as Batooka
movie 1924 Flapper Wives as Hulda
movie 1924 Mademoiselle Midnight as Chiquita
movie 1924 Name the Man as Lisa Collister
movie 1924 Poisoned Paradise as Mde. Tranquille
movie 1924 Romance Ranch as Tessa
movie 1923 Snowdrift as Wananebish
movie 1923 The Broken Wing as Quichita
movie 1923 The Tiger's Claw as Azun
movie 1922 Omar the Tentmaker as Zarah
movie 1922 Silver Spurs as Tehana
movie 1922 The Half Breed as Mary
movie 1922 Thorns and Orange Blossoms as Fallie, Rosita's Maid
movie 1921 Devil Dog Dawson
movie 1921 The Devil Within as Witch
movie 1921 Without Benefit of Clergy as Ameera's mother
movie 1920 A Broadway Cowboy as Miss Howell
movie 1920 Seeds of Vengeance as Martha Ryerson
movie 1920 The Broken Gate as Julia Delafield
movie 1920 The Devil to Pay as Mrs. Roan
movie 1920 Uncharted Channels as Elsa Smolski
movie 1919 The Red Glove as Tiajuana
movie 1918 Danger, Go Slow as Miss Witherspoon
movie 1918 Let's Fight
movie 1918 Nothing But Nerve
movie 1918 The Grand Passion as Boston Kate
movie 1918 The Two-Soul Woman as Leah
movie 1917 Hand That Rocks the Cradle as Sarah
movie 1917 Pay Me! as Hilda Hendricks
movie 1917 Sirens of the Sea as Hadji
movie 1917 The Flashlight as Mrs. Barclay
movie 1917 The Flower of Doom as Arn Fun
movie 1917 The Mysterious Mrs. Musslewhite as Mrs. Musselwhite
movie 1917 The Terror as Mrs. Connelly
movie 1917 The Voice on the Wire as Pale Ida
movie 1917 The Winning Pair as Mrs. Ezra Moore
movie 1917 When Liz Lets Loose
movie 1916 The People vs. John Doe as Mrs. Doe
movie 1916 The Price of Silence as Jenny Cupps
movie 1915 Broncho Billy and the Baby as The Baby's Mother
movie 1915 Broncho Billy and the False Note as Billy's Sweetheart
movie 1915 Broncho Billy's Brother as Broncho Billy's Mother
movie 1915 Broncho Billy's Sentence as Minister's wife
movie 1915 Broncho Billy's Teachings as Indian Woman
movie 1915 Broncho Billy's Vengeance as The Girl
movie 1915 Slippery Slim's Wedding Day
movie 1915 Sophie's Fighting Spirit as The Other Woman
movie 1915 The Battle of Snakeville
movie 1915 When Love and Honor Called
movie 1914 A Gambler's Way as Louise Carew
movie 1914 A Snakeville Epidemic
movie 1914 Broncho Billy and the Sheriff
movie 1914 Broncho Billy Puts One Over
movie 1914 Broncho Billy's Christmas Spirit as The Prospector's Wife
movie 1914 Broncho Billy's Dad as Broncho Billy's Mother
movie 1914 Broncho Billy's Indian Romance as Broncho Billy's Indian Sweetheart
movie 1914 Broncho Billy's Judgment as Broncho Billy's Sweetheart
movie 1914 Broncho Billy's Mother as Broncho Billy's Mother
movie 1914 Broncho Billy's Punishment as Broncho Billy's Wife
movie 1914 Broncho Billy's Scheme
movie 1914 Broncho Billy's Sermon
movie 1914 Broncho Billy's True Love
movie 1914 Broncho Billy, Outlaw as The Sheriff's Wife
movie 1914 Italian Love as Arrita's Mother
movie 1914 Slippery Slim and the Fortune Teller as The Fortune Teller
movie 1914 Slippery Slim and the Stork as The Baby's Mother
movie 1914 Slippery Slim, the Mortgage and Sophie
movie 1914 Snakeville's Blind Pig
movie 1914 Snakeville's Fire Brigade
movie 1914 Snakeville's Most Popular Lady as SeƱorita Pepper
movie 1914 Snakeville's New Doctor as Harry's Wife
movie 1914 Snakeville's New Waitress
movie 1914 Snakeville's Reform Wave
movie 1914 Snakeville's Rising Sons as Pete's Wife
movie 1914 Sophie's Fatal Wedding
movie 1914 Sophie's Legacy
movie 1914 Sophie's Sweetheart as Mrs. Clutts
movie 1914 The Calling of Jim Barton as Jim Barton's Mother
movie 1914 The Cast of the Die as Fred's Mother
movie 1914 The Good-for-Nothing as Mrs. Sterling
movie 1914 The Hills of Peace as Fred's Mother
movie 1914 The Tell-Tale Hand
movie 1914 The Warning as Pepita
movie 1914 The Weaker's Strength as Madeline's Mother
movie 1914 Through Trackless Sands as Mrs. John Bailey
movie 1914 When Macbeth Came to Snakeville as Lady Macbeth
movie 1913 A Borrowed Identiy as The Ranchman's 2nd Daughter
movie 1913 A Romance of the Hills as The Old Mother
movie 1913 A Western Sister's Devotion
movie 1913 A Widow of Nevada as Widow Gale
movie 1913 Across the Rio Grande
movie 1913 Alkali Ike and the Hypnotist
movie 1913 Alkali Ike's Mother-in-Law as Mrs. Alkali Ike
movie 1913 At the Lariat's End as Jet
movie 1913 Broncho Billy and the Navajo Maid as The Navajo Maid
movie 1913 Broncho Billy and the Rustler's Child as Morgan's sick wife
movie 1913 Broncho Billy and the Sheriff's Kid as Sheriff's Wife
movie 1913 Broncho Billy and the Step-Sisters as Evelyn
movie 1913 Broncho Billy and the Western Girls as Evelyn Courtney
movie 1913 Broncho Billy Gets Square as White Feather
movie 1913 Broncho Billy Reforms
movie 1913 Broncho Billy's Capture as Evelyn
movie 1913 Broncho Billy's Gratefulness as Mrs. John Harding
movie 1913 Broncho Billy's Gun Play
movie 1913 Broncho Billy's Mistake
movie 1913 Broncho Billy's Squareness as The Sheriff's Sister
movie 1913 Broncho Billy's Strategy
movie 1913 Broncho Billy's Way as Billy's Wife
movie 1913 Children of the Forest as Mahtomee
movie 1913 Days of the Pony Express as The Postmaster's Daughter
movie 1913 That Pair from Thespia
movie 1913 The Belle of Siskiyou as Black Moody's Wife
movie 1913 The Cowboy Samaritan
movie 1913 The Crazy Prospector as Harriet Harlan
movie 1913 The Dance at Eagle Pass
movie 1913 The Daughter of the Sheriff as The Sheriff's Daughter
movie 1913 The Edge of Things as Evelyn Rogers
movie 1913 The End of the Circle as Juanita
movie 1913 The Episode at Cloudy Canyon as Mrs. Harris
movie 1913 The Last Shot as Helen Clay - Tom's Wife
movie 1913 The Life We Live as Jane Selby
movie 1913 The Man in the Cabin as Evelyn
movie 1913 The Naming of the Rawhide Queen as Martha Glen
movie 1913 The Rustler's Step-Daughter as Gale - the Rustler's Step-Daughter
movie 1913 The Shadowgraph Message
movie 1913 The Two Ranchmen as Mrs. Churchill - the Ranchman's Wife
movie 1913 Their Promise
movie 1912 A Woman's Way as Ruth - the Sheriff's Daughter
movie 1912 Broncho Billy's Love Affair as Winnie Allen, The Rancher's Daughter
movie 1912 Broncho Billy's Mexican Wife as Manuel's Girlfriend
movie 1912 Jack's Burglar as Jack's Mother
movie 1912 The Prisoner's Story as Nell Cameron
movie 1912 The Prospector as Dunn's Daughter
movie 1912 The Ranch Girl's Trial as Pepita, the Mexican Girl
movie 1912 The Reward for Broncho Billy as Mrs. Gregg
movie 1912 The Sheriff's Inheritance as The Rancher's Wife
movie 1911 The Immortal Alamo