F.A. Turner

F. A. Turner (12 October 1858 ? 13 February 1923), was an American actor of the silent era. He appeared in 68 films between 1914 and 1922. ... more on Wikipedia

F.A. Turner Filmography

movie 1922 Through a Glass Window as Matt Clancy
movie 1921 The Witching Hour as Lew Ellinger
movie 1921 Tropical Love as The Seeker
movie 1920 Eyes of the Heart as Dr. Dewey
movie 1920 Terror Island as Mr. West
movie 1920 The Furnace as Albert Vallance
movie 1920 The Jack-Knife Man as Peter Lane
movie 1919 As the Sun Went Down as Gerald Morton
movie 1919 Bonnie Bonnie Lassie
movie 1919 Peg o' My Heart
movie 1919 The Heart of Wetona as Pastor David Wells
movie 1919 The Miracle Man as Mr. Higgins
movie 1919 The Mother and the Law as The Girl's Father
movie 1918 Playthings as Jim Carter
movie 1918 Restitution as Herod
movie 1918 She Hired a Husband as Colonel Dunstan
movie 1918 The Love Swindle as Undetermined Role
movie 1918 The Velvet Hand as Russo Russelli
movie 1917 A Girl of the Timber Claims as Jess's Father
movie 1917 A Love Sublime as The Professor
movie 1917 Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp as Mustapha, the Tailor
movie 1917 Her Official Fathers as John Webster
movie 1917 Madame Bo-Peep as Colonel Beaupree
movie 1917 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm as Mr. Simpson
movie 1917 The Little Yank as Wilson Carver
movie 1916 Acquitted as Police captain
movie 1916 Atta Boy's Last Race as Phil Strong
movie 1916 Children of the Feud as Judge Lee Cavanagh
movie 1916 Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages as The Dear One's Father
movie 1916 Little Meena's Romance as Meena's Uncle
movie 1916 Susan Rocks the Boat as Jasper Thornton
movie 1916 The Devil's Needle as Marshall Devon
movie 1916 The Microscope Mystery as Ira Dayton
movie 1916 The She-Devil
movie 1915 A Man and His Mate as The Colonel - Betty's Father
movie 1915 A Pillar of Flame as Charles Danby - Madeline's Husband
movie 1915 Big Jim's Heart as George White
movie 1915 Elsa's Brother
movie 1915 Heart Beats
movie 1915 Her Mother's Daughter as Marie's Grandfather
movie 1915 Out of Bondage as Jim McRae
movie 1915 The Burned Hand
movie 1915 The Fortification Plans as Paul Zare
movie 1915 The Living Death as Dr. Farrell
movie 1915 The Lost House as Dosia's Uncle
movie 1915 The Outlaw's Revenge as The American Girl's Father
movie 1915 The Penitentes as Father Rossi
movie 1915 The Woman from Warren's as Fred Thompson
movie 1914 A Flight for a Fortune as James Morrison
movie 1914 A Pair of Cuffs
movie 1914 Environment as Mr. Cortright - Bella's Father
movie 1914 False Pride as Hiram Judson
movie 1914 Home, Sweet Home
movie 1914 Out of the Air as The Engineer
movie 1914 The Better Way as Sunbeam's Father
movie 1914 The Escape as Jim Joyce
movie 1914 The Great God Fear as Blair
movie 1914 The Gunman
movie 1914 The Hunchback as A Hunchback Peddler
movie 1914 The Idiot
movie 1914 The Kaffir's Skull as Brandon
movie 1914 The Next in Command as Pvt. Nolan
movie 1914 The Niggard as J. Henry Taylor
movie 1914 The Oath of a Viking as Nordo - the Warrior
movie 1914 The Old Derelict
movie 1914 The Quicksands
movie 1914 The Sheriff's Prisoner
movie 1914 The Stolen Code as Stephan Petritsky - the Political Spy
movie 1914 The Tavern of Tragedy as Bell - the Innkeeper
movie 1914 Their First Acquaintance as Charles Talbot
movie 1913 Kathleen Mavourneen