Fannie Bourke

Fannie Bourke Filmography

movie 1930 Lummox as Mrs. McMurtry
movie 1920 The Love Expert as Matilda Winthrop
movie 1915 His Sister's Kiddies as Bridget - the Cook
movie 1915 Little Bobby
movie 1915 Right Off the Bat as Mike's Mother
movie 1915 The Cliff Girl as Alice Hazen - Walter Fiancée
movie 1915 The Dog Catcher's Bride as The Dog Catcher's Bride
movie 1915 The Master's Model as Neta, the Magdalen
movie 1915 The Moment of Sacrifice as Colonel Darrell's Wife
movie 1914 A Dog's Good Deed as Bobby's Mother
movie 1914 A Dog's Love as A visitor
movie 1914 A Hatful of Trouble as Mrs. Wendall Wiggins
movie 1914 A Woman's Loyalty as May's Maid
movie 1914 Arty, the Artist as Miss Smythe - an Old Maid
movie 1914 Beating Back
movie 1914 Billy's Ruse as Fanny
movie 1914 Mr. Cinderella as Jimmy's Step-Mother
movie 1914 Mrs. Van Ruyter's Stratagem as Mrs. Van Ruyter's Housekeeper
movie 1914 Percy's First Holiday as Jane
movie 1914 Sid Nee's Finish as Kate
movie 1914 Stronger Than Death as Mrs. Gray
movie 1914 The Benevolence of Conductor 786 as Mother of the Twins
movie 1914 The Butterfly Bug as Mrs. Sophia Notty
movie 1914 The Cripple as Prologue
movie 1914 The Final Test as Mrs. Burr
movie 1914 The Grand Passion as Fanny
movie 1914 The Infant Heart Snatcher as The Maid
movie 1914 The Purse and the Girl as Nettie Muggs
movie 1914 The Scrub Lady as The Scrub Lady
movie 1914 The Skating Master as Jane - A villager
movie 1914 The Strike as Ruth Wheeler
movie 1914 The Tangled Cat as Martha
movie 1914 When Sorrow Fades as Mrs. Burr