Fernando Flaquer

Fernando Flaquer Filmography

movie 1949 Festín de buitres
movie 1947 El cocinero de mi mujer
movie 1947 Usted tiene ojos de mujer fatal
movie 1946 Bienaventurados los que creen
movie 1946 Ella
movie 1946 Una mujer de Oriente

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This Week 3 Video Blog Features: Jedi Squad Logo Intro: Fernando Flaquer Searching For Roger "The Biltmore": Fernando Flaquer and LaRonn Lewis Drummy ...

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The 2nd track in Lost Sanity's Instrumental Demo "I'm Not Going Back There" Thanks to Fernando Flaquer (Rhythm Guitarist) for making this song. Thanks to Iva.

I'm taking a filming class and they let me borrow a camcorder. Today I decided to create a short montage to get myself acquainted with this camera. It's a ne...