Fifi Bardot

Fifi Bardot Filmography

video movie 1995 Deep Inside Keisha
video movie 1993 Plan 69 from Outer Space as Nude Crew Member in Shower
video movie 1991 Best of Buttman
video movie 1991 Pretty Peaches and the Quest. as The Chicken Girl
movie 1990 Blame It on the Heat
video movie 1990 Hot Meat
movie 1990 I Ream a Genie
movie 1990 I Want Your Sex
movie 1990 Kinky Business II
video movie 1990 Made in Hollywood
movie 1990 Nasty Girls 3
movie 1990 Oh! You Beautiful Doll
movie 1990 Space Virgins as Amy
movie 1990 Ticket to Ride
video movie 1989 Bi and Beyond 2: The Continuing Saga
movie 1989 Bi and Beyond 3
movie 1989 Bimbo Bowlers from Buffalo
video movie 1989 Date with the Devil
movie 1989 Deep in Deanna Jones
video movie 1989 Girl World: Part III
video movie 1989 Girl World: Part IV
movie 1989 Have I Got a Girl for You
movie 1989 Midnight Baller
video movie 1989 Paris Burnning as Heather
video movie 1989 Rain Woman
movie 1989 Rock 'n Roll Heaven as Babet
movie 1989 Slumber Party
movie 1989 The Penthouse as Ms. Steemblock
movie 1989 Trans Europe Express
movie 1989 Wet Pink
video movie 1988 Tail for Sale
video movie 1987 Red Hot Fire Girls