Florence Ashbrooke

Florence Ashbrooke Filmography

movie 1923 Big Brother as Mrs. Sheean
movie 1922 A Stage Romance as Mrs. Bob
movie 1919 An Amateur Widow as Mrs. Green
movie 1919 The Woman on the Index as Mother Fralonz
movie 1918 Blue-Eyed Mary as Bridget
movie 1918 Swat the Spy as Lena Muller
movie 1917 On Dangerous Ground as Frau Bertha Schanne
movie 1917 Peggy, the Will O' the Wisp as Sarah
movie 1917 The Lone Wolf as Mme. Troyon
movie 1917 The Scarlet Letter as Mistress Hibbons
movie 1917 Unknown 274 as Miss Stegal
movie 1916 Sins of Men as Undetermined Role
movie 1916 The Ragged Princess as Mrs. Langford
movie 1915 Their Divorce Suit as The Cook
movie 1914 A Fair Rebel
movie 1913 'Arriet's Baby
movie 1913 A Husband's Trick as Aunt Lucretia - a Suffragette
movie 1913 An Old Man's Love Story as The Cook
movie 1913 Dr. Crathern's Experiment
movie 1913 His Wife's Relatives as Mrs. Dickson's Mother
movie 1913 Love's Quarantine as Cutey's Mother
movie 1913 Solitaires as Mrs. Gossip
movie 1913 Suspicious Henry
movie 1913 The Counterfeiter's Confederate as 'Mother' Murphy
movie 1913 The Forgotten Latchkey as Maggie
movie 1913 The Tables Turned
movie 1913 The Tiger
movie 1913 Their Mutual Friend
movie 1913 Those Troublesome Tresses
movie 1913 Under the Make-Up
movie 1913 When Women Go on the Warpath; or, Why Jonesville Went Dry
movie 1912 An Eventful Bargain Day as Kate Andrews, a Spinster
movie 1912 Fanchon the Cricket as Mother Fadet
movie 1912 The Clown's Triumph as The Market Woman
movie 1912 The Cross Roads as Toby's Mother
movie 1912 The First Woman Jury in America as Matilda Jones - Suffragette
movie 1912 The Higher Mercy as The Nurse
movie 1912 The Red Ink Tragedy
movie 1912 Too Many Caseys as Mrs. Pat Casey
movie 1911 Vanity Fair