Frances Keyes

Frances Parkinson Keyes (July 21, 1885 ? July 3, 1970) was an American author, and a convert to Roman Catholicism, whose works frequently featured Catholic themes and beliefs. Her last name rhymes with "skies," not "keys." ... more on Wikipedia

Frances Keyes Filmography

movie 1916 A Clever Collie's Come-Back as The Wife
movie 1916 Beaten at the Bath as The Maid
movie 1916 Dashing Druggist's Dilemma as The Clerk's First Sweetheart
movie 1916 Doughnuts as Conductor 786's Mother
movie 1916 Freddie's Frigid Finish as Freddie's Sweetheart
movie 1916 Grace's Gorgeous Gowns as Mathilde Jenks - an Old Maid
movie 1916 Hilda's Husky Helper as Stenographer
movie 1916 Oh! Oh! Oh! Henery! as Henery's Wife
movie 1916 Pansy Post, Protean Player as Pansy
movie 1916 Pedro, the Punk Poet as Actress in a Wild West Show
movie 1916 Pete's Persian Princess
movie 1916 Ruth's Remarkable Reception as Ruth
movie 1916 Sammy's Semi-Suicide as Sammy's Sweetheart
movie 1916 Steven's Sweet Sisters as A Spinster Lady
movie 1916 The Optimistic Oriental Occults as The Postmistress
movie 1916 The Snow Shoveler's Sweetheart as The SNow Shoveler's Sweetheart
movie 1916 Willing Wendy to Willie as Wendy
movie 1915 Clarence Cheats at Croquet as The Wicked Wicket Wonder's Aged Grandmother
movie 1915 Dicky's Demon Dachshund as Landlady
movie 1915 Gustav Gebhardt's Gutter Band as Apple Annie
movie 1915 Hattie, the Hair Heiress as Hattie
movie 1915 It's an Ill Wind
movie 1915 Lulu's Lost Lotharios
movie 1915 Minnie, the Mean Manicurist as Mrs. Clyde Maxwell
movie 1915 Pansy's Prison Pies
movie 1915 The Film Favorite's Finish as The Character Woman
movie 1915 When Hungry Hamlet Fled as Hungry Hamlet's Mother
movie 1915 When William's Whiskers Worked as Bearded Lady
movie 1914 All's Well That Ends Well as Christine - a Swedish Maid
movie 1914 Her Duty as Mrs. Waters
movie 1914 In Her Sleep
movie 1914 Lost: A Union Suit as Mrs. Gregg's Maid
movie 1914 The Balance of Power as Mrs. Ruben Sampson
movie 1914 The Eugenic Boy as Governess