Frances Ne Moyer

Frances Ne Moyer Filmography

movie 1916 A Double Elopement
movie 1916 Gold and the Woman as Murray's daughter
movie 1916 Peaches and Ponies
movie 1916 The Wishing Ring
movie 1915 A Double Role
movie 1915 A Lucky Strike as Elinor, her niece
movie 1915 Cupid's Target as Lucy
movie 1915 Gus and the Anarchists as Rosy Heintz
movie 1915 Mixed Flats as Mrs. Robbins
movie 1915 Mr. Stubb's Pen as Stubbs' Stenographer
movie 1915 Percival's Awakening as Alice
movie 1915 Safety Worst as Jane Hudson
movie 1915 Shoddy the Tailor as Minnie
movie 1915 The Cannibal King as Grace
movie 1915 The Careless Anarchist as Anita Vasillovitch
movie 1915 The Dead Letter as Lena Pula
movie 1915 The Fresh Agent
movie 1915 The Prize Baby as Florence
movie 1915 The Wayville Slumber Party as Frances
movie 1915 What a Cinch as Molly Mason
movie 1915 Who Stole the Doggies? as Maggie, the Cook
movie 1914 A Boomerang Swindle as Frances Splivens - the Farmer's Daughter
movie 1914 A Fatal Card as Bess Holder
movie 1914 A Stage Door Flirtation
movie 1914 A Tango Tragedy as Nora Muldune
movie 1914 A Winning Mistake as Peggie Dale
movie 1914 Did He Save Her as Helen
movie 1914 Dobs at the Shore as Helen Martin
movie 1914 Fooling Fanny's Father
movie 1914 Getting Even
movie 1914 Getting Solid with Pa as Nell Nelson
movie 1914 He Never Found Out as Bess Boardman
movie 1914 He Wanted His Pants as Mrs. James Jimson
movie 1914 He Wore a Wig as Fay Raymond
movie 1914 Her Side-Show Sweetheart as Mary - the Farmer's Daughter
movie 1914 His Sudden Recovery as The Jones Daughter
movie 1914 Outwitting Dad as Lena Gross
movie 1914 Pins Are Lucky as Ruth Singleton
movie 1914 She Wanted a Count as May
movie 1914 She Wanted to Know
movie 1914 Summer Love as Frances Boyer
movie 1914 Temper and Temperament as The Wife
movie 1914 The Best Man as Helen Gray
movie 1914 The Bully's Doom as Pearl Dugan
movie 1914 The Eyes Have It
movie 1914 The Particular Cowboys as Muriel
movie 1914 The Servant Girl's Legacy as Grace
movie 1914 The Smuggler's Daughter
movie 1914 Tough Luck
movie 1914 While Auntie Bounced as The Acrobat's Sweetheart
movie 1913 A Pill Box Cupid as Nancy
movie 1913 An Interrupted Courtship as Nell Grant
movie 1913 Angel Cake and Axle Grease as Betty Hopkins - the Daughter
movie 1913 Beating Mother to It as Bess Ray - the Daughter
movie 1913 Detective Dot as Detective Dot Tyron
movie 1913 Doing Like Daisy as Daisy
movie 1913 Father's Choice
movie 1913 Fixing Auntie Up as Third Couple
movie 1913 Fooling Their Wives
movie 1913 Going Home to Mother as Nell Black - the Wife
movie 1913 His First Experience as Maggie - the Maid
movie 1913 His Widow as Frances - Walter's Sweetheart
movie 1913 Minnie the Widow as Clara Windom - Minnie's Daughter
movie 1913 Roses for Rosie as Rosie
movie 1913 She Must Be Ugly as 2nd Job Applicant
movie 1913 Silence for Silence as Bess Bentley - the Deacon's Daughter
movie 1913 Sunshine Sue as Sunshine Sue - the Typist
movie 1913 The Beaut from Butte
movie 1913 The Drummer's Narrow Escape
movie 1913 The Fake Soldiers
movie 1913 The Female Detective as Kitty Tyron - Tom's Sweetheart
movie 1913 The Fixer as Tess Ne Moyer
movie 1913 The Rest Cure
movie 1913 The Widow's Wiles as Mamie Carlton
movie 1913 This Isn't John as 1st Daughter
movie 1913 Training a Tightwad as Nell - One of the Wad Daughters
movie 1912 Fixing a Flirt as Bess
movie 1912 His Father's Choice as Gertrude Terry - Jack's Sweetheart
movie 1912 His Vacation as 1st Young Lady
movie 1912 Love and Treachery as Marie
movie 1912 Meeting Mamie's Mother as Mamie - the Wife
movie 1912 No Trespassing
movie 1912 Spoony Sam as Sis Perkins
movie 1912 The Hindoo's Charm as The Maid
movie 1912 The Lovers' Signal as Mary Livingston
movie 1912 The Smuggler as Marie - The Smuggler's Daughter
movie 1912 Won at High Tide as Sally Brown