Francis Boggs

Francis W. Boggs (March 1870 ? October 27, 1911) was a stage actor and pioneer silent film director. He was one of the first to direct a film in Hollywood. ... more on Wikipedia

Francis Boggs Filmography

movie 1912 A Freight Train Drama
movie 1912 The Danites
movie 1912 The Peacemaker
movie 1911 The Artist's Sons
movie 1911 A Diamond in the Rough
movie 1911 An Evil Power
movie 1911 Blackbeard
movie 1911 Captain Brand's Wife
movie 1911 In the Shadow of the Pines
movie 1911 Lieutenant Grey of the Confederacy
movie 1911 Making a Man of Him
movie 1911 One of Nature's Noblemen
movie 1911 Out-Generaled
movie 1911 Range Pals
movie 1911 Slick's Romance
movie 1911 The Blacksmith's Love
movie 1911 The Bootlegger
movie 1911 The Coquette
movie 1911 The Craven Heart
movie 1911 The Little Widow
movie 1911 The Maid at the Helm
movie 1911 The New Superintendent
movie 1911 The Regeneration of Apache Kid
movie 1911 The Still Alarm
movie 1911 A New York Cowboy
movie 1911 An Englishman's Honor
movie 1911 Back to the Primitive
movie 1911 Captain Kate
movie 1911 How Algy Captured a Wild Man
movie 1911 In Old California When the Gringos Came
movie 1911 Kit Carson's Wooing
movie 1911 Old Billy
movie 1911 On Separate Paths
movie 1911 Shipwrecked
movie 1911 Ten Nights in a Bar Room
movie 1911 The Curse of the Redman
movie 1911 The Heart of John Barlow
movie 1911 The Herders
movie 1911 The Knight Errant
movie 1911 The Novice
movie 1911 The Profligate
movie 1911 The Rival Stage Lines
movie 1911 The Sheriff of Tuolomne
movie 1911 The Two Orphans
movie 1911 The White Medicine Man
movie 1911 Their Only Son
movie 1911 Through Fire and Smoke
movie 1911 Told in the Sierras
movie 1911 Where There's a Will, There's a Way
movie 1910 The Sergeant
movie 1910 A Tale of the Sea
movie 1910 Across the Plains
movie 1910 Davy Crockett
movie 1910 In the Great Northwest
movie 1910 Mazeppa, or the Wild Horse of Tartary
movie 1910 Pride of the Range
movie 1910 Ranch Life in the Great Southwest
movie 1910 Taming Wild Animals
movie 1910 The Fire Chief's Daughter
movie 1910 The Long Trail
movie 1910 The Merry Wives of Windsor
movie 1910 The Range Riders
movie 1910 The Roman
movie 1910 The Schoolmaster of Mariposa
movie 1910 The Sheriff
movie 1910 Trimming of Paradise Gulch
movie 1910 Willie
movie 1909 The Heart of a Race Tout
movie 1909 Ben's Kid
movie 1909 Boots and Saddles
movie 1909 Briton and Boer
movie 1909 Fighting Bob
movie 1909 Hunting Big Game in Africa
movie 1909 In the Badlands
movie 1909 In the Sultan's Power
movie 1909 Mephisto and the Maiden
movie 1909 On the Border
movie 1909 On the Little Big Horn or Custer's Last Stand
movie 1909 Outings Pastimes in Colorado
movie 1909 Pine Ridge Feud
movie 1909 The Cowboy Millionaire
movie 1909 The Leopard Queen
movie 1909 The Mad Miner
movie 1909 The Stampede
movie 1909 The Tenderfoot
movie 1909 Up San Juan Hill
movie 1908 The Count of Monte Cristo
movie 1908 On Thanksgiving Day
movie 1908 Shamus O'Brien
movie 1908 The Cattle Rustlers
movie 1908 The Cowboy's Baby
movie 1908 The Fairylogue and Radio-Plays
movie 1908 The Spirit of '76
movie 1908 The Squawman's Daughter
movie 1907 The Two Orphans