Francois Papillon

Francois Papillon Filmography

video movie 2002 Ultimate Ginger Lynn
video movie 1997 Anal Assassins
video movie 1997 Hollywood Spa
video movie 1997 Over the Top
video movie 1996 Jenna's Revenge
video movie 1994 Let's Face It
video movie 1994 Superstar Sex Challenge 3
movie 1990 Hawaii Vice Reflections
video movie 1990 Island Girls: Fun in the Sun
video movie 1990 Ravished as Tom
movie 1990 Sex Machine as Perfect Guy
movie 1989 Backdoor to Hollywood 6
movie 1989 Backdoor to Hollywood 7
video movie 1989 Bedtime Stories as The Pizza Man
video movie 1989 Bet Black
movie 1989 Educating Kascha as Francois, Kascha's Lover
movie 1989 Fortress of Amerikkka as French mercenary
video movie 1989 Girls of the Double D 4
movie 1989 Hawaii Vice 2
movie 1989 Hawaii Vice 4
movie 1989 Hawaii Vice 5
movie 1989 Hawaii Vice 6
movie 1989 Hawaii Vice 7
movie 1989 Hawaii Vice 8
movie 1989 Hawaii Vice III: Beyond the Badge
movie 1989 Kascha at Her Best
movie 1989 Kascha's Days & Nights
video movie 1989 Legends of Porn II
video movie 1989 Lust College
video movie 1989 Outrageous Orgies 5
video movie 1988 'Exotic' Sin-Sations
movie 1988 A Thousand and One Erotic Nights Part II: The Forbidden Tales as Sultan Khan
video movie 1988 Afro Erotica 22
video movie 1988 All the Best Nicki
movie 1988 Baby Face 2
video movie 1988 Backdoor Lust
video movie 1988 Backdoor Summer
movie 1988 Backdoor to Hollywood 5
movie 1988 Backdoor to Hollywood 6
video movie 1988 Charlie's Girls
video movie 1988 Erotic Starlets 27: Pam Jennings
movie 1988 Europe on Two Guys a Day
video movie 1988 Fade to Black
video movie 1988 Fatal Seduction
movie 1988 From Kascha, with Love as Frankie
video movie 1988 Girls of the Double D 8 as Warehouse Worker
movie 1988 Girls of Treasure Island as Pierre
movie 1988 Hawaii Vice
movie 1988 Honky Tonk Angels
video movie 1988 Introducing Kascha
video movie 1988 Kascha & Friends as Francois
video movie 1988 Kascha's Blues
video movie 1988 Kiss My Asp
movie 1988 Mammary Lane
movie 1988 Mandii's Magic
movie 1988 Miami Spice II
video movie 1988 Samantha I Love You
movie 1988 That Ole Black Magic
video movie 1988 Three-way Lust
video movie 1988 Rear Busters
movie 1987 A Little DoveTail as Steinberg
video movie 1987 A Taste of the Best Volume 2
video movie 1987 Adult Video Therapist
movie 1987 Attack of the Monster Mammaries
video movie 1987 Backdoor Bonanza 5
video movie 1987 Blowin' the Whistle
movie 1987 Caught by Surprise
movie 1987 Doctor Lust as Jeff
movie 1987 Double Messages
video movie 1987 DreamGirls as Health Club Guy
movie 1987 Dynamic Vices as Stripper in Leather
movie 1987 Ecstasy Girls II as Bouncer
video movie 1987 Electric Blue 52 as Auto Mechanic
movie 1987 Escort to Ecstasy
video movie 1987 Girls of the Double D 7
movie 1987 In Search of the Golden Bone as Football Player
video movie 1987 Karate Girls
video movie 1987 Lessons in Lust as Michael
movie 1987 Loose Ends III
movie 1987 Lust on the Orient Xpress
movie 1987 Nicki
video movie 1987 Playing for Passion
movie 1987 She Comes in Colors
movie 1987 Tracy Takes Paris
video movie 1987 Two to Tango as Revolutionary
movie 1987 Unveiled
video movie 1987 Woman in the Window
video movie 1986 Backside to the Future as Hippie
movie 1986 Beverly Hills Cox as Alberto Du Puys
movie 1986 Beyond Desire as Cable Guy
video movie 1986 Beyond Thunderbone
movie 1986 California Reaming
movie 1986 Charm School
video movie 1986 Club Exotica
video movie 1986 Club Exotica II: Part Two - The Next Day...
video movie 1986 Club Ginger as Tucker Wade
movie 1986 Deep Inside Vanessa del Rio
video movie 1986 Double Penetration
movie 1986 Dressed to Thrill
video movie 1986 Electric Blue 39 as Henri
video movie 1986 Ginger's Sex Asylum as Boris
movie 1986 Girls of the Chorus Line
movie 1986 Hot & Nasty
movie 1986 In All the Right Places
movie 1986 Irresistible II
video movie 1986 Material Girl
video movie 1986 Merry X Miss as Philip
movie 1986 Nasty Habits
video movie 1986 Nudes at Eleven as Frenchman
movie 1986 Pink and Pretty
movie 1986 Play Me Again Vanessa
video movie 1986 Pumping Flesh as Gregor
video movie 1986 Ramb-Ohh!
video movie 1986 Rated Sex as Greatstrokes
movie 1986 Rough Draft
video movie 1986 Science Friction
video movie 1986 Sex-O-Gram
video movie 1986 Shaved Pink
video movie 1986 Sweet Cheeks
video movie 1986 The Ginger Effect as Joey
movie 1986 The Joystick Girls
video movie 1986 The Performers as Francois
video movie 1986 The Rocky Porno Video Show as Priapus
video movie 1986 The World According to Ginger as Josh Bradley
video movie 1986 This Stud's for You
video movie 1986 Top Buns
movie 1986 Tunnel of Love
video movie 1986 Up All Night as Nerd
video movie 1986 Virgin Cheeks
movie 1986 Weird Fantasy
movie 1985 A Little Dynasty
movie 1985 Big Melons 6
movie 1985 Blue Ice as German Stud
movie 1985 Bodies by Jackie
movie 1985 Confessions of a Candy Striper as Patient
movie 1985 Corporate Assets
video movie 1985 Dance Fever as Hot Show Stud
video movie 1985 Diamond Collection 67 as Guy with Cold Girl
video movie 1985 Dream Lover
movie 1985 Educating Eva
video movie 1985 Educating Mandy as Poolman
movie 1985 Every Man's Fantasy as Jean Paul
video movie 1985 E~3: The 'Extra Testicle'
movie 1985 Fashion Passion
video movie 1985 Future Voyeur as Guy in Leather
movie 1985 Girls of the Third Reich
video movie 1985 Hard to Swallow as Jacque
video movie 1985 Head Games
video movie 1985 Hollywood Starlets as Foreign Model
video movie 1985 Hot Wire
movie 1985 Looking for Mr. Goodsex as Scott
video movie 1985 Loose Ends II
movie 1985 Love Champions
movie 1985 Naughty Nanette
movie 1985 Once Upon a Madonna
video movie 1985 Perfect Fit as Ted the Bellhop
video movie 1985 Phone Sex Fantasies: Volume 1
movie 1985 Raffles
video movie 1985 Rock Hard as Dave Darling
movie 1985 Satin Dolls
video movie 1985 Schoolgirl by Day
movie 1985 Sex Change Girls
video movie 1985 Sex Fifth Avenue as Pierre
movie 1985 Shauna: Every Man's Fantasy
video movie 1985 Sizzling Suburbia as Tony
movie 1985 Sounds of Sex as Fantasy Guest
video movie 1985 Star '85
video movie 1985 Teenage Games
video movie 1985 The Good the Bad & the Horny
movie 1985 The Young & the Hung as Solo
movie 1985 Too Naughty to Say No as Stud in Leather
movie 1985 Trashy Lady as Boxer
video movie 1985 Whore of the Worlds as Guy on Tan Couch
movie 1984 All the Way In! as Jacque Forte
movie 1984 Babylon Nights as Pierre
movie 1984 Bachelorette Party
video movie 1984 Bare Elegance as Party
movie 1984 Before She Says 'I Do' as Cop Stripper
movie 1984 Blonde Desire
video movie 1984 Daisy Chain
video movie 1984 Diamond Collection 61
movie 1984 Dirty Girls as Francois
video movie 1984 Electric Blue 17 as John the Gardener
video movie 1984 Electric Blue 18 as Man in Bed with Two Girls
movie 1984 Every Woman Has a Fantasy as Opera Man
movie 1984 French Letters
movie 1984 Head Waitress
movie 1984 Hot Flashes as Pierre
video movie 1984 Hustler 17 as French Guy
movie 1984 Inside China Lee as James
movie 1984 Let's Get Physical as Arnold
video movie 1984 Looking for Lust in All the Right Places
movie 1984 Naughty Angels
movie 1984 Sizzling Summer
movie 1984 Taking Off as French Passenger
movie 1984 Trading Partners as Arnaud
movie 1984 Up Desiree Lane as Tony
movie 1984 Up in the Air
movie 1984 Young Nurses in Love as Pierre
movie 1983 Body Girls as Arnold
movie 1983 Eighth Erotic Film Festifal
movie 1983 The Dark Angel
movie 1983 Working It Out as Gordy

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