Frank Alexander

Frank Alexander (May 25, 1879 ? September 8, 1937) was an American silent film comedian and actor. Alexander, who was morbidly obese (350 pounds), was best known for playing villains in the films of Larry Semon, who are often the father of Semon's love interest. ... more on Wikipedia

Frank Alexander Filmography

movie 1933 The Barber Shop as Steam Room Victim - Before
movie 1933 The Bargain of the Century as Elmer - Customer
movie 1931 Catch as Catch Can as Fat man in audience
movie 1931 Dumbbells in Derbies
movie 1931 Let's Play
movie 1931 The Kick-Off! as Fat Football Fan
movie 1930 Pure and Simple
movie 1930 The Shrimp as Fat Lodger
movie 1929 Madame Q
movie 1928 A Joyful Day
movie 1928 All Alike
movie 1928 Big Berthas
movie 1928 Feed 'em and Weep as Diner
movie 1928 Figures Do Lie as Mr. Newlywed
movie 1928 Heavy Infants
movie 1928 Oui, Oui, Heidelberg
movie 1928 Panting Papas
movie 1928 Standing Pat
movie 1928 The Happy Trio
movie 1927 3 Missing Links
movie 1927 Campus Romeos
movie 1927 Heavy Hikers
movie 1927 How High Is Up?
movie 1927 Old Tin Sides
movie 1927 Play Safe
movie 1927 Tanks of the Wabash
movie 1927 The Unsocial Three
movie 1927 Three Fleshy Devils
movie 1927 Three Glad Men
movie 1927 Wanderers of the Waistline
movie 1927 What Price Dough
movie 1927 You're Next
movie 1926 A Beauty Parlor
movie 1926 Back Fire as 2nd Fat Guy
movie 1926 Galloping Ghosts
movie 1926 Heavy Fullbacks
movie 1926 Heavy Love
movie 1926 Heavyation
movie 1926 Honeymoon Feet
movie 1926 In the Air
movie 1926 Oh, What a Night! as Bill Williams
movie 1926 The Heavy Parade
movie 1926 The Vulgar Yachtsman
movie 1926 Three of a Kind
movie 1926 Wedding Daze
movie 1925 All Tied Up
movie 1925 Assorted Nuts
movie 1925 Hop to It! as Hotel guest
movie 1925 On the Links
movie 1925 S.O.S. Perils of the Sea as Cook
movie 1925 Tailoring
movie 1925 The Cloudhopper as Holden Jack, Dorothy's Father
movie 1925 The Dome Doctor as Fuller Hulkinbulk
movie 1925 The Perfect Clown as Tiny Tott
movie 1925 The Wizard of Oz as Uncle Henry
movie 1925 Three Wise Goofs
movie 1924 Cheer Up
movie 1924 Her Boy Friend as Slim Chance
movie 1924 Kid Speed as Mr. Avery DuPoys
movie 1924 Pain as You Enter
movie 1923 Chop Suey Louie as Shy Won Lung
movie 1923 Cyclone Jones as Fatty Wirthing
movie 1923 Ship Wrecked
movie 1923 The Sleepwalker
movie 1922 Aladdin
movie 1922 The Pill
movie 1922 The Sawmill as Mill owner
movie 1922 The Show as Ballet dancer
movie 1921 The Bakery as Bakery Owner
movie 1921 The Bell Hop as A government official
movie 1921 The Fall Guy as Sheriff
movie 1921 The Hick as Cabaret Guest
movie 1921 The Rent Collector as A thug
movie 1921 The Sportsman as The Sultan
movie 1920 School Days
movie 1920 Solid Concrete as The Boss
movie 1920 The Fly Cop as The Cabaret Owner
movie 1920 The Stage Hand as The Stage Manager
movie 1920 The Suitor as The Major Domo
movie 1919 Between the Acts as The Manager
movie 1919 Caves and Coquettes
movie 1919 Dew Drop Inn as Moonshine Mooney
movie 1919 Dull Care as Chief of Police
movie 1919 His Home Sweet Home as A Crook
movie 1919 Passing the Buck as The Fat Crook
movie 1919 Scamps and Scandals as Larry's Sweetheart's Suitor
movie 1919 The Grocery Clerk as Big Ben
movie 1919 The Simple Life as A Farmer
movie 1919 The Star Boarder as The Warden
movie 1919 Traps and Tangles as Shop Assistant
movie 1919 Well, I'll Be
movie 1918 Babes and Boobs
movie 1918 Bathing Beauties and Big Boobs as Fatty
movie 1918 Bears and Bad Men as Paw Slawson
movie 1918 Boodle and Bandits
movie 1918 Dunces and Dangers
movie 1918 Hindoos and Hazards as Necklace thief
movie 1918 Humbugs and Husbands
movie 1918 Huns and Hyphens as Cafe owner
movie 1918 Pluck and Plotters as Gang Chief
movie 1918 Romans and Rascals as Rotund senator
movie 1918 Rooms and Rumors as The husband
movie 1918 Skids and Scalawags
movie 1918 Stripes and Stumbles
movie 1917 By the Sad Sea Waves as Bather
movie 1917 Hazards and Home Runs as Heeza Tonn, Catcher
movie 1917 Her Father's Station
movie 1917 Melting Millions as Bailey
movie 1917 Rainbow Island
movie 1917 Social Pirates
movie 1916 Bath Tub Perils as The Porter
movie 1916 Cinders of Love as Fat Man
movie 1916 The Snow Cure as Man at Snow Baths
movie 1915 A Janitor's Wife's Temptation as The Cop
movie 1915 A Lover's Lost Control as Shoe Customer
movie 1915 A Submarine Pirate as Man on Crutches
movie 1915 Beating Hearts and Carpets as The Cop
movie 1915 Crooked to the End as Big Porter
movie 1915 Droppington's Family Tree as Diner
movie 1915 From Patches to Plenty as Headwaiter
movie 1915 Gussle Rivals Jonah as Blonde's Boyfriend
movie 1915 Gussle Tied to Trouble as Fat Man
movie 1915 Gussle's Backward Way as Fat Man
movie 1915 Merely a Married Man as Man with Papers
movie 1915 Those Bitter Sweets as The Sweetheart's Father
movie 1915 When Ambrose Dared Walrus as Fireman

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