Frank Clark

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Frank Clark Filmography

movie 1935 The Man from Guntown as Wells
movie 1935 The Phantom Cowboy as Sheriff
movie 1935 The Rustlers of Red Dog as Judge Collins
movie 1934 Border Guns as Storekeeper
movie 1934 The Border Menace as Banker Harris
movie 1934 The Westerner as Rodeo Spectator
movie 1934 The Whirlwind Rider as Dan 'Dad' Morgan
movie 1934 Western Racketeers as Steve Harding
movie 1932 Cross-Examination as Court Clerk
movie 1932 Texas Gun Fighter as Townsman
movie 1932 The Sunset Trail as Doctor
movie 1930 Pardon My Gun as Race spectator
movie 1930 Roaring Ranch as Tom Marlin
movie 1930 Spurs as Charles Bradley
movie 1930 The Fighting Legion as Texas Ranger Captain
movie 1929 Cowboy Pluck
movie 1929 Handcuffed
movie 1929 Outlawed as Seth
movie 1928 A Final Reckoning as Jim Whitney
movie 1928 My Home Town as The Father
movie 1928 The Boss of Rustler's Roost as Jud Porter
movie 1928 The Bronc Stomper as James Hollister
movie 1928 The Four-Footed Ranger as Handsome Thomas
movie 1928 The Hound of Silver Creek as John Lawton
movie 1928 You Can't Beat the Law as Lt. O'Connor
movie 1927 A Wanderer of the West
movie 1927 Border Blackbirds
movie 1927 Land of the Lawless as Simpson
movie 1925 Under the Rouge as Simmons
movie 1925 Wolf Blood as Pop Hadley
movie 1924 Shackles of Fear as Stump Joe
movie 1924 Tainted Money
movie 1924 The Fatal Mistake
movie 1923 The Lone Star Ranger as Laramie
movie 1922 My Wild Irish Rose as Father Dolan
movie 1922 Two Kinds of Women as Dr. Tripp
movie 1921 Hands Off as Capt. Jim Ellison
movie 1921 Little Miss Hawkshaw as Mike Rorke
movie 1921 Live Wires as James Harding
movie 1921 Maid of the West as Amos Jansen
movie 1921 The Diamond Queen as Julius Zeidt
movie 1921 The Tempest
movie 1920 Firebrand Trevison as Judge Lindman
movie 1920 The Jungle Princess as Michael Donovan
movie 1920 The Lost City as Michael Donovan
movie 1920 The Rookie's Return as Tubbs
movie 1920 The Untamed as Sheriff Morris
movie 1920 The Valley of Tomorrow as Caleb Turner
movie 1920 Wanted at Headquarters as The Bishop
movie 1919 Fighting for Gold as Sheriff
movie 1919 Ravished Armenia
movie 1919 The Hellion as Undetermined Role
movie 1919 The Tiger Lily as Antonio
movie 1919 The Wilderness Trail as Angus Fitzpatrick
movie 1919 Trixie from Broadway as Jim Brown
movie 1919 Yvonne from Paris
movie 1918 The City of Purple Dreams as Symington Otis
movie 1918 The Light of the Western Stars as Bill Stillwell
movie 1918 The Turn of a Card as Finnegan
movie 1918 The Yellow Dog as Alexander Cummings
movie 1918 Western Blood as Col. Stephens
movie 1917 Beware of Strangers as Horace Kincaid, a Quack Doctor
movie 1917 Her Perilous Ride
movie 1917 Her Salvation
movie 1917 The Further Adventures of Stingaree as Gypsy Prince
movie 1917 The Lad and the Lion as Capt. Tagst
movie 1917 The Love of Madge O'Mara
movie 1917 The Man from Painted Post as Toby Madden
movie 1917 The Price of Silence as Judge Vernon
movie 1917 The Victor of the Plot
movie 1917 The Witness for the State
movie 1916 At Piney Ridge as Gen. Deering
movie 1916 Beauty Hunters
movie 1916 Diamonds Are Trumps as Judge Randolph
movie 1916 Out of the Mist
movie 1916 The Buried Treasure of Cobre as John Hayden
movie 1916 The Cycle of Fate as Sandy Hodge
movie 1916 The Garden of Allah as Father Beret
movie 1916 The Germ of Mystery
movie 1916 The Ne'er Do Well as Darwin K. Anthony, Railroad Magnate
movie 1916 The Reprisal
movie 1916 The Test of Chivalry
movie 1916 The Uncut Diamond as John Grayson
movie 1916 The Valiants of Virginia as Boardmember
movie 1916 Twisted Trails as Doc Snow, Retired Ranchman
movie 1916 Why Love Is Blind as Bill Rogers
movie 1915 After Twenty Years
movie 1915 Just as I Am
movie 1915 Sands of Time as The Butler
movie 1915 Sweet Alyssum as Robert Garlan
movie 1915 The Carpet from Bagdad as Major Callahan
movie 1915 The Rosary as Father Ryan
movie 1915 The Runt as Daddy Reynolds
movie 1915 The Vision of the Shepherd as Old Jacob - the Shepherd
movie 1914 Chip of the Flying U as Patsy
movie 1914 Etienne of the Glad Heart as Old Man Paul
movie 1914 Her Sacrifice as Kitty's Father
movie 1914 In Defiance of the Law as Jim Blake
movie 1914 On the Breast of the Tide
movie 1914 Shotgun Jones as Thomas Lattier
movie 1914 The Cherry Pickers as Col. Guest
movie 1914 The Going of the White Swan as Pete Corraine
movie 1914 The Lady or the Tigers as William Barlow
movie 1914 The Lily of the Valley as Old Man Winter
movie 1914 The Losing Fight
movie 1914 The Salvation of Nance O'Shaughnessy as Ryan
movie 1914 The Speck on the Wall as St. John - Pauline's Husband
movie 1914 The Spoilers as Dextry
movie 1914 The Squatters as Old Bill Simpson
movie 1914 The Story of the Blood Red Rose as Sancha
movie 1914 The Tragedy of Ambition as Portuguese Joe
movie 1914 The Wilderness Mail as Joan's Father
movie 1914 When the Cook Fell Ill as Patsy
movie 1914 When the West Was Young as Bootlegger
movie 1914 Willie as Jim Rucker
movie 1913 A Black Hand Elopement
movie 1913 A Dip in the Briney as Commodore Nutt
movie 1913 A Little Hero as Toc - the Ranchman
movie 1913 A Prisoner of Cabanas as SeƱor Arila - Theresa's Father
movie 1913 A Revolutionary Romance
movie 1913 A Wild Ride as Donald MacGraw - Florence's Father
movie 1913 Alas! Poor Yorick!
movie 1913 Alone in the Jungle as John S. Brown - Helen's Father
movie 1913 An Old Actor as Murdock - an Old Actor
movie 1913 Budd Doble Comes Back as Oliver - the Father
movie 1913 Dollar Down, Dollar a Week as The Neighbor
movie 1913 Greater Wealth as Louis Schwartz - 1st Laborer
movie 1913 Hiram Buys an Auto
movie 1913 Hope as Mr. Anderson - Hope's Father
movie 1913 In the Long Ago as Starlight's Father
movie 1913 Phantoms as Gus Foreman
movie 1913 Sally in Our Alley as Old Bumbleton
movie 1913 Seeds of Silver
movie 1913 Songs of Truce as The Father
movie 1913 The Dancer's Redemption as Wilde's Father
movie 1913 The Early Bird as Aleshire - the Real Estate Man
movie 1913 The Master of the Garden
movie 1913 The Miner's Justice as Dad Means - an Old Prospector
movie 1913 The Ne'er to Return Road as Tim Clark
movie 1913 The Noisy Six as Dick's Grandfather
movie 1913 The Old Clerk as Old Morton - the Wealthy Broker
movie 1913 The Story of Lavinia
movie 1913 The Three Wise Men as 3rd Wise Man
movie 1913 Until the Sea... as Daddy Clarke
movie 1913 Vengeance Is Mine as Arguello
movie 1913 Wamba, a Child of the Jungle as Dr. Rice
movie 1913 When Lillian Was Little Red Riding Hood
movie 1912 A Broken Spur
movie 1912 A Child of the Wilderness as Jim Marcy - Joe's Father
movie 1912 A Crucial Test
movie 1912 A Diplomat Interrupted
movie 1912 A Humble Hero
movie 1912 A Night Out
movie 1912 A Pair of Boots
movie 1912 A Waif of the Sea as The Old Salt
movie 1912 An Assisted Elopement as Old Wilson
movie 1912 Harbor Island as Morris Swift
movie 1912 Her Educator
movie 1912 His Masterpiece
movie 1912 His Wedding Eve
movie 1912 How the Cause Was Won as Mr. Moody - Mabel's Father
movie 1912 In Exile
movie 1912 Land Sharks vs. Sea Dogs
movie 1912 Me an' Bill
movie 1912 Mike's Brainstorm as The Cobbler
movie 1912 Monte Cristo as Nortier
movie 1912 Pansy as Old Man Heber
movie 1912 Saved by Fire as Guy Briggs
movie 1912 The Ace of Spades
movie 1912 The Box Car Baby
movie 1912 The Captain of the 'Nancy Lee' as Captain William Johnson
movie 1912 The Cowboy's Adopted Child
movie 1912 The Danites
movie 1912 The End of the Romance
movie 1912 The Girl of the Mountains as Sutton - the Old Miner
movie 1912 The Hobo
movie 1912 The Lake of Dreams
movie 1912 The Little Stowaway
movie 1912 The Lost Hat
movie 1912 The Man from Dragon Land as Hop Wing
movie 1912 The Mate of the Alden Bessie as The Ship's Captain
movie 1912 The Old Stagecoach
movie 1912 The Pirate's Daughter as Old Dirago - the Pirate
movie 1912 The Secret Wedding
movie 1912 The Substitute Model
movie 1912 When Helen Was Elected as Jeems
movie 1911 A Frontier Girl's Courage as John Wilson - Mary's Father
movie 1911 A Modern Rip
movie 1911 A Sacrifice to Civilization
movie 1911 A Spanish Wooing as Don Jose
movie 1911 An Evil Power
movie 1911 Blackbeard
movie 1911 Evangeline
movie 1911 How Algy Captured a Wild Man
movie 1911 It Happened in the West as Prologue
movie 1911 Little Injin
movie 1911 Old Billy
movie 1911 On Separate Paths
movie 1911 Out-Generaled
movie 1911 Range Pals as Charles Cheeney
movie 1911 Slick's Romance
movie 1911 Stability vs. Nobility
movie 1911 The Blacksmith's Love
movie 1911 The Code of Honor
movie 1911 The Coquette
movie 1911 The Craven Heart
movie 1911 The Herders
movie 1911 The New Faith
movie 1911 The Night Herder as Pete - First Rustler
movie 1911 The Novice
movie 1911 The Regeneration of Apache Kid as Old Chato - the Apache Kid's Foster Father
movie 1911 The Still Alarm
movie 1911 Their Only Son
movie 1910 A Tale of the Sea as A Fisherman
movie 1910 The Sergeant as Soldier

Frank Clark on Youtube

I Know Who Killed Me trailer edited to look like a comedy about a girl who changes from good girl gone bad.

The Court of Last Resort is an American television dramatized court show which aired on the NBC from 1957 through 1958. It was co-produced by Erle Stanley ...

New Nottingham Forest Chairman Frank Clark speaks to Forest Player about his new role at the club. Full interview available on Forest Player now. http://www....

Frank Clark's letter from Gallipoli produced for the Auckland War Memorial Museum by Storyboards.