Frank Elliott

Frank Elliott Filmography

movie 1966 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
movie 1956 Montecarlo as Mr. Frank Ewing
movie 1951 Darling, How Could You! as Simms
movie 1949 The Fan as The Jeweler
movie 1949 The Great Sinner as Englishman
movie 1948 Joan of Arc as Dr. Tiphane
movie 1948 The Emperor Waltz as Von Usedom
movie 1947 Life with Father as Dr. Somers
movie 1946 Night and Day as Man in Theatre
movie 1944 Our Hearts Were Young and Gay as Doctor
movie 1944 The Lodger as Aide
movie 1944 The Story of Dr. Wassell as English Doctor
movie 1942 Her Cardboard Lover as Croupier
movie 1942 I Married a Witch as Magistrate
movie 1942 The Glass Key as Peter
movie 1941 Zis Boom Bah as Mr. Kendricks
movie 1940 I Take This Woman as Hudson - the Butler
movie 1940 New Moon as Party Guest
movie 1940 Pride and Prejudice as Mathews
movie 1938 Dr. Rhythm as Lorelei's Butler
movie 1938 Letter of Introduction as Minor Role
movie 1938 Marie Antoinette as King's Chamberlain
movie 1937 Bulldog Drummond Escapes as Bailey
movie 1937 Maytime as Aide
movie 1937 Parnell as Judge Day
movie 1936 Lloyd's of London as Croupier
movie 1936 The White Angel as Officer in Barracks
movie 1936 Wife vs. Secretary as Mr. Ted Barker
movie 1935 The Last Outpost as Colonel
movie 1930 Playboy of Paris as M. Jabert
movie 1930 Take the Heir as Lord Tweedham
movie 1928 Easy Virtue as John's Father
movie 1927 One Increasing Purpose
movie 1927 The Tender Hour as Party Guest
movie 1926 Fourth Commandment as Frederick Stoneman
movie 1926 The Lady from Hell as Sir Hugh Stafford
movie 1925 Speed Wild as Wendell Martin
movie 1925 Tearing Through as Mr. Greer
movie 1925 The Dark Angel as Lord Beaumont
movie 1925 The Fighting Demon as Arnold Malvin
movie 1925 The Gold Hunters as Hugh Beresford
movie 1924 For Sale as Sir John Geddes
movie 1924 Love's Wilderness as Van Arsdale
movie 1924 Secrets as Robert Carlton
movie 1924 Sinners in Silk as Sir Donald Ramsey
movie 1924 The Goldfish as Duke of Middlesex
movie 1924 The Painted Lady as Roger Lewis
movie 1924 The Torrent as Ernest Leeds
movie 1924 This Woman as Gordon Duane
movie 1923 Garrison's Finish as Mr.Waterbury
movie 1923 Gentle Julia as Randolph Crum
movie 1923 Red Lights as Kirk Allen
movie 1923 Ruggles of Red Gap as Honorable George
movie 1922 The Impossible Mrs. Bellew as Count Radistoff
movie 1921 Alias Ladyfingers as Justin Haddon
movie 1921 The Last Card as Tom Gannell
movie 1921 The Marriage of William Ashe as Geoffrey Cliffe
movie 1921 The Speed Girl as Carl D'Arcy
movie 1920 Once to Every Woman as Duke of Devonshire
movie 1920 The Hope as Hector Grant
movie 1920 What Would You Do? as Curtis Brainerd
movie 1919 Home as Elmer Lacy
movie 1919 Love Insurance as Allan Harrowby
movie 1919 The Cry of the Weak as Dist. Atty. Dexter
movie 1919 The Love That Dares as Ned Beckwith
movie 1919 The Railroader as Gerald Conover
movie 1919 The Scarlet Shadow as Harvey Presby
movie 1919 Wings of the Morning as Lord Ventnor
movie 1917 A School for Husbands as Sir Harry Lovell
movie 1917 The Double Standard as Charles Ferguson
movie 1916 John Needham's Double as Parks
movie 1915 Cora
movie 1915 It's No Laughing Matter as Sam
movie 1915 Jewel as Lawrence Evringham
movie 1915 Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo as Lord Huntersley
movie 1915 Nearly a Lady as Lord Cecil Grosvenor
movie 1915 Sunshine Molly as Patricia's Fiance
movie 1915 The High Road as Allen Wilson
movie 1915 The Scarlet Sin as Richard Alen
movie 1914 On Suspicion as Maud's Brother

Frank Elliott on Youtube

Steel Valley Productions, Inc. proudly presents a look back at over 20 years of magic with comic magician Frank Elliott! The music is from The Average White ...

A 4 min 28 second meditation tape I made along the Little Pigeon River in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on a beautiful and sunny summer day.

Performing the CubeZag Illusion at Kennywood's Phantom Fright Nights in 2007!

Tired Iron of the Butternut Valley Tractor Club event on McMillen's farm in Morris, NY. Mostly a John Deere show as the Allis Chalmers lacked a working plow ...