Frank Griffin

Frank Griffin Filmography

movie 1935 Man on the Flying Trapeze
movie 1935 Spring Tonic
movie 1933 Tired Feet
movie 1932 The Big Flash
movie 1931 The Foolish Forties
movie 1931 Twisted Tales
movie 1927 Easy Pickings
movie 1927 Lost at the Front
movie 1926 Ella Cinders
movie 1925 Seven Keys to Baldpate
movie 1924 Madonna of the Streets
movie 1924 Conductor 1492
movie 1921 The Devilish Romeo
movie 1920 Her Private Husband
movie 1920 Robert's Adventure in the Great War
movie 1920 The Aero Nut
movie 1919 Her First Kiss
movie 1919 Lions and Ladies
movie 1919 The Roaming Bathtub
movie 1919 Wild Waves and Women
movie 1918 The King of the Kitchen
movie 1917 Her Fame and Shame
movie 1917 Her Torpedoed Love
movie 1917 Maggie's First False Step
movie 1917 The Betrayal of Maggie
movie 1916 Where Love Leads
movie 1916 Bombs!
movie 1916 Fido's Fate
movie 1916 Maid Mad
movie 1916 The Feathered Nest
movie 1915 The Cannibal King as Motion Picture Director
movie 1915 Crossed Love and Swords
movie 1915 His Father's Footsteps
movie 1915 His Luckless Love
movie 1915 Love in Armor
movie 1915 Love, Loot and Crash
movie 1915 Only a Messenger Boy
movie 1915 Settled at the Seaside
movie 1915 The Best of Enemies
movie 1915 The Rent Jumpers
movie 1915 They Looked Alike
movie 1914 A Brewerytown Romance as Tango Heinz
movie 1914 A Fool There Was as The Chauffeur
movie 1914 Cheap Transportation as Emil Schultz
movie 1914 Dobs at the Shore as Jemula Heckla
movie 1914 He Woke Up in Time as Jake
movie 1914 The Best Man
movie 1914 The Bully's Doom as Pug Hogan
movie 1914 The Green Alarm as Police Chief
movie 1914 The Kidnapped Bride as Tango
movie 1914 With the Burglar's Help as The Taxi Driver
movie 1914 A Boomerang Swindle
movie 1914 A Winning Mistake
movie 1914 Did He Save Her
movie 1914 Getting Even
movie 1914 Outwitting Dad
movie 1914 Summer Love
movie 1914 That Terrible Kid
movie 1914 The Honor of the Force
movie 1914 The Peacemaker's Pay
movie 1914 Getting Solid with Pa
movie 1914 Nice Nursie
movie 1914 Pins Are Lucky
movie 1914 Tough Luck
movie 1914 When the Ham Turned
movie 1914 While Auntie Bounced
movie 1914 Worms Will Turn
movie 1913 Aunts, Too Many!
movie 1913 Influence of the Unknown
movie 1913 Mr. Spriggs Buys a Dog
movie 1911 Hands Across the Sea in '76
movie 1911 Susceptible Dad as The Messenger Boy

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SPRING BREAK ROUNDELAY!!! Coming this Fall!!! 'wut dont you unnerstan? i gots of makon them likey my moovie. i luvz my pub-lick.' - Robert J. Flaherty starri.

IFBB Physique Pro Frank Griffin gives us a quick look into his daily regimen of building the perfect physique. Shot and edited by Air Phoenix Entertainment f... .... Baixe e Assista Filmes Online Sinopse: O homem de negócios Jack Harris (Luke Wilson, dias incríveis) conseguiu uma vida ...

A short movie about an immigrant's adventure moving to America. Directors: Frank Griffin, Charles Hines. Story: Johnny Hines. Cinematography: Charles E. Gils.