Frank Lanning

Frank Lanning (14 August, 1872 ? 17 June, 1945) was an American actor of the silent era. He appeared in 84 films between 1910 and 1934. ... more on Wikipedia

Frank Lanning Filmography

movie 1934 Marie Galante as Kristoffer
movie 1934 The Lost Jungle as The Wild Man
movie 1934 The Return of Chandu as Fake Suvanese Constable [Ch. 4]
movie 1934 The Return of Chandu as Fake Constable
movie 1933 Clancy of the Mounted as Grey Hawk
movie 1933 Girl Trouble as Townsman
movie 1932 Law and Order as Lynch Mob Member
movie 1932 The Fighting Fool as Barfly
movie 1932 Trapped in Tia Juana as The Yaqui Bandit
movie 1931 God's Country and the Man as Livermore Henchman
movie 1931 Near the Trail's End as Stage robber
movie 1931 Rider of the Plains as Sheriff Calhoun
movie 1931 The Deadline as Townsman
movie 1931 The Fighting Marshal as Stolen wallet victim
movie 1931 The Lightning Warrior as Indian George
movie 1931 The Nevada Buckaroo as Townsman
movie 1931 The Phantom of the West as Francisco Cortez
movie 1930 Mountain Justice as Gives Warning
movie 1930 Rough Romance as Pop Nichols
movie 1930 Temple Tower as The Nightingale
movie 1930 The Lone Defender as Burke
movie 1930 Whoopee! as Cowhand
movie 1929 Tarzan the Tiger as Witch Doctor
movie 1929 The Unknown Rider
movie 1928 Ships of the Night as Moja
movie 1928 Stand and Deliver as Unidentified Role
movie 1927 Black Jack as Kentuck
movie 1927 The Kid Brother as Sam Hooper
movie 1927 The Two Fister as The Indian
movie 1927 The Unknown as Costra
movie 1925 The Ace of Spades as Francois
movie 1925 The Fighting Ranger as Komi
movie 1925 The Red Rider as Medicine Man
movie 1924 Ten Scars Make a Man as Aztinca
movie 1923 Drifting as Chang Wang
movie 1923 The Bad Man as Indian Cook
movie 1923 The Remittance Woman as Tsang Tse
movie 1922 Another Man's Boots as Injun Jim
movie 1922 Dead Game as Inspector McGrath
movie 1922 East Is West as Hop Toy
movie 1922 Hellhounds of the West as Black Joe
movie 1922 Out of the Silent North as Jean Cour
movie 1922 Step on It! as Pidge Walters
movie 1922 The Storm as Manteeka
movie 1922 Tracked Down as Inspector McGrath
movie 1922 Unmasked as Peter McKenzie, Flora's Father
movie 1921 Cameron of the Royal Mounted as Little Thunder
movie 1921 That Girl Montana as Jim Harris
movie 1920 Daredevil Jack as MacManus, the Indian
movie 1920 Huckleberry Finn as Huck's Father
movie 1920 The Third Woman as Tonnawanna
movie 1919 A Sagebrush Hamlet as Two-Gun Dan
movie 1919 Bare-Fisted Gallagher as Aliso Pete
movie 1919 Desert Gold as Papago Indian Son
movie 1919 Fighting Cressy as Old Man Harrison
movie 1919 Haunting Shadows as Morgan
movie 1919 The Blue Bandanna as Ben Cowan
movie 1919 The Mints of Hell as Manny
movie 1919 The Prince and Betty as The Shepherd
movie 1919 The Prodigal Liar as Steve Logan
movie 1919 Whitewashed Walls as Guard
movie 1918 Huck and Tom as Injun Joe
movie 1918 The Goddess of Lost Lake as Eagle
movie 1918 The Human Tiger
movie 1918 The Lion's Claws as Musa
movie 1917 A Kentucky Cinderella as Frank Long
movie 1917 Bull's Eye as Nathan Loose
movie 1917 North of Fifty-Three as Nig Geroux
movie 1917 Perils of the Secret Service
movie 1917 The Last of the Night Riders
movie 1917 The Little Patriot as Undetermined Role
movie 1917 The Master Spy
movie 1917 The Squaw Man's Son as Appah
movie 1916 John Needham's Double as Cruet
movie 1916 The Three Godfathers as Bill Kearny
movie 1916 The Victoria Cross as Cassim
movie 1915 Buckshot John as Bad Jake Kennedy
movie 1915 Fatty's Echo as Fromage de Brie - a Swiss Guide
movie 1915 The Spanish Jade as Tormillo
movie 1914 Bess the Detectress in Tick, Tick, Tick as Tony Spaggett
movie 1914 Lizzie the Life Saver as I. M. Wise - Johnny's Father
movie 1914 Passing the Love of Woman
movie 1914 The Bold Banditti and the Rah, Rah Boys as Macaronio - a Blackhander
movie 1914 The Hills of Silence as Mr. Reed
movie 1914 The Love Victorious as Flattery
movie 1914 The Oubliette as Oliver Le Dain
movie 1914 The Severed Hand
movie 1914 When the Heart Calls
movie 1912 My Hero as Indian
movie 1911 Big Hearted Jim as Eagle Wing
movie 1911 On the Warpath as Dick Lathrope - a Half-Breed Trapper
movie 1911 Slabsides as Slabsides - the Indian
movie 1911 The Blackfoot Halfbreed as The Blackfoot Chief
movie 1911 The Carrier Pigeon as The Halfbreed Indian
movie 1911 The Love of Summer Morn
movie 1911 The Mistress of Hacienda del Cerro as Gray Bear - the Indian Chief
movie 1911 When the Sun Went Out as Indian
movie 1910 Big Elk's Turndown as Indian
movie 1910 Chief Blackfoot's Vindication as Chief Blackfoot
movie 1910 Indian Pete's Gratitude as Indian Pete
movie 1910 Spotted Snake's Schooling as Spotted Snake
movie 1910 The Call of the Blood as Indian
movie 1910 The Legend of Scar-Face as Scar-Face - the Indian
movie 1910 Winona as Indian

Frank Lanning on Youtube

East Is West (USA, 1922) 70 min. (1436 meters @ 18fps) 35mm, silent, b&w and tinted (reproduction through the Desmet color process) Directed by Sidney A. Fr.

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Lord Greystoke (Tarzan) returns to Africa, with Lady Jane and friend Albert Werper, in order to return to Opar. He needs the treasure of Opar in order to sec...