Frank M. Thomas

Frank M. Thomas Filmography

tv series 1965 Paradise Bay as Judge Grayson
tv movie 1954 The Shadow as Commissioner Weston
tv movie 1953 Horace Mann's Miracle as Horace Mann
movie 1950 The Sleeping City as Police Lt. Lally
tv series 1949 The Black Robe as Judge
movie 1946 The Story of Kenneth W. Randall, M.D. as John Randall
movie 1943 City Without Men as Senator
movie 1943 Flight for Freedom as Race Official
movie 1943 Hello Frisco, Hello as Auctioneer
movie 1943 Mountain Rhythm as Dr. Elihu Prindle
movie 1943 No Place for a Lady as Webley
movie 1943 The Desert Song as Sgt. LeBlanc
movie 1942 A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen as Capt. H.T. Daley
movie 1942 Apache Trail as Maj. Lowden
movie 1942 Eyes in the Night as Police Lieutenant
movie 1942 Flight Lieutenant as Official at Hearing
movie 1942 Henry Aldrich, Editor as Mayor
movie 1942 Obliging Young Lady as Bill Keenan - Editor
movie 1942 Reap the Wild Wind as Dr. Jepson
movie 1942 Sunset on the Desert as Judge Alvin Kirby
movie 1942 Sunset Serenade as Clifford Sheldon
movie 1942 The Great Man's Lady as Frisbee
movie 1942 The Postman Didn't Ring as Prosecutor
movie 1942 The Talk of the Town as District Attorney Scott
movie 1942 Wild Bill Hickok Rides as Tweed - Chicago Businessman
movie 1941 A Shot in the Dark as Det. Lt. Klein
movie 1941 Among the Living as Sheriff
movie 1941 Arkansas Judge as August Huston
movie 1941 Dangerously They Live as Dist. Atty. Ralph Bryan
movie 1941 Life with Henry as Joe Nye
movie 1941 Man at Large as Dr. G.G. Cataloni
movie 1941 Sierra Sue as Banker Bromfield
movie 1941 Sucker List as Policeman at Commissioner's Office
movie 1941 The Monster and the Girl as Jansen
movie 1941 Three Sons o' Guns as Reynolds
movie 1941 Wyoming Wildcat as Frank Gannon
movie 1940 Brigham Young as Hubert Crum
movie 1940 Chad Hanna as Burke
movie 1940 City of Chance as Publisher
movie 1940 High School as History Teacher
movie 1940 Lillian Russell as Official
movie 1940 Maryland as Veterinarian
movie 1940 Queen of the Mob as Doctor
movie 1940 Shooting High as Calvin Pritchard
movie 1940 The Man from Dakota as Confederate Surgeon
movie 1940 Women Without Names as Prison Warden
movie 1939 $1000 a Touchdown as Dr. Black
movie 1939 Bachelor Mother as Doctor
movie 1939 Beware Spooks! as Capt. Wood
movie 1939 Burn 'Em Up O'Connor as Jim Nixon
movie 1939 Death of a Champion as Chief Sanders
movie 1939 Disbarred as Dist. Atty. G.H. Blanchard
movie 1939 Geronimo as Politician
movie 1939 Grand Jury Secrets as Benton
movie 1939 Idiot's Delight as Bert
movie 1939 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington as Hendricks
movie 1939 Saga of Death Valley as Ed Tasker
movie 1939 Scandal Sheet as District Attorney
movie 1939 Secret Service of the Air as Doc
movie 1939 Society Lawyer as Lieutenant Stevens
movie 1939 The Mysterious Miss X as District Attorney Al Ross
movie 1939 The Rookie Cop as Police Chief Gordon H. Lane
movie 1939 They All Come Out as Superintendent - Chillicothe
movie 1939 They Made Her a Spy as Major Shaw
movie 1939 Two Thoroughbreds as Reeves
movie 1938 A Man to Remember as Jode Harkness
movie 1938 Blind Alibi as Larson
movie 1938 Crashing Hollywood as Detective Decker
movie 1938 Crime Ring as Thomas Redwine
movie 1938 Everybody's Doing It as Charlie
movie 1938 Go Chase Yourself as Police Chief
movie 1938 Joy of Living as Arthur
movie 1938 Law of the Underworld as Police Captain Gargan
movie 1938 Maid's Night Out as 'Mac' McCarthy
movie 1938 Mr. Doodle Kicks Off as Coach Hammond
movie 1938 Night Spot as Headwaiter
movie 1938 Smashing the Rackets as Judge Wend
movie 1938 Strange Faces as Ward
movie 1938 The Renegade Ranger as Carson
movie 1938 The Saint in New York as Prosecutor
movie 1938 The Wrong Way Out as Police Capt. Frank Hobson
movie 1938 This Marriage Business as Mayor Frisbee
movie 1938 Vivacious Lady as Train Conductor
movie 1937 Behind the Headlines as Naylor
movie 1937 Breakfast for Two as Sam Ransome
movie 1937 China Passage as Capt. Williams
movie 1937 Criminal Lawyer as William Walker
movie 1937 Danger Patrol as Rocky Sanders
movie 1937 Don't Tell the Wife as Insp. Mallory
movie 1937 Forty Naughty Girls as Jeff Plummer
movie 1937 High Flyers as Officer Collins
movie 1937 Meet the Missus as Barney Lott
movie 1937 Quick Money as Jim Clark
movie 1937 Racing Lady as Bradford
movie 1937 Super-Sleuth as A.J.
movie 1937 The Big Shot as A.C. Murdock - Newspaper Editor
movie 1937 The Man Who Found Himself as Mr. Roberts
movie 1937 The Outcasts of Poker Flat as Mr. Bedford
movie 1937 The Soldier and the Lady as Railroad Official
movie 1937 The Toast of New York as Fisk's Lawyer
movie 1937 They Wanted to Marry as Detective
movie 1937 We Who Are About to Die as M.L. Carter
movie 1937 We're on the Jury as Mr. D. Van Cobb, prosecutor
movie 1937 You Can't Beat Love as Mayor Olson
movie 1937 You Can't Buy Luck as Police Lt. Bond
movie 1936 Don't Turn 'em Loose as Attorney Pierce
movie 1936 Grand Jury as John Taylor
movie 1936 M'Liss as Alf Edwards
movie 1936 Mummy's Boys as Phillip Browning
movie 1936 Special Investigator as Postmaster
movie 1936 The Big Game as Coach
movie 1936 The Ex-Mrs. Bradford as Mike North
movie 1936 The Last Outlaw as Dr. Charles Mason
movie 1936 Wanted: Jane Turner as Banks
movie 1936 Without Orders as Arthur Trueman
movie 1934 Wednesday's Child as Attorney for the Defense
movie 1920 Deadline at Eleven as Jack Rawson
movie 1917 Nearly Married as Harry Lindsey

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Lloyd Nolan stars as private eye, "Martin Kane," in this popular "live" television episode complete with original commercial as originally aired on NBC Septe...

Cantankerous Major Ashley, renowned for his collection of precious emeralds, is found murdered and Martin Kane is called in to help the police solve the case...

William Gargan, Lloyd Nolan, Lee Tracy and Mark Stevens played the title role in Martin Kane, Private Eye on live television, airing on NBC-TV from 1 Septemb...

William Gargan, Lloyd Nolan, Lee Tracy and Mark Stevens played the title role in Martin Kane, Private Eye on live television, airing on NBC-TV from 1 Septemb...