Frank Marlowe

Frank Marlowe Filmography

tv movie 1966 F.B.I. 99 as Mack
tv movie 1966 Jungle Gold as Burt
movie 1961 A Fever in the Blood as Reporter
movie 1961 Go Naked in the World as Private Detective
movie 1959 Lone Texan as Charlie
movie 1959 North by Northwest as Taxi Driver
movie 1958 Man from God's Country as Piano Player
movie 1958 Screaming Mimi as Ben - Yellow Cab Driver
movie 1958 The Last Hurrah
movie 1958 The Sheepman as Barney - Townsman
movie 1957 All Mine to Give as Hanson
movie 1957 Chicago Confidential as Patron
movie 1957 Escape from Red Rock as Manager
movie 1957 Rockabilly Baby as Drunken Man
movie 1957 The Garment Jungle as Truck Driver
movie 1957 The Three Faces of Eve as Hotel Clerk
movie 1956 He Laughed Last as Speakeasy Guard
movie 1956 Hot Shots as Henry, Bartender
movie 1956 Julie as Police Guard #2
movie 1956 Tension at Table Rock as Ruffian
movie 1956 Three for Jamie Dawn as Mr. Peterson
movie 1955 Bengazi as Officer Walsh
movie 1955 Cell 2455 Death Row as Prisoner in Car with Whit
movie 1955 Lucy Gallant as Ben Nolan
movie 1955 Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki as Chauffeur
movie 1955 The Americano as Captain of Ship
movie 1955 The Man with the Golden Arm as Yantek
movie 1955 The Naked Street as Police Detective
movie 1955 The Square Jungle as Kane
movie 1954 A Star Is Born as Shrine Auditorium Photographer
movie 1954 Adventures of the Texas Kid: Border Ambush as Barton
movie 1954 Johnny Guitar as Frank - Bartender
movie 1954 Naked Alibi as Drunk
movie 1954 Shield for Murder as Contact Man With Tickets
movie 1954 Superman in Scotland Yard as Man
movie 1954 The Boy from Oklahoma as Barfly
movie 1954 The French Line as Reporter
movie 1954 The Long Wait as Pop Henderson
movie 1953 Abbott and Costello Go to Mars as Bartender
movie 1953 Devil's Canyon as Pete
movie 1953 Girls in the Night as Theater Manager
movie 1953 So You Love Your Dog as Home Robber
movie 1953 Split Second as Reporter Charlie
movie 1953 The System as Maxie, Man in Line-Up
movie 1953 Trouble Along the Way as Drunk in Bar with Dog
movie 1953 Walking My Baby Back Home as Drunk
movie 1952 Because of You as Second Man
movie 1952 Bonzo Goes to College as Tropicana Fruit Company Foreman
movie 1952 Carson City as Miner
movie 1952 Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair as Man at Accident
movie 1952 My Pal Gus as Delivery Man
movie 1952 Park Row as Policeman
movie 1952 Steel Town as Taxi Driver
movie 1952 Stop, You're Killing Me as Taxi Driver
movie 1952 The Winning Team as Taxi Driver
movie 1951 Badman's Gold as Henchman Jake
movie 1951 Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere as Henchman [Chs. 13-14]
movie 1951 Cattle Queen as Stage Driver
movie 1951 Come Fill the Cup as Bucky Blake
movie 1951 Cry Danger as Delicatessen Proprietor
movie 1951 Drums in the Deep South as Confederate Soldier
movie 1951 Flying Leathernecks as Taxi Driver
movie 1951 I Was a Communist for the FBI as Worker
movie 1951 Iron Man as Speed's Trainer
movie 1951 Journey Into Light as Church Extra
movie 1951 Never Trust a Gambler as Gas Station Attendant
movie 1951 Roadblock as Policeman at Brissard's
movie 1951 Storm Warning as Al
movie 1951 The Bushwhackers as Peter Sharpe
movie 1951 The Racket as Pedestrian with Morning Newspaper
movie 1950 Barricade as Brandy
movie 1950 In a Lonely Place as Dave - Parking Attendant
movie 1950 Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye as Joe - Milkman
movie 1950 No Man of Her Own as Steve, Cab Driver
movie 1950 Perfect Strangers as Reporter
movie 1950 Pretty Baby as Taxi Driver
movie 1950 Quicksand as Watchman
movie 1950 So You Think You're Not Guilty as Joe's Cellmate
movie 1950 The Admiral Was a Lady as Bus Driver #2 - Santa Fe Line
movie 1950 The Great Rupert as Dave the Mailman
movie 1950 Triple Trouble as Red, Ma's Henchman
movie 1949 A Kiss in the Dark as Taxi Driver
movie 1949 A Woman's Secret as The Reporter
movie 1949 Always Leave Them Laughing as Photographer
movie 1949 Miss Mink of 1949 as Thug
movie 1949 Without Honor as 1st Television Installer
movie 1948 Beyond Glory as West Point Boxing Instructor
movie 1948 Fighter Squadron as Sgt. Mike aka Nailhead - Ground Crew Chief
movie 1948 If You Knew Susie as Bennie - Steve's Henchman
movie 1948 Joan of Arc as Guard
movie 1948 Mr. Reckless as Taxicab Driver
movie 1948 Shed No Tears as Cab Driver
movie 1948 The Babe Ruth Story as Barfly
movie 1948 They Live by Night as Robert Mansfield, Mattie's Husband
movie 1947 Big Town After Dark as Hoodlum in LaRue's Office
movie 1947 Brute Force as Prisoner
movie 1947 Buck Privates Come Home as Tie Buyer
movie 1947 Bulldog Drummond at Bay as Teeples
movie 1947 Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back as Williams
movie 1947 High Wall as Patient in Solitary
movie 1947 Hit Parade of 1947 as Counterman
movie 1947 It Happened in Brooklyn as Minor Role
movie 1947 Killer McCoy as Fight Doctor
movie 1947 Living in a Big Way as Reporter
movie 1947 Magic Town as Moving Man
movie 1947 Merton of the Movies as Ernie - Prop Man
movie 1947 Possessed as Cafe Proprietor
movie 1947 That Way with Women as Bum
movie 1947 The Man I Love as Sign Man
movie 1947 The Mighty McGurk as Mug
movie 1947 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as Taxcab Driver
movie 1946 Bringing Up Father as Pugugly
movie 1946 Dark Alibi as Barker
movie 1946 Devil Bat's Daughter as Taxi Driver
movie 1946 Down Missouri Way as Film Crewman
movie 1946 In Fast Company as John Cassidy
movie 1946 Live Wires as Red
movie 1946 Night and Day as Army Driver
movie 1946 Notorious as Photographer
movie 1946 One Exciting Week as Reporter
movie 1946 Road to Utopia as Sailor Reporting to Head Purser
movie 1946 San Quentin as Higgins
movie 1946 Sioux City Sue as Keno
movie 1946 Smooth as Silk as Reporter
movie 1946 The Dark Corner as First Cab Driver
movie 1946 The People's Choice as Charles Butler
movie 1946 Two Guys from Milwaukee as Taxicab Driver
movie 1946 Under Nevada Skies as Henchman Burns
movie 1945 Anchors Aweigh as Shore Patrol Officer
movie 1945 Federal Operator 99 as Mack
movie 1945 Identity Unknown as Frankie
movie 1945 Incendiary Blonde as Vettori Bodyguard
movie 1945 Man from Oklahoma as Tom
movie 1945 The Hidden Eye as Taxi Driver
movie 1945 What Next, Corporal Hargrove? as Mess Sergeant
movie 1944 Christmas Holiday as Bellhop
movie 1944 Gambler's Choice as Chappie's Friend
movie 1944 Irish Eyes Are Smiling as Hoofer
movie 1944 Man from Frisco as Tough Guy
movie 1944 Murder in the Blue Room as Curtin
movie 1944 My Buddy as Joe
movie 1944 Proudly We Serve as Seabee
movie 1944 Rainbow Island as Merchant Marine Seaman
movie 1944 The Fighting Seabees as Construction Worker Who Dies
movie 1944 The Tiger Woman as Burt
movie 1944 Wing and a Prayer as Sailor
movie 1943 Air Force as Undetermined Role
movie 1943 Calling Dr. Death as Reporter
movie 1943 The Adventures of Smilin' Jack as Driver of Car 5
movie 1942 Born to Sing as Taxi Driver
movie 1942 Calling Dr. Gillespie as Coronet Mechanic
movie 1942 Danger in the Pacific as Mechanic
movie 1942 Fingers at the Window as Cabbie with Cat
movie 1942 Gang Busters as Garage Attendant [Ch. 2]
movie 1942 Madame Spy as Cab Driver
movie 1942 Nazi Agent as Sailor
movie 1942 Pittsburgh as Miner
movie 1942 Remember Pearl Harbor as Officer
movie 1942 Saboteur as Man in Newsreel Truck
movie 1942 Ship Ahoy as Stagehand
movie 1942 Tarzan's New York Adventure as Second Cab Driver
movie 1942 They All Kissed the Bride as Truck Driver
movie 1942 True to the Army as Private
movie 1942 X Marks the Spot as Truck Driver
movie 1941 Adventures of Captain Marvel as Henchman Gus [Ch. 8]
movie 1941 Appointment for Love as Reporter
movie 1941 Caught in the Draft as Pvt. Twitchell
movie 1941 Footsteps in the Dark as Reporter
movie 1941 One Foot in Heaven as Soldier
movie 1941 Sergeant York as Beardsley
movie 1941 Where Did You Get That Girl? as Cab Driver
movie 1939 Little Accident as Taxi Driver
movie 1939 One Hour to Live as Cab driver
movie 1939 The Day the Bookies Wept as Taxi Driver with Mustache
movie 1939 The Spellbinder as Taxi Driver
movie 1939 Those High Grey Walls as Convict
movie 1938 Bringing Up Baby as Joe
movie 1938 Dick Tracy Returns as Railroad Siding Thug
movie 1938 Over the Wall as Prison Photographer
movie 1937 Anything for a Thrill as Joe
movie 1937 Armored Car as Shadow
movie 1937 Born Reckless as Mobster
movie 1937 Carnival Queen as Dancer
movie 1937 I Promise to Pay as 2nd Steerer
movie 1937 Live, Love and Learn as Sailor
movie 1937 Midnight Taxi as Sailor
movie 1937 Missing Witnesses as Taxi Driver
movie 1937 San Quentin as Young Convict
movie 1937 Step Lively, Jeeves! as Gangster
movie 1937 Submarine D-1 as Bluejacket at Panama
movie 1937 The Devil's Playground as Civilian
movie 1937 The Man Who Cried Wolf as Taxi Driver
movie 1937 There Goes My Girl as Rethburn's Henchman
movie 1937 They Gave Him a Gun as Soldier
movie 1937 We Who Are About to Die as Prison Lab Technician
movie 1937 When's Your Birthday? as Fight Arena Attendant
movie 1937 Wings Over Honolulu as Marine
movie 1936 Banjo on My Knee as Sailor
movie 1936 Bullets or Ballots as Kruger's Chauffeur
movie 1936 Counterfeit Lady as Cab Driver
movie 1936 Grand Jury as Reporter
movie 1936 Love on a Bet as Cider Drinker
movie 1936 Murder on a Bridle Path as Horseman on Bridle Path
movie 1936 Murder with Pictures as Pipe Smoker
movie 1936 My American Wife as Reporter
movie 1936 Special Investigator as Reporter
movie 1936 Sworn Enemy as Busy Taxi Driver
movie 1936 The Accusing Finger as Convict
movie 1936 The Gay Desperado as On-Screen Gangster
movie 1936 Two-Fisted Gentleman as Man in Gym
movie 1936 Winterset as Tommy
movie 1936 Without Orders as Pilot at Airport
movie 1935 'G' Men as First Gangster Shot at Lodge
movie 1935 Atlantic Adventure as Reporter
movie 1935 Confidential as G-Man
movie 1935 Here Comes the Band as Sim
movie 1935 I'll Love You Always as Bellhop
movie 1935 It's in the Air as Reporter
movie 1935 Ladies Crave Excitement as Scott the Photographer
movie 1935 She Couldn't Take It as Prisoner
movie 1935 Shipmates Forever as Seaman
movie 1935 Stranded as Rollins, an Agitator
movie 1935 The Glass Key as Walter Ivans
movie 1935 The Informer as Admirer
movie 1935 The Whole Town's Talking as Ship Steward
movie 1935 We're in the Money as Sailor
movie 1935 Whipsaw as Second Bellboy
movie 1935 Men of the Hour as Cab Driver
movie 1934 6 Day Bike Rider as Tough Messenger
movie 1934 Here Comes the Navy as USS Arizona Sailor
movie 1934 Hi, Nellie! as Henchman
movie 1934 Hide-Out as Laundry Driver
movie 1934 Men of the Night as Gas Station Attendant
movie 1934 Now I'll Tell as George Curtis
movie 1934 Operator 13 as Confederate Officer
movie 1934 The Girl from Missouri as Reporter in Stateroom
movie 1934 Twentieth Century as Mulligan
movie 1933 Hell Below as Seaman
movie 1933 Today We Live as MP Corporal
movie 1932 Hell's Highway as Convict
movie 1931 Take 'em and Shake 'em
movie 1931 The Finger Points as Guard at 'Number One's' Office

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Immigrant radical Bartolomeo Romagna is falsely condemned and executed for a payroll robbery. Years later, his son Mio sets out to find the truth of the crim...

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