Frank Moser

Frank Moser Filmography

movie 1945 Christmas Toyshop
movie 1937 Play Ball
movie 1936 A Wolf in Cheap Clothing
movie 1936 Alpine Yodeler
movie 1936 Barnyard Amateurs
movie 1936 Home Town Olympics
movie 1936 Off to China
movie 1936 Rolling Stones
movie 1936 The 19th Hole Club
movie 1936 The Busy Bee
movie 1936 The Feud
movie 1936 The Sailor's Home
movie 1935 A June Bride
movie 1935 A Modern Red Riding Hood
movie 1935 Aladdin's Lamp
movie 1935 Amateur Night
movie 1935 Birdland
movie 1935 Chain Letters
movie 1935 Circus Days
movie 1935 Fireman, Save My Child
movie 1935 Five Puplets
movie 1935 Flying Oil
movie 1935 Foiled Again
movie 1935 Football
movie 1935 Hey Diddle Diddle
movie 1935 King Looney XIV
movie 1935 Moans and Groans
movie 1935 Old Dog Tray
movie 1935 Opera Night
movie 1935 Peg Leg Pete, the Pirate
movie 1935 Southern Horse-pitality
movie 1935 The Bull Fight
movie 1935 The First Snow
movie 1935 The Foxy-Fox
movie 1935 The Mayflower
movie 1935 The Moth and the Spider
movie 1935 The Runt
movie 1935 What a Night
movie 1935 Ye Olde Toy Shop
movie 1934 A Mad House
movie 1934 Busted Blossoms
movie 1934 Holland Days
movie 1934 Hot Sands
movie 1934 Irish Sweepstakes
movie 1934 Jack's Shack
movie 1934 Jail Birds
movie 1934 Joe's Lunch Wagon
movie 1934 Just a Clown
movie 1934 Mice in Council
movie 1934 My Lady's Garden
movie 1934 Pandora
movie 1934 Rip Van Winkle
movie 1934 See the World
movie 1934 Slow But Sure
movie 1934 South Pole or Bust
movie 1934 The Black Sheep
movie 1934 The Dog Show
movie 1934 The King's Daughter
movie 1934 The Last Straw
movie 1934 The Lion's Friend
movie 1934 The Magic Fish
movie 1934 The Owl and the Pussycat
movie 1934 Tom, Tom the Piper's Son
movie 1934 Why Mules Leave Home
movie 1933 The Banker's Daughter
movie 1933 A Gypsy Fiddler
movie 1933 Beanstalk Jack
movie 1933 Cinderella
movie 1933 Down on the Levee
movie 1933 Fanny in the Lion's Den
movie 1933 Fanny's Wedding Day
movie 1933 Grand Uproar
movie 1933 Hansel and Gretel
movie 1933 Hypnotic Eyes
movie 1933 In Venice
movie 1933 Jealous Lover
movie 1933 King Zilch
movie 1933 Little Boy Blue
movie 1933 Oh! Susanna
movie 1933 Pick-necking
movie 1933 Pirate Ship
movie 1933 Robin Hood
movie 1933 Robinson Crusoe
movie 1933 Romeo and Juliet
movie 1933 The Old Can Mystery
movie 1933 The Sunny South
movie 1933 The Tale of a Shirt
movie 1933 The Village Blacksmith
movie 1933 Tropical Fish
movie 1933 Who Killed Cock-Robin
movie 1932 Bluebeard's Brother
movie 1932 Bull-ero
movie 1932 Burlesque
movie 1932 Cocky Cock Roach
movie 1932 College Spirit
movie 1932 Farmer Al Falfa's Ape Girl
movie 1932 Farmer Al Falfa's Bedtime Story
movie 1932 Farmer Al Falfa's Birthday Party
movie 1932 Hollywood Diet
movie 1932 Hook and Ladder No. 1
movie 1932 Ireland or Bust
movie 1932 Noah's Outing
movie 1932 Peg Leg Pete
movie 1932 Play Ball
movie 1932 Radio Girl
movie 1932 Romance
movie 1932 Sherman Was Right
movie 1932 Southern Rhythm
movie 1932 Spring Is Here
movie 1932 The Forty Theves
movie 1932 The Mad King
movie 1932 The Spider Talks
movie 1932 The Villain's Curse
movie 1932 Toyland
movie 1932 Woodland
movie 1932 Ye Olde Songs
movie 1931 2000 B.C.
movie 1931 A Day to Live
movie 1931 Aladdin's Lamp
movie 1931 Around the World
movie 1931 Blues
movie 1931 By the Sea
movie 1931 Canadian Capers
movie 1931 China
movie 1931 Clowning
movie 1931 Club Sandwich
movie 1931 Go West, Big Boy
movie 1931 Her First Egg
movie 1931 Jazz Mad
movie 1931 Jesse and James
movie 1931 Jingle Bells
movie 1931 Popcorn
movie 1931 Quack, Quack
movie 1931 Razzberries
movie 1931 Sing, Sing Song
movie 1931 Summer Time
movie 1931 The Black Spider
movie 1931 The Champ
movie 1931 The Explorer
movie 1931 The Fireman's Bride
movie 1931 The Lorelei
movie 1931 The Sultan's Cat
movie 1930 Bully Beef
movie 1930 Caviar
movie 1930 Chop Suey
movie 1930 Codfish Balls
movie 1930 Dutch Treat
movie 1930 French Fried
movie 1930 Fried Chicken
movie 1930 Golf Nuts
movie 1930 Hawaiian Pineapples
movie 1930 Hot Turkey
movie 1930 Hungarian Goulash
movie 1930 Indian Pudding
movie 1930 Irish Stew
movie 1930 Jumping Beans
movie 1930 Kangaroo Steak
movie 1930 Monkey Meat
movie 1930 Pigskin Capers
movie 1930 Pretzels
movie 1930 Roman Punch
movie 1930 Salt Water Taffy
movie 1930 Scotch Highball
movie 1930 Spanish Onions
movie 1930 Swiss Cheese
movie 1929 Cabaret
movie 1929 Enchanted Flute
movie 1929 Land o' Cotton
movie 1929 Snapping the Whip
movie 1929 Sweet Adeline
movie 1928 Alaska or Bust
movie 1928 Barnyard Lodge Number One
movie 1928 Coast to Coast
movie 1928 Gridiron Demons
movie 1928 On the Ice
movie 1928 Our Little Nell
movie 1928 The Broncho Buster
movie 1928 The Good Ship Nellie
movie 1928 The Huntsman
movie 1921 $10,000 Under a Pillow
movie 1921 By the Sea
movie 1921 Circumstantial Evidence
movie 1921 Clean Your Feet
movie 1921 Dashing North
movie 1921 Getting Theirs
movie 1921 Kitchen, Bedroom, and Bath
movie 1921 Ma's Wipe Your Feet Campaign
movie 1921 The Wars of Mice and Men
movie 1920 Bud and Susie Join the Tecs
movie 1920 Bud and Tommy Take a Day Off
movie 1920 Bud Takes the Cake
movie 1920 Down the Mississippi
movie 1920 Fifty-Fifty
movie 1920 Handy Mandy's Goat
movie 1920 Mice and Money
movie 1920 Play Ball
movie 1920 Romance and Rheumatism
movie 1920 The Great Clean Up
movie 1920 The Kids Find Candy's Catching
movie 1920 The New Cook's Debut
movie 1920 The North Pole
movie 1918 Father's Close Shave
movie 1918 Second, the Stimulating Mrs. Barton
movie 1918 Third, Jiggs and the Social Lion
movie 1917 A Hot Time in the Gym
movie 1917 He Tries His Hand at Hypnotism
movie 1917 Music Hath Charms
movie 1917 The Great Hansom Cab Mystery
movie 1916 Father Gets Into the Movies
movie 1916 Just Like a Woman
movie 1916 Kid Casey the Champion
movie 1916 Parcel Post Pete: Not All His Troubles Are Little Ones

Frank Moser on Youtube

Multiverse theory and blind speculation from an old fool ha ha ha ha.

A Goodwin-Bray Pictograph with Bud and Susie as the main characters and animated by Frank Moser.

The Farmer is abducted by a capering Jungle Goddess. As "pre-Code" as a Terrytoon ever got. Most animation is by Frank Moser; with him are Art Babbitt, Jerry.

An opera-singing firemouse rescues his lady fair. A stream of incongruous gags, including "ethnic" ones. A few Terrytoons employees were members of the real-.