Frank Palangi

Frank Palangi Filmography

movie 2014 American Slasher as Police Dispatcher
movie 2013 Cryptid as Tom
movie 2013 Krueger: Another Tale from Elm Street
movie 2012 American Lawless
movie 2012 Superhero
tv series 2011 Footprints in the Wilderness
movie 2009 Kazzula
movie 2009 Love Conquers Paul
movie 2008 Break In as Scott Delanchi

Frank Palangi on Youtube

Purchase the album "I Am Ready EP" on Itunes, Amazon: A reuniting couple's relationship is staled when his girlfrie...

Download "I AM READY (Single)" on Itunes: (C) 2012 CD Baby, Independent Release. Rock Music. Record producer Rob Coates and his ...

Xenomorph fan film trailer based on (Alien) (Prometheus) franchise. Arriving at a suburban neighborhood, sent by the company, 2 mercs get a surprise they may.

MR. OMAR (2012)an original short horror film by Frank Palangi (TRAILER ONLY) Original film footage got lost in computer crash. Starring Jena Mya, Aaron ...