Frank Powell

Frank Powell Filmography

tv movie 1985 Proposta in quattro parti
movie 1923 The Man Without Desire
movie 1922 A Soul's Awakening
movie 1922 In the Night
movie 1921 In Full Cry
movie 1921 Kitty Tailleur
movie 1921 The Corner Man
movie 1921 The Penniless Millionaire
movie 1921 Astray from the Steerage
movie 1921 Officer Cupid
movie 1920 Enchantment
movie 1919 The Forfeit
movie 1919 The Unbroken Promise
movie 1919 You Never Know Your Luck
movie 1918 Heart of the Sunset
movie 1917 Motherhood
movie 1917 Mrs. Balfame
movie 1917 Everybody's Business
movie 1917 The Final Payment
movie 1917 Hedda Gabler
movie 1917 Mary Moreland
movie 1917 The Dazzling Miss Davison
movie 1917 The Debt
movie 1917 The Greater Woman
movie 1917 The Mirror
movie 1917 Reputation
movie 1916 His Daughter's Dilemma
movie 1916 Partners at Last
movie 1916 The Fourth Estate
movie 1916 The Greater Need
movie 1916 The Witch
movie 1916 Charity
movie 1916 The Chain Invisible
movie 1916 The Scarlet Oath
movie 1915 A Fool There Was as The Doctor
movie 1915 From the Valley of the Missing
movie 1915 Princess Romanoff
movie 1915 A Woman's Past
movie 1915 Children of the Ghetto
movie 1915 Her Grandparents
movie 1915 The Devil's Daughter
movie 1914 The Second Generation as Hugo Reid - the Son
movie 1914 A Fair Rebel
movie 1914 His Last Dollar
movie 1914 Man's Enemy
movie 1914 Officer 666
movie 1914 The Corsair
movie 1914 The Ghost
movie 1914 The Stain
movie 1913 Rose of Surrey as Edmund Grey
movie 1913 The Lucky Stone as Harry Hopper
movie 1913 A Girl's Stratagem
movie 1913 Beyond All Law
movie 1913 For Her Government
movie 1913 The Couple Next Door
movie 1913 The Suicide Pact
movie 1913 The Tender Hearted Boy
movie 1913 The Wedding Gown
movie 1912 His Day
movie 1912 An Indian Summer
movie 1912 Dora
movie 1912 Gold and Glitter
movie 1912 Heaven Avenges
movie 1912 Her Life's Story
movie 1912 His Madonna
movie 1912 My Baby
movie 1912 Priscilla's Capture
movie 1912 Puppets of Fate
movie 1912 The Baby and the Stork
movie 1912 The Old Curiosity Shop
movie 1912 The Vicar of Wakefield
movie 1911 A Knight of the Road
movie 1911 A Wreath of Orange Blossoms
movie 1911 Cured
movie 1911 Help Wanted
movie 1911 Jane Shore
movie 1911 Little Emily
movie 1911 Paradise Lost
movie 1911 Priscilla and the Umbrella
movie 1911 Priscilla's April Fool Joke
movie 1911 Priscilla's Engagement Ring
movie 1911 Teaching Dad to Like Her
movie 1911 The Crooked Road
movie 1911 The Elopement
movie 1911 The Midnight Marauder
movie 1911 The Poor Sick Men
movie 1911 The Stuff Heroes Are Made Of
movie 1910 A Knot in the Plot
movie 1910 Faithful as The Butler
movie 1910 In Old California as Governor Manuella
movie 1910 Over Silent Paths
movie 1910 The Cloister's Touch
movie 1910 The Impalement as Mr. Avery
movie 1910 The Last Deal as At Card Game
movie 1910 The Love of Lady Irma
movie 1910 The Man as Steve Clark
movie 1910 The Newlyweds as A Friend
movie 1910 The Oath and the Man
movie 1910 The Rocky Road as Ben
movie 1910 May and December
movie 1910 A Gold Necklace
movie 1910 A Lucky Toothache
movie 1910 A Summer Tragedy
movie 1910 After the Ball
movie 1910 All on Account of the Milk
movie 1910 An Affair of Hearts
movie 1910 An Old Story with a New Ending
movie 1910 Effecting a Cure
movie 1910 Happy Jack, a Hero
movie 1910 His New Lid
movie 1910 His Wife's Sweethearts
movie 1910 How Hubby Got a Raise
movie 1910 Love in Quarantine
movie 1910 Muggsy Becomes a Hero
movie 1910 Never Again
movie 1910 Not So Bad as It Seemed
movie 1910 The Affair of an Egg
movie 1910 The Kid
movie 1910 The Masher
movie 1910 The Passing of a Grouch
movie 1910 The Proposal
movie 1910 The Recreation of an Heiress
movie 1910 The Smoker
movie 1910 The Tenderfoot's Triumph
movie 1910 The Troublesome Baby
movie 1910 Turning the Tables
movie 1910 Up a Tree
movie 1910 When We Were in Our Teens
movie 1910 White Roses
movie 1909 A Corner in Wheat as The Wheat King
movie 1909 A Rude Hostess as Visitor
movie 1909 A Strange Meeting as A Thief
movie 1909 A Sweet Revenge as Alice's Father
movie 1909 Fools of Fate as Ed Hilton
movie 1909 His Duty as Jack Allen
movie 1909 His Wife's Visitor as A Friend of Harry's
movie 1909 In Old Kentucky as Union Soldier
movie 1909 In the Watches of the Night as Henry Brainard
movie 1909 Leather Stocking as A Soldier
movie 1909 Lines of White on a Sullen Sea as The Doctor
movie 1909 Mr. Jones' Burglar as At Club
movie 1909 Nursing a Viper as The Viper
movie 1909 Tender Hearts as A Handsome Dressy Chap
movie 1909 The Broken Locket as George Peabody1
movie 1909 The Cardinal's Conspiracy as A Visiting Nobleman
movie 1909 The Children's Friend
movie 1909 The Country Doctor as Doctor Harcourt
movie 1909 The Death Disc: A Story of the Cromwellian Period as Oliver Cromwell
movie 1909 The Faded Lilies as At Party
movie 1909 The Friend of the Family as Jack Hudson
movie 1909 The Heart of an Outlaw as Outlaw Gang
movie 1909 The Hessian Renegades as Hessian
movie 1909 The Honor of Thieves
movie 1909 The Indian Runner's Romance as The Old Prospector
movie 1909 The Light That Came as At the Ball
movie 1909 The Lonely Villa
movie 1909 The Mended Lute as Chief Great Elk Horn
movie 1909 The Message as Harold Woodson
movie 1909 The Mills of the Gods as In Editor's Office
movie 1909 The Necklace as Employer
movie 1909 The Politician's Love Story
movie 1909 The Seventh Day as Lawyer
movie 1909 The Slave as An Old Man
movie 1909 The Son's Return as In Bank
movie 1909 The Voice of the Violin as Mr. Walker
movie 1909 The Way of Man as Wedding Guest
movie 1909 Two Women and a Man as John Randolph
movie 1909 Was Justice Served? as Man Who Finds Wallet
movie 1909 With Her Card as Randolph Churchill
movie 1909 The Day After

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A greedy tycoon decides, on a whim, to corner the world market in wheat. This doubles the price of bread, forcing the grain's producers into charity lines and further into ...

Beth Powell, coach of Northern Valley Demarest's Women's Volleyball team accepts the 2009 Frank McGuire Award. Maribeth Martens, a former player, ...

FAITHFUL (1910) Starring: Mack Sennett, Arthur V. Johnson, Florence Barker, Kate Bruce, Dell Henderson, Frank J. Grandon, Frank Powell, Anthony O' Sullivan ...

Director: Frank Powell. With Theda Bara.