Frank Tickle

Frank Tickle Filmography

movie 1955 Quentin Durward as Petit-André
movie 1954 The Million Pound Note as Pawnbroker
movie 1954 There's Always a Better Way: Views on Trial as Defending Counsel
movie 1952 Brandy for the Parson as Vicar
movie 1952 Death of an Angel as Sam Oddy
movie 1952 It Started in Paradise as Mr. Paul
movie 1952 The Card as Mr. Bostock
tv movie 1952 The Princess and the Woodcutter as The King
movie 1951 The Long Dark Hall as Alfred Tripp
movie 1949 Children of Chance as Mayor
movie 1948 Anna Karenina as Prince Shcherbatsky
movie 1948 Escape as Mr. Pinkem
movie 1948 The Winslow Boy as Mr. Gunn
movie 1948 Vice Versa as Clegg
movie 1944 Fiddlers Three as Master of ceremonies
movie 1944 The Chronicle History of King Henry the Fift with His Battell Fought at Agincourt in France as The Governor of Harfleur
movie 1941 Atlantic Ferry as Mr. Donaldson
movie 1940 The Thief of Bagdad as Citizen
movie 1939 The Lion Has Wings as Unnamed Character
tv movie 1938 Cyrano de Bergerac as Montfleury
movie 1937 Cross My Heart as Henry
movie 1937 Twin Faces as John Cedar
movie 1936 The Bank Messenger Mystery
movie 1936 Two on a Doorstep as Mr. Beamish

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