Frank Wilson

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Frank Wilson Filmography

movie 1926 Along Came Auntie
movie 1926 Should Husbands Pay?
movie 1924 The Golden Pomegranates as Inspector Weymouth
movie 1923 Aaron's Rod as Inspector Weymouth
movie 1923 The Call of Siva as Inspector Weymouth
movie 1923 The Clue of the Pigtail as Inspector Weymouth
movie 1923 The Cry of the Nighthawk as Inspector Weymouth
movie 1923 The Fiery Hand as Inspector Weymouth
movie 1923 The Fungi Cellars as Inspector Weymouth
movie 1923 The Knocking on the Door as Inspector Weymouth
movie 1923 The Man with the Limp as Inspector Weymouth
movie 1923 The Miracle as Inspector Weymouth
movie 1923 The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu as Inspector Weymouth
movie 1923 The Prodigal Son as Stephen Stephenson
movie 1923 The Queen of Hearts as Inspector Weymouth
movie 1923 The Sacred Order as Inspector Weymouth
movie 1923 The Scented Envelopes as Inspector Weymouth
movie 1923 The Shrine of the Seven Lamps as Inspector
movie 1923 The Silver Buddha as Inspector Weymouth
movie 1923 The West Case as Inspector Weymouth
movie 1922 Long Odds as Ned Boulter
movie 1922 The Peacemaker as Charles Wilkes
movie 1922 The White Hope as Joe Shannon
movie 1920 The Winding Road
movie 1920 With All Her Heart
movie 1919 The Irresistible Flapper as Vicar
movie 1919 The Soul of Guilda Lois
movie 1918 A Turf Conspiracy as Dick Bell
movie 1918 The Snare
movie 1918 The Woman Wins
movie 1917 Her Marriage Lines as Rev. Neville
movie 1917 The Adventures of Dick Dolan as Doctor
movie 1917 The Blindness of Fortune
movie 1917 A Gamble for Love
movie 1917 A Grain of Sand
movie 1917 A Munition Girl's Romance
movie 1917 Carrots
movie 1917 Daughter of the Wilds
movie 1917 Lollipops and Posies
movie 1917 Neighbours
movie 1917 The Countess of Summacount
movie 1917 The Eternal Triangle
movie 1917 The House Opposite
movie 1917 The Joke That Failed
movie 1917 The Man Behind 'The Times'
movie 1917 The Ragged Messenger
movie 1916 Face to Face as Henry Dare
movie 1916 Tubby's Uncle
movie 1916 The Grand Babylon Hotel
movie 1916 'Orace's Ordeal
movie 1916 A Bunch of Violets
movie 1916 A Deal with the Devil
movie 1916 Exploits of Tubby
movie 1916 I Do Like a Joke
movie 1916 Miggles' Maid
movie 1916 Partners
movie 1916 The House of Fortescue
movie 1916 The Man at the Wheel
movie 1916 The White Boys
movie 1916 Tubby and the Clutching Hand
movie 1916 Tubby's Bungle-Oh!
movie 1916 Tubby's Dugout
movie 1916 Tubby's Good Work
movie 1916 Tubby's Rest Cure
movie 1916 Tubby's River Trip
movie 1916 Tubby's Spanish Girls
movie 1916 Tubby's Tip
movie 1916 Tubby's Typewriter
movie 1916 Who's Your Friend?
movie 1915 As the Sun Went Down as The Captain
movie 1915 The Sweater as Foreman
movie 1915 The White Hope as Royce
movie 1915 The Second String
movie 1915 A Call from the Past
movie 1915 A Child of the Sea
movie 1915 A Lancashire Lass
movie 1915 All the World's a Stage
movie 1915 Behind the Curtain
movie 1915 Coward!
movie 1915 Her Boy
movie 1915 Love Me Little, Love Me Long
movie 1915 Marmaduke and His Angel
movie 1915 Miss Deceit
movie 1915 Oh Wifey Will Be Pleased!
movie 1915 One Good Turn
movie 1915 Phyllis and the Foreigner
movie 1915 Schoolgirl Rebels
movie 1915 Something Like a Bag
movie 1915 Spies
movie 1915 The Confession
movie 1915 The Incorruptible Crown
movie 1915 The Man with the Scar
movie 1915 The Nightbirds of London
movie 1915 The Painted Lady Betty
movie 1915 The Recalling of John Grey
movie 1915 The Shepherd of Souls
movie 1915 The Smallest Worm
movie 1915 They're All After Flo
movie 1915 Tilly and the Nut
movie 1915 What's Yours Is Mine
movie 1915 Who Stole Pa's Purse?
movie 1915 Wife the Weaker Vessel
movie 1914 A Friend in Need as Doctor
movie 1914 Creatures of Clay
movie 1914 Despised and Rejected
movie 1914 Dr. Fenton's Ordeal
movie 1914 Fair Game
movie 1914 How Billy Kept His Word
movie 1914 In the Shadow of Big Ben
movie 1914 John Linworth's Atonement
movie 1914 Justice
movie 1914 Life's Dark Road
movie 1914 Lucky Jim
movie 1914 Poorluck Minds the Shop
movie 1914 Simpkins Gets a War Scare
movie 1914 So Much Good in the Worst of Us
movie 1914 The Breaking Point
movie 1914 The Bridge Destroyer
movie 1914 The Bronze Idol
movie 1914 The Brothers
movie 1914 The Cry of the Captive
movie 1914 The Gardener's Hose
movie 1914 The Great Poison Mystery
movie 1914 The Grip of Ambition
movie 1914 The Guest of the Evening
movie 1914 The Heart of Midlothian
movie 1914 The Hunchback
movie 1914 The Importance of Being Another Man's Wife
movie 1914 The Lie
movie 1914 The Man from India
movie 1914 The Night Bell
movie 1914 The Pet of the Regiment
movie 1914 The Schemers: or, The Jewels of Hate
movie 1914 The Terror of the Air
movie 1914 The Unseen Witness
movie 1914 The Whirr of the Spinning Wheel
movie 1914 Tommy's Money Scheme
movie 1914 What the Firelight Showed
movie 1913 His Evil Genius as The Baker
movie 1913 A Cigarette-Maker's Romance
movie 1913 A Herring on the Trail
movie 1913 A Little Widow Is a Dangerous Thing
movie 1913 A Midnight Adventure
movie 1913 A Silent Witness
movie 1913 A Sticky Affair
movie 1913 A Throw of the Dice
movie 1913 Always Gay
movie 1913 And He Had a Little Gun
movie 1913 Dr. Trimball's Verdict
movie 1913 Father Takes the Baby Out
movie 1913 Father's Little Flutter
movie 1913 Haunted by His Mother-In-Law
movie 1913 Held for Ransom
movie 1913 Her Little Pet
movie 1913 How Is It Done?
movie 1913 Little Billie and the Bellows
movie 1913 Monty's Mistake
movie 1913 More Than He Bargained For
movie 1913 Mr. Poorluck Repairs His House
movie 1913 Mr. Poorluck's I.O.U.'s
movie 1913 Mr. Poorluck, Journalist
movie 1913 No Flies on Cis
movie 1913 Not as Rehearsed
movie 1913 Pass It On
movie 1913 Poorluck as a Messenger Boy
movie 1913 Professor Longhead's Burgler Trap
movie 1913 Puzzled
movie 1913 Retribution
movie 1913 Shadows of a Great City
movie 1913 The Badness of Burglar Bill
movie 1913 The Broken Sixpence
movie 1913 The Camera Fiend
movie 1913 The Dogs and the Desperado
movie 1913 The House That Jerry Built
movie 1913 The Inevitable
movie 1913 The Jewel Thieves Outwitted
movie 1913 The Law in Their Own Hands
movie 1913 The Midnight Adventure
movie 1913 The Missioner's Plight
movie 1913 The Prodigal's Return
movie 1913 The Tango
movie 1913 The Vicar of Wakefield
movie 1913 Then He Juggled
movie 1913 Three of Them
movie 1913 Tilly's Breaking-Up Party
movie 1913 Where There's a Swill There's a Sway
movie 1913 Whistling William
movie 1913 Will Evans Harnessing a Horse
movie 1913 Winning His Stripes
movie 1912 A Case of Burglars
movie 1912 A Detective for a Day
movie 1912 A Disciple of Darwin
movie 1912 A Good Tonic
movie 1912 A Little Gold Mine
movie 1912 A Man of Mystery
movie 1912 A New Aladdin
movie 1912 A Pair of Bags
movie 1912 A Present for Her Husband
movie 1912 A Wife for a Day
movie 1912 Bertie's Book of Magic
movie 1912 Billiards Mad
movie 1912 Bungling Burglars
movie 1912 Cook's Bid for Fame
movie 1912 Grandfather's Old Boots
movie 1912 Harold Prevents a Crime
movie 1912 He Wanted to Propose, But -
movie 1912 Hubby Goes to the Races
movie 1912 In Wolf's Clothing
movie 1912 Lost in the Woods
movie 1912 Love in a Laundry
movie 1912 Mary's Policeman
movie 1912 Mr. Poorluck's as an Amateur Dectective
movie 1912 Overcharged
movie 1912 Paid with Interest
movie 1912 Percy Loses a Shilling
movie 1912 Ruth
movie 1912 Taking Father's Dinner
movie 1912 The Coiner's Den
movie 1912 The Indian Woman's Pluck
movie 1912 The Lunatic and the Bomb
movie 1912 The Prima Donna's Dupes
movie 1912 The Robbery at Old Burnside Bank
movie 1912 The Stolen Picture
movie 1912 The Umbrella They Could Not Lose
movie 1912 Then He Did Laugh, But
movie 1912 Tilly and the Dogs
movie 1912 Tilly Works for a Living
movie 1912 Tommy and the Whooping Cough
movie 1912 When Jones Lost His Latchkey
movie 1912 Wonkey's Wager
movie 1911 Faust as Valentine
movie 1911 A Contagious Disease
movie 1911 A Hopeless Passion
movie 1911 A Hustled Wedding
movie 1911 A Present from India
movie 1911 A Touch of Hydrophobia
movie 1911 An Enthusiastic Photographer
movie 1911 An Unromantic Wife
movie 1911 An Unruly Charge
movie 1911 Cigars or Nuts
movie 1911 Fitznoodle's Wooing
movie 1911 Foozle Takes Up Golf
movie 1911 For the Sake of the Little Ones at Home
movie 1911 He Did Admire His Boots
movie 1911 Hidden Treasure
movie 1911 In Love with an Actress
movie 1911 Kind Hearted Percival
movie 1911 Mr. Mugwump's Clock
movie 1911 Mugwump's Paying Guest
movie 1911 Neighbouring Flats
movie 1911 Oh Scissors!
movie 1911 Physical Culture
movie 1911 Right of Way
movie 1911 Stickphast
movie 1911 Taking Uncle for a Ride
movie 1911 The Baby Show
movie 1911 The Borrowed Baby
movie 1911 The Constable's Confusion
movie 1911 The Fly's Revenge
movie 1911 The Heat Wave
movie 1911 The Lunatic at Liberty
movie 1911 The Persistent Poet
movie 1911 The Scarecrow
movie 1911 The Scoutmaster's Motto
movie 1911 The Stolen Pups
movie 1911 The Veteran's Pension
movie 1911 Three Boys and a Baby
movie 1911 Too Keen a Sense of Humour
movie 1911 Uncle Buys Clarence a Balloon
movie 1911 When Father Put Up the Bedstead
movie 1911 When Hubby Wasn't Well
movie 1910 A Funny Story
movie 1910 A Lunatic Expected
movie 1910 A Mother's Gratitude
movie 1910 A Real Live Teddy Bear
movie 1910 Cocksure's Clever Ruse
movie 1910 Cupid's Message Goes Astray
movie 1910 Jones Tests his Wife's Courage
movie 1910 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
movie 1910 Mr. Mugwump and the Baby
movie 1910 Mr. Mugwump Takes Home the Washing
movie 1910 Mr. Mugwump's Banknotes
movie 1910 Mr. Mugwump's Hired Suit
movie 1910 Mr. Mugwump's Jealousy
movie 1910 The Laundryman's Mistake
movie 1910 The Man Who Thought He Was Poisoned
movie 1910 The Plumber
movie 1910 The Postman
movie 1910 Tracking a Treacle Tin
movie 1910 Two Perfect Gents
movie 1910 When Uncle Took Clarence for a Walk
movie 1909 The Dog and the Bone
movie 1909 The Inexperienced Angler
movie 1909 Two Bad Boys
movie 1907 A Seaside Girl as Scotsman
movie 1907 Cinderella as Prince Charming
movie 1907 The Artful Lovers as Suitor
movie 1907 The Pneumatic Policeman

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book trailer for Paint by Magic.

I love this song. Last Kiss $.99 on iTunes. West Sound Beekeepers Association puts on several classes each year. One of them is a one day advanced beekeeping ...

Pacific Lutheran University Step Club performs at Olson Gymnasium February 18, 2012.