Frankie Darro

Frankie Darro (December 22, 1917 ? December 25, 1976) was an American voice-over artist, character actor and, initially, a well-known child actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Frankie Darro Filmography

tv movie 1981 James Cagney: That Yankee Doodle Dandy as Himself
movie 1975 Brother Can You Spare a Dime
movie 1975 Fugitive Lovers as Lester the Drunk
tv movie 1974 The Girl on the Late, Late Show as Studio Guard
movie 1969 Hook, Line and Sinker as Delivery Man
movie 1964 The Carpetbaggers as Bellhop
movie 1964 The Disorderly Orderly as Board Member
tv movie 1960 The Gun of Zangara as News Vendor
movie 1959 Operation Petticoat as Pharmacist Mate Dooley
movie 1958 The Perfect Furlough as Soldier in Hospital in Cast
movie 1956 Forbidden Planet as Robby the Robot
movie 1956 The Ten Commandments as Slave
movie 1954 Living It Up as Bellboy Captain
movie 1954 Racing Blood as Ben, a Jockey
movie 1954 The Lawless Rider as Jim Bascom
movie 1953 Siren of Bagdad as Man in Camp after Raid
movie 1953 Two Gun Marshal as Clint Slocum
movie 1952 Pat and Mike as Caddy
movie 1952 The Sellout as Little Jake
movie 1951 Across the Wide Missouri as Cadet
movie 1951 The Pride of Maryland as Steve Loomis
movie 1951 Westward the Women as Jean's Awaiting Groom
movie 1950 A Life of Her Own as Bellboy
movie 1950 Riding High as Jockey Williams
movie 1950 The Next Voice You Hear... as Newsboy
movie 1950 Wyoming Mail as Rufe
movie 1949 Fighting Fools as Johnny Higgins
movie 1949 Hold That Baby! as Bananas Stewart
movie 1949 Sons of New Mexico as Gig Jackson
movie 1948 Angels' Alley as Jimmy
movie 1948 Heart of Virginia as Jimmy Easter
movie 1948 Smart Politics as Roy Donne
movie 1948 The Babe Ruth Story as Newsboy
movie 1948 Trouble Makers as Ben Feathers
movie 1947 Sarge Goes to College as Roy Donne
movie 1947 That's My Man as Jockey
movie 1947 Vacation Days as Roy Donne
movie 1946 Chick Carter, Detective as Creeper
movie 1946 Freddie Steps Out as Roy Donne
movie 1946 High School Hero as Roy Donne
movie 1946 Junior Prom as Roy Donne
movie 1942 Junior G-Men of the Air as Jack
movie 1941 Let's Go Collegiate as Frankie Monahan
movie 1941 The Gang's All Here as Frankie O'Malley
movie 1941 Tuxedo Junction as Jack 'Sock' Anderson
movie 1941 You're Out of Luck as Frankie O'Reilly
movie 1940 Chasing Trouble as Frankie 'Cupid' O'Brien
movie 1940 Laughing at Danger as Frankie Kelly
movie 1940 Men with Steel Faces as Frankie Baxter
movie 1940 On the Spot as Frankie 'Doc' Kelly
movie 1940 Pinocchio as Lampwick
movie 1940 Up in the Air as Frankie Ryan
movie 1939 Boys' Reformatory as Tommy Ryan
movie 1939 Irish Luck as Buzzy O'Brien
movie 1938 Juvenile Court as Stubby
movie 1938 Reformatory as Louie Miller
movie 1938 Screen Snapshots Series 18, No. 4 as Himself
movie 1938 The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok as Jerry, aka Little Brave Heart
movie 1938 Tough Kid as 'Skipper' Murphy
movie 1938 Wanted by the Police as Danny Murphy
movie 1937 A Day at the Races as Morgan's Jockey
movie 1937 Anything for a Thrill as Dan Mallory
movie 1937 Headline Crasher as James 'Jimmy' Forbush Tallant, Jr.
movie 1937 Saratoga as Dixie Gordon
movie 1937 The Devil Diamond as Lee aka Kid Harris
movie 1937 Thoroughbreds Don't Cry as 'Dink' Reid
movie 1937 Tough to Handle as Mike Sanford
movie 1937 Young Dynamite as Freddie Shields
movie 1936 Black Gold as Clifford 'Fishtail' O'Reilly
movie 1936 Born to Fight as 'Babyface' Madison
movie 1936 Charlie Chan at the Race Track as 'Tip' Collins
movie 1936 Mind Your Own Business as Bob
movie 1936 Racing Blood as Frankie Reynolds
movie 1936 Sunkist Stars at Palm Springs as Himself
movie 1936 The Ex-Mrs. Bradford as Spike Salisbury
movie 1935 Men of Action as Johnny Morgan
movie 1935 Red Hot Tires as Johnny
movie 1935 Stranded as James 'Jimmy' Rivers
movie 1935 The Payoff as Jimmy Moore
movie 1935 The Phantom Empire as Frankie Baxter
movie 1935 Three Kids and a Queen as Blackie
movie 1935 Unwelcome Stranger as Charlie Anderson
movie 1935 Valley of Wanted Men as Slivers Sanderson
movie 1934 Broadway Bill as Ted Williams
movie 1934 Burn 'Em Up Barnes as Bobbie Riley
movie 1934 Burn 'Em Up Barnes as Bobbie Riley
movie 1934 Hollywood on Parade No. B-8 as Telegram Messenger
movie 1934 Little Men as Dan
movie 1934 No Greater Glory as Feri Ats
movie 1934 The Big Race as Knobby
movie 1934 The Merry Frinks as Norman Frink
movie 1933 Laughing at Life as Chango
movie 1933 The Mayor of Hell as Jimmy
movie 1933 The Wolf Dog as Frank Courtney
movie 1933 Tugboat Annie as Alec, as a Child
movie 1933 Wild Boys of the Road as Eddie
movie 1932 Amateur Daddy as Pete Smith
movie 1932 Hollywood on Parade as Himself
movie 1932 Hollywood on Parade No. A-3 as Himself
movie 1932 The Devil Horse as Frankie Graham - The Wild Boy
movie 1932 Three on a Match as Bobby
movie 1931 The Cheyenne Cyclone as 'Orphan' McGuire
movie 1931 The Lightning Warrior as Jimmy Carter
movie 1931 The Mad Genius as Fedor as a Boy
movie 1931 The Public Enemy as Matt as a Boy
movie 1931 The Sin of Madelon Claudet as Larry Claudet - as a Boy
movie 1931 The Vanishing Legion as Jimmie Williams
movie 1931 Way Back Home as Robbie
movie 1930 Screen Snapshots Series 9, No. 22 as Himself
movie 1929 Blaze o' Glory as Jean Williams
movie 1929 Gun Law as Buster Brown
movie 1929 Idaho Red as Tadpole
movie 1929 Rainbow Man as Billy Ryan
movie 1929 The Pride of Pawnee as Jerry Wilson
movie 1929 Trail of the Horse Thieves as Buddy
movie 1928 Phantom of the Range as Spuds O'Brien
movie 1928 Terror Mountain as Buddy Roberts
movie 1928 The Avenging Rider as Frankie Sheridan
movie 1928 The Circus Kid as Buddy
movie 1928 The Texas Tornado as Buddy Martin
movie 1928 Tyrant of Red Gulch as 'Tip'
movie 1928 When the Law Rides as Frankie Ross
movie 1927 Cyclone of the Range as Frankie Butler
movie 1927 Her Father Said No as Matt Doe
movie 1927 Judgment of the Hills as Tad Dennison
movie 1927 Lightning Lariats as Alexis, King of Roxenburg
movie 1927 Little Mickey Grogan as Mickey Grogan
movie 1927 Long Pants as Young Harry Shelby
movie 1927 Moulders of Men as Sandy Barry
movie 1927 The Desert Pirate as Jimmy Rand
movie 1927 The Flying U Ranch as Chip Jr
movie 1927 Tom's Gang as Spuds
movie 1926 Born to Battle as Birdie
movie 1926 Flesh and the Devil as Boy Who Dances with Hertha
movie 1926 Hearts and Spangles as Bobby
movie 1926 Kiki as Pierre
movie 1926 Memory Lane as Urchin
movie 1926 Mike as Boy
movie 1926 Out of the West as Frankie
movie 1926 Red Hot Hoofs as Frankie Buckley
movie 1926 The Arizona Streak as Mike
movie 1926 The Carnival Girl as Her Brother
movie 1926 The Cowboy Cop as Frankie
movie 1926 The Masquerade Bandit as Tim Marble
movie 1926 The Thrill Hunter as Boy Prince
movie 1926 Tom and His Pals as Frankie Smith
movie 1926 Wild to Go as Frankie Blake
movie 1925 Confessions of a Queen as Prince Zara
movie 1925 Fighting the Flames as Mickey
movie 1925 Her Husband's Secret as Young Elliot Owen
movie 1925 Let's Go Gallagher as Little Joey
movie 1925 The Cowboy Musketeer as Billy Gordon
movie 1925 The Fearless Lover as Frankie
movie 1925 The Midnight Flyer as Young Davey
movie 1925 The People vs. Nancy Preston as Bubsy
movie 1925 The Phantom Express as 'Daddles' Lane - Nora's Brother
movie 1925 The Wyoming Wildcat as Barnie Finn
movie 1925 Wandering Footsteps as Billy
movie 1925 Women and Gold as Dan Barclay Jr.
movie 1924 Half-a-Dollar Bill as Half-a-Dollar Bill
movie 1924 Racing for Life as Jimmy Danton
movie 1924 Roaring Rails as Little Bill
movie 1924 So Big as Dirk DeJong
movie 1924 The Judgment of the Storm as Heath Twin
movie 1924 The Signal Tower as Sonny Tolliver

Frankie Darro on Youtube

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Trailer for the 1937 programmer from independent producer, Maurice Conn, HEADLINE CRASHER, starring Frankie Darro, Kane Richmond and Muriel Evans.

Trailer for 1936 B-movie boxing drama, BORN TO FIGHT, starring Frankie Darro, Kane Richmond, Jack LaRue and Frances Grant. Subscribe to ...