Frankie Frain

Frankie Frain Filmography

movie 2014 Having Fun Up There as Noah
movie 2013 Vibes as Hank
movie 2012 Sexually Frank as Frank
movie 2012 Theodore of the Absurd as Vivian
movie 2010 The People vs. George Lucas as Himself
movie 2009 A Lovely Lady as Lyle
movie 2008 A-Bo the Humonkey as A-Bo
movie 2008 Psycho Sleepover as Ugly Jen
movie 2006 Gizor & Gorm as High Priestess
video movie 2006 I Need to Lose Ten Pounds as Doctor

Frankie Frain on Youtube

Frankie Frain is interviewed by WNY Tonight in Buffalo Niagara, for the Buffalo Niagara Independent Film Festival. Promoting festival screening for May 2nd, ... Written and Directed by Frankie Frain Starring Jon Ryan, Ben Fisher, Maya Murphy, Rose Norris, Francisco Huergo, Jackie Coffin, Lou Fuo...

The 4th film from Red Cow Entertainment. Directed by Frankie Frain, written by Geoff Tarulli, starring Jon Ryan, Maria Natapov, and Hana Carpenter. Music by ...