Franklin Hall

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Franklin Hall Filmography

movie 1921 Sowing the Wind
movie 1920 Parted Curtains
movie 1920 The Confession
movie 1919 The Boomerang
movie 1919 The Long Arm of Mannister
movie 1919 Two Dollars, Please
movie 1918 Code of the Yukon as Dave Crawford
movie 1917 A Branded Soul
movie 1916 At the Risk of Her Life as Tony - the Half-Breed
movie 1916 Mister 44 as Undetermined Role
movie 1916 Tapped Wires
movie 1916 The Adventures of Kathlyn as Gundah Singh
movie 1916 The Broken Wire as 2nd Crook
movie 1916 The Girl Who Dared as The Smuggler
movie 1916 The Open Track as 1st Counterfeiter
movie 1916 The Peril of the Rails as Leader of the Crooks
movie 1916 The Perilous Swing as Red Purdy
movie 1916 The Switchman's Story
movie 1916 When Seconds Count
movie 1916 Where Are My Children?
movie 1915 A Boy at the Throttle as Odell - Engineer
movie 1915 Aunt Mary as The Village Drug Clerk
movie 1915 Crossed Wires as Joe Adams - Bill's Pal
movie 1915 Danger Ahead! as 'Lump' Sterling - Crook
movie 1915 Just Like a Woman as Howard Folsom
movie 1915 The Fool's Heart
movie 1915 The Girl and the Special as Kid Burgess - Thief
movie 1915 The Girl on the Bridge as King - one of Daly's Gang
movie 1915 The Guardian's Dilemma as Prof. Jaquin Delano
movie 1915 The Puny Soul of Peter Rand as Peter Rand
movie 1915 The Rescue of the Brakeman's Children as Coleman
movie 1915 The Tramp Telegrapher as Pete Dunn - Yeggman
movie 1915 The Two Natures Within Him as The Thief
movie 1915 The Van Thornton Diamonds as Alan Thurston
movie 1915 The Wrong Train Order as Torney - Agent
movie 1914 Life's Crucible as Marc Warren
movie 1914 Nan's Victory
movie 1914 Rose o' My Heart as Horace Manley
movie 1914 The Butterfly's Wings
movie 1914 The Empty Sleeve
movie 1914 The Eugenic Girl
movie 1914 The Flower of Faith as Tomasso
movie 1914 The Hazards of Helen as Odell, an Engineer
movie 1914 The Old Letter
movie 1914 The Ordeal as Dr. West
movie 1914 The Sealed Package as Brian Godfrey
movie 1914 Three Bags of Silver as Gundah Singh
movie 1914 When His Ship Came In as Stuben
movie 1913 Greed for Gold as Tom Calhoun
movie 1913 His Redemption as Cole's Pal
movie 1913 On the Mountain Ranch as Manuel
movie 1913 Papita's Destiny as Alvarez
movie 1913 Tess of the D'Urbervilles as Parson Clare
movie 1913 The Adventures of Kathlyn as Gundah Singh
movie 1913 The Engraver as The Mexican
movie 1913 The Girl and the Gambler as 2nd Outlaw
movie 1913 The Girl Back East as Edward Carroll
movie 1913 The Love Test as Dr. Harding
movie 1913 The Love Token as 2nd Desperado
movie 1913 The Love Trail
movie 1913 The Paymaster
movie 1913 The Right Road as Tom Watson
movie 1913 The Teacher at Rockville
movie 1912 A Trustee of the Law as A Negro
movie 1912 The Divine Solution as Pedro
movie 1912 The New Ranch Foreman as Tom Lewis - Ranch Foreman
movie 1912 The Sheriff's Daughter as The Mine Manager
movie 1912 The Two Gun Sermon as Ed Bowman - the Husband
movie 1910 A Cowboy's Vindication as Will Morrison
movie 1910 A Gambler of the West as Albert Thomas - Alice's Father
movie 1910 A Western Woman's Way
movie 1910 A Westerner's Way
movie 1910 Away Out West as First Prospector
movie 1910 Broncho Billy's Redemption
movie 1910 Curing a Masher
movie 1910 Hank and Lank: As Sandwich Men
movie 1910 Method in His Madness as First Pedestrian
movie 1910 The Bad Man and the Preacher
movie 1910 The Bad Man's Last Deed
movie 1910 The Cowpuncher's Ward
movie 1910 The Deputy's Love as Walt
movie 1910 The Desperado
movie 1910 The Dumb Half Breed's Defense
movie 1910 The Girl and the Fugitive
movie 1910 The Little Doctor of the Foothills
movie 1910 The Mexican's Faith as The Rancher's Daughter's Sweetheart
movie 1910 The Millionaire and the Ranch Girl
movie 1910 The Mistaken Bandit
movie 1910 The Pony Express Rider
movie 1910 The Ranch Girl's Legacy
movie 1910 The Ranger's Bride as Man With Droopy Mustache
movie 1910 The Silent Message
movie 1910 The Tout's Remembrance
movie 1910 The Unknown Claim as Walker
movie 1910 Trailed to the Hills as Phillips
movie 1910 Under Western Skies as An Old Sweetheart

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