Franklyn Barrett

Franklyn Barrett Filmography

movie 1922 A Rough Passage
movie 1921 A Girl of the Bush
movie 1921 Know Thy Child
movie 1920 The Breaking of the Drought
movie 1919 Struck Oil
movie 1918 The Enemy Within
movie 1918 A Romance of Burke and Wills Expedition of 1860
movie 1918 The Lure of the Bush
movie 1917 Australia's Peril
movie 1917 The Monk and the Woman
movie 1917 The Murder of Captain Fryatt
movie 1916 The Pioneers
movie 1916 The Joan of Arc of Loos
movie 1916 The Mutiny of the Bounty
movie 1913 A Blue Gum Romance
movie 1913 Pommy Arrives in Australia
movie 1913 The Life of a Jackeroo
movie 1912 A Silent Witness
movie 1912 The Eleventh Hour
movie 1912 The Mystery of the Black Pearl
movie 1912 The Strangler's Grip
movie 1911 All for Gold, or Jumping the Claim
movie 1911 The Christian
movie 1904 1904 Melbourne Cup
movie 1903 A Message from Mars
movie 1900 Ally Sloper
movie 1900 Boxing Film