Fred Burns

Fred Burns was an important figure in Midwest amateur tennis in the early part of the 20th Century. ... more on Wikipedia

Fred Burns Filmography

movie 1948 Silver River as Mr. Burns
movie 1947 Saddle Pals as Rancher
movie 1946 In Old Sacramento as Miner
movie 1946 Rio Grande Raiders as Townsman
movie 1946 Santa Fe Uprising as Cowhand
movie 1944 Lumberjack as Squatter
movie 1944 Marshal of Reno as Townsman
movie 1944 Raiders of Ghost City as Townsman
movie 1943 A Lady Takes a Chance as Team Driver
movie 1943 Bordertown Gun Fighters as Townsman
movie 1943 Boss of Rawhide as Townsman
movie 1943 Calling Wild Bill Elliott as Man at Church Service
movie 1943 Idaho as Board Member Ed
movie 1943 Man from Music Mountain as Rescott
movie 1943 Raiders of Sunset Pass as Deaf Cowhand
movie 1943 Riders of the Rio Grande as Townsman
movie 1943 Silver Spurs as Buckboard Driver
movie 1943 Song of Texas as Race Official
movie 1943 Wagon Tracks West as Townsman
movie 1942 Arizona Terrors as Rancher
movie 1942 Bells of Capistrano as Barfly
movie 1942 Heart of the Golden West as Clem Buffington
movie 1942 King of the Stallions as Army Captain
movie 1942 Man from Cheyenne as Harry
movie 1942 Shadows on the Sage as Sheriff Blink
movie 1942 Sons of the Pioneers as Rancher
movie 1942 South of Santa Fe as Rancher
movie 1942 Stardust on the Sage as Rancher
movie 1942 Sunset on the Desert as Jim Prentiss
movie 1942 Sunset Serenade as Langdon
movie 1942 The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine as Westerner
movie 1942 The Bashful Bachelor as Man on Telephone
movie 1942 The Lone Prairie as Stage Driver
movie 1942 The Valley of Vanishing Men as Murdered Miner
movie 1941 Bad Man of Deadwood as Colorado Jack Breen
movie 1941 Desert Bandit as Townsman
movie 1941 Doomed Caravan as Luke
movie 1941 Down Mexico Way as Barbeque Guest
movie 1941 In Old Cheyenne as Rancher 'Pa' Whipple
movie 1941 Jesse James at Bay as Homesteader
movie 1941 Nevada City as Railroad Worker
movie 1941 Rawhide Rangers as Rancher
movie 1941 Red River Valley as Cattle Rancher
movie 1941 Ridin' the Cherokee Trail as Rancher Wyatt
movie 1941 Roaring Frontiers as Stage Driver Fred
movie 1941 Robin Hood of the Pecos as Townsman
movie 1941 Sheriff of Tombstone as Mine Owner
movie 1941 Sierra Sue as Carnival Spectator
movie 1941 Sunset in Wyoming as Burns
movie 1941 The Singing Hill as Cowhand
movie 1941 Wyoming Wildcat as Townsman at the Dance
movie 1940 Adventures of Red Ryder as Cattleman Jackson [Ch. 3]
movie 1940 Carolina Moon as Rodeo Official
movie 1940 Colorado as Sheriff Jeff Harkins
movie 1940 Gaucho Serenade as Cowhand
movie 1940 Ghost Valley Raiders as Townsman
movie 1940 Hi-Yo Silver as Holt
movie 1940 Queen of the Yukon as Barfly
movie 1940 Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride as Allen
movie 1940 Rocky Mountain Rangers as Shotgun Rider
movie 1940 Texas Stagecoach as Sheriff
movie 1940 The Border Legion as Miner
movie 1940 The Carson City Kid as Townsman Wanting Hanging
movie 1940 The Ranger and the Lady as Freighter Winslow
movie 1940 Three Men from Texas as Rancher
movie 1940 Thundering Frontier as Hank Loomis
movie 1940 Under Texas Skies as Stage Driver
movie 1940 Young Bill Hickok as Mr. Waddell
movie 1940 Young Buffalo Bill as Stage Driver
movie 1939 Arizona Legion as Stage Driver
movie 1939 Colorado Sunset as Radio Listener
movie 1939 Days of Jesse James as Muncie Sheriff
movie 1939 Frontier Pony Express as Marshal in St. Jo
movie 1939 Home on the Prairie as Posse Rider
movie 1939 In Old Caliente as Settler
movie 1939 In Old Monterey as Fred
movie 1939 New Frontier as Fiddle Player
movie 1939 Rough Riders' Round-up as 1st Stage Driver
movie 1939 Rovin' Tumbleweeds as Rancher Warning Gene
movie 1939 Saga of Death Valley as Wilson
movie 1939 Southward Ho as Doctor
movie 1939 Sunset Trail as Trail Patrol Member
movie 1939 The Arizona Kid as Melton - Volunteer
movie 1939 The Lone Ranger Rides Again as Cavalry Officer Long
movie 1939 The Taming of the West as Lem Gardener
movie 1939 The Thundering West as Lafe
movie 1939 Wall Street Cowboy as Sheriff
movie 1939 Western Caravans as Street Dancer
movie 1938 Billy the Kid Returns as Henchman
movie 1938 In Old Mexico as Henchman
movie 1938 Outlaws of Sonora as Cattleman
movie 1938 Overland Stage Raiders as Rancher
movie 1938 Painted Desert as Miner
movie 1938 Prairie Moon as Square Dancer
movie 1938 Rawhide as Rancher Driving Buckboard
movie 1938 Rhythm of the Saddle as Rancher
movie 1938 Rio Grande as Rancher Jackson
movie 1938 The Lone Ranger as Texan
movie 1938 The Old Barn Dance as Farmer
movie 1938 The Purple Vigilantes as Townsman
movie 1938 Under Western Stars as Rankin
movie 1937 Empty Holsters as Townsman
movie 1937 Git Along Little Dogies as Bank Customer
movie 1937 Gunsmoke Ranch as Livery Stable Owner
movie 1937 North of the Rio Grande as Juror
movie 1937 Outlaws of the Prairie as Hank - Stage Driver
movie 1937 Rustlers' Valley as Party Guest
movie 1937 Springtime in the Rockies as Rancher Harris
movie 1937 The Law Commands as Farmer
movie 1937 The Old Wyoming Trail as Stage Driver
movie 1937 The Trigger Trio as Cattleman
movie 1937 Trailing Trouble as Sheriff Jake Jones
movie 1937 Two-Fisted Sheriff as Stagecoash Driver
movie 1937 Western Gold as Henchman
movie 1936 California Mail as Hank Ferguson
movie 1936 Custer's Last Stand as Wagon Driver
movie 1936 Hopalong Cassidy Returns as Rancher
movie 1936 O'Malley of the Mounted as Townsman
movie 1936 Oh, Susanna! as Cottonwood Sheriff Jones
movie 1936 The Fugitive Sheriff as Courthouse Deputy
movie 1936 The Sunday Round-Up as Townsman
movie 1936 The Trail of the Lonesome Pine as Tolliver Clan Member
movie 1936 The Vigilantes Are Coming as Vigilante
movie 1936 Too Much Beef as Judge
movie 1935 Blazing Guns as Vigilante
movie 1935 Lawless Range as Rancher
movie 1935 Swifty as Poker Player
movie 1935 The Law of 45's as Sheriff Tom
movie 1935 The Phantom Empire as Muranian Priest
movie 1935 Westward Ho as Vigilante
movie 1934 Honor of the Range as Townsman
movie 1934 Prescott Kid as Townsman
movie 1934 The Brand of Hate as Fiddle Player
movie 1934 The Red Rider as Townsman
movie 1934 Wheels of Destiny as Settler
movie 1933 Drum Taps as Rancher
movie 1933 Gordon of Ghost City as Barfly
movie 1933 Jaws of Justice as Man at Dance
movie 1933 Man of the Forest as Fred
movie 1933 The Dude Bandit as Sheriff Jim
movie 1933 The Fiddlin' Buckaroo as Townsman Hitching Tarzan to Rail
movie 1933 The Mysterious Rider as Rancher
movie 1933 The Thundering Herd as Man Exiting Store
movie 1933 The Trail Drive as Cowhand
movie 1933 Trailing North as Ranger Jim Powers
movie 1933 Under the Tonto Rim as Deputy
movie 1933 War of the Range as Sheriff Ben Barlow
movie 1932 Broadway to Cheyenne as Rancher
movie 1932 Fighting for Justice as Tim's Ranch Foreman
movie 1932 Flaming Guns as Sheriff
movie 1932 Heritage of the Desert as Bob Burns
movie 1932 Law and Lawless as Rancher Blaine
movie 1932 One Man Law as Rancher Starting Race
movie 1932 Partners as Sheriff Sam
movie 1932 Ride Him, Cowboy as Vigilante Member
movie 1932 Riders of the Desert as Ranger
movie 1932 Texas Tornado as Sheriff
movie 1932 The Big Stampede as Rancher
movie 1932 The Black Ghost as Henchman Fred
movie 1932 The Cowboy Counsellor as Juror
movie 1932 The Fourth Horseman as Henchman
movie 1932 The Last Frontier as Old Henchman Fred
movie 1932 The Rider of Death Valley as Rigby Rider
movie 1932 The Saddle Buster as Dan Hurn
movie 1932 The Texas Bad Man as Henchman
movie 1932 The Wyoming Whirlwind as Stage Driver Harper
movie 1931 Arizona Terror as Sheriff
movie 1931 Branded as Prestonville Sheriff
movie 1931 Freighters of Destiny as Sheriff
movie 1931 Law of the Rio Grande as 1st Sheriff
movie 1931 Near the Trail's End as Henchman
movie 1931 Sundown Trail as Station Agent
movie 1931 Sunrise Trail as Sheriff Jim
movie 1931 The Fighting Sheriff as Posse Rider
movie 1931 The Hard Hombre as Man in Gun Fight
movie 1931 The Texas Ranger as Rufus - Homesteader
movie 1930 Breed of the West as Townsman
movie 1930 Fighting Thru; or, California in 1878 as Sheriff Miles Clay
movie 1930 Headin' North as U. S. Marshal Harrison
movie 1930 Men Without Law as Sheriff Jim
movie 1930 Mountain Justice as 'Sandy' McTavish
movie 1930 Parade of the West as Copeland
movie 1930 Rogue of the Rio Grande as Deputy
movie 1930 Shadow Ranch as Trail Boss
movie 1930 The Apache Kid's Escape as 1st Sheriff
movie 1930 The Cheyenne Kid as Sheriff Hank Bates
movie 1930 The Fighting Legion as Deputy
movie 1930 The Mounted Stranger as Steve Gary
movie 1930 The Oklahoma Cyclone as Bill Henderson
movie 1930 The Utah Kid as Rancher
movie 1929 Border Romance as Rustler
movie 1929 Queen of the Northwoods
movie 1929 Rio Rita as Wilkins
movie 1929 The California Mail as John Harrison
movie 1929 The Virginian as Fred
movie 1929 Tide of Empire as Vigilante
movie 1927 Set Free as Hale
movie 1927 The Flying U Ranch as Cowhand
movie 1927 The Galloping Gobs as The sheriff
movie 1927 The Land Beyond the Law
movie 1927 The Overland Stage as Butterfield
movie 1926 Haunted Range as Charlie Titus
movie 1926 The Grey Vulture as Sheriff
movie 1926 The High Hand as Cowhand
movie 1926 The Outlaw Express as 'Borax' Jones
movie 1926 The Unknown Cavalier as Sheriff
movie 1926 Wild to Go as Simon Purdy
movie 1926 Without Orders as Uncle 'Jody'
movie 1925 O.U.T. West
movie 1925 Speed Wild as Red Dugan
movie 1925 The Demon Rider as Sheriff Jim Lane
movie 1925 Triple Action as Chief of Rangers
movie 1925 Wild West as Joe Miller
movie 1924 Breed of the Border as Deputy Leverie
movie 1924 The Desert Secret
movie 1924 The Western Wallop as Marshal Malloy
movie 1923 100% Nerve as Neil Jarvis
movie 1923 Cyclone Jones as Jack Thompson
movie 1921 Shadows of Conscience as Sheriff Bowers
movie 1920 Ruth of the Rockies as Burton
movie 1918 Bound in Morocco as Bandit Chief
movie 1917 Sunlight's Last Raid as Bill Warned
movie 1917 The Eyes of the World as Brian Oakley
movie 1917 The Fighting Trail
movie 1917 The Hero of the Hour as Foreman
movie 1917 Vengeance - and the Woman as Jim Morgan
movie 1916 A Mountain Nymph
movie 1916 Ben Blair as Tom Blair
movie 1916 Mountain Blood
movie 1916 Sold for Marriage as A Policeman
movie 1916 The Good Bad Man as Sheriff
movie 1915 A Banakie Maiden as The Brave
movie 1915 A Dark Horse as Will Haverly
movie 1915 Bobby's Bandit as Sally's Father
movie 1915 Doctor Jim as Dr. Jim Hilton
movie 1915 How Hazel Got Even
movie 1915 Jordan Is a Hard Road as McMahon Man
movie 1915 Martyrs of the Alamo as Captain Dickinson
movie 1915 Mike's Elopement as Pete - the Gypsy
movie 1915 The Better Man
movie 1915 The Birth of a Nation as Klansman
movie 1915 The Buried Treasure as The Tourist
movie 1915 The Death Dice
movie 1914 At Dawn
movie 1914 Down by the Sounding Sea as The Old Beachcomber
movie 1914 For the Sake of Kate as Arizona Dick
movie 1914 Frenchy
movie 1914 Home, Sweet Home as The Sheriff
movie 1914 Moonshine Molly as Henry Boone - Molly's Father
movie 1914 Sierra Jim's Reformation
movie 1914 The Forest Thieves as Asa Hatch
movie 1914 The Saving Grace as Mr. Shipton - the Minister
movie 1914 The Tavern of Tragedy
movie 1914 The Wagon of Death
movie 1914 The Yellow Traffic
movie 1914 Who Shot Bud Walton?
movie 1913 A Corner in Crooks
movie 1913 An Indian's Loyalty as The Ranch Hand
movie 1913 An Unjust Suspicion as A Policeman
movie 1913 During the Round-Up as The Foreman
movie 1913 Influence of the Unknown as Second Revenue Officer
movie 1913 Polly at the Ranch as Bashful Bob
movie 1913 The Adopted Brother as Outside Sheriff's Office
movie 1913 The Smoke from Lone Bill's Cabin as Lone Bill
movie 1913 The Transition
movie 1912 A Girl of the West
movie 1912 Her Brother as Jim Seaton, Kate's Fiancé
movie 1912 How States Are Made as Harvey Mattson - a Pioneer
movie 1912 The Craven as Tom Beckett - the Suitor
movie 1912 The Greater Love as Jack Manton - the Sheriff
movie 1912 The Spirit of the Range

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Fred Burns, stand up comic. A man that knows that there are NO disabilities.

Well during the festival the Fred's across the street burned down.